Monday, May 25, 2015

The Loons Are Running Amok

In the good old days, if people were found to be certifiably insane, they were locked up in asylums in order to safeguard others, but also to ensure their own safety.

Then, either because of budgetary cuts or because the ACLU could always be counted on to argue for their release, the asylums began to shut down. Today, the very people who had formerly been locked away for rational and even benevolent reasons are not only running loose, but often find themselves in positions of authority.

For instance, when a six-year-old boy is suspended from school for pointing his finger at another kid and going “Bang!” or for kissing a six-year-old girl on the cheek, you can’t honestly doubt that the lunatics are in charge.

When Muslim college students can boo an Israeli diplomat or a conservative guest speaker into silence without being booted out on their derrieres, there’s no question that the crazies are calling the shots.

And when, as recently occurred, 625 students at a Catholic school can sign a petition demanding that La Moyne College un-invite Cardinal Timothy Doyle, the Archbishop of New York, to deliver the commencement address because he doesn’t share their Catholic values, you can only be grateful that the President of La Moyne, Linda LeMura, unlike most of her academic colleagues, didn’t park her brain and her spine curbside when she took the job. She let the young ignoramuses know that even if all 3,500 students signed the petition, she would not be caving to their infantile demands.

To their credit, these students at least behaved in a civil manner. Usually, the students behave like spoiled brats until the college administrators comply with their demands or they create a scene like two-year-olds misbehaving in a restaurant. But I don’t just blame them. I also blame the academic cowards who allow themselves to be bullied. But, most of all, I blame the indulgent parents who have been telling the youngsters how special they are from the day of their birth so, inevitably, by the time they’re teenagers, undeserved self-esteem comes gushing out of their pores, and they naturally regard themselves as the fount of all wisdom.

But as annoying as these young self-important twerps are, they can’t compete with their elders. For instance, Mrs. Clinton, who refuses to answer even a single question about her disappearing email or the tens of millions of dollars in bribes accepted by Bill and their family foundation, finds the time to insist that America’s police officers are intentionally killing black men, and, furthermore, that her conclusion ” is unmistakable and undeniable.”

Even the Clintons’ most devoted defenders, by whom I mean the various suck-ups who have spent an extensive portion of their adult lives genuflecting to their royal rumps -- bottom-feeders like James Carville, Lanny Davis, George Stephanopoulos and John Podesta -- are wondering if she will ever respond to a reporter’s question. For my part, I suspect that she will eventually testify against her husband in exchange for immunity, and in the meantime is hiding out in the federal witness program, answering to “Betty” and working the night shift at a 7-11 in Boise, Idaho.

As for all those black thugs that Mrs. Clinton and apparently every other Democrat in America is eager to coddle, let it be said that poverty is not, and never is, the cause of criminality. Liberals, who often lack a moral core, are always eager to blame societal ills on a lack of money, never on a lack of character or an open contempt for traditional values.

But the tragic fact is that in the 50 years since LBJ announced his War on Poverty, $15 trillion has been squandered in waging it. And after all this time, the percentage of people below the poverty line remains unchanged. But of course the liberals lie even about that because, thanks to welfare, nobody is actually poverty-stricken. Not even the illegal aliens who have absolutely no business being here.

The fact is, the Democrats waged the War on Poverty and Poverty won. But, of course, the actual mission was to garner millions of black votes, as admitted by Lyndon Johnson himself, by making them dependent on the government for survival. And in that, they succeeded beyond even LBJ’s wildest dreams.

However, if the money had not been blown on people unmotivated to help themselves, today the national debt might well be three trillion dollars instead of 18 trillion.

If politicians in either Party had a single courageous bone in their collective bodies, an honest dialogue about race would consist of telling young blacks to do three things: One, finish high school and if you find academics boring or unsatisfying, learn a trade. Two, stop having babies out of wedlock. Just because you don’t mind being a complete waste of protoplasm doesn’t give you the right to condemn others to the same fate. Three, stop accepting welfare as your birth right. Inasmuch as you’ve never stopped complaining about slavery, what right do you have to live off the labor of others?

Which reminds me of a question that’s been plaguing me for the longest time: How is it that we are constantly being told that the funds for Social Security are fast running out, although those collecting the monthly checks are the very same people who funded the federal piggy bank? But we never hear that welfare is running on empty? So, how is it that people, who have done nothing to earn the money, including some who broke the law by sneaking into the U.S. in the first place, are never told that, like the rest of us, they will have to tighten their belts or even wait a few extra years before they can start collecting other people’s money?

Also, why is it that whenever illegal aliens are under discussion, they are always referred to as “hard-working,” but the term is never employed about those of us whose tax dollars are bestowed on them?

You also may have noticed that whenever the problem of illegal aliens is brought up, we are told that most of them don’t sneak in, but simply overstay their visas. So how about getting rid of the visa system? We know the downside all too well, but what could possibly be the upside of saddling us with millions of ingrates who are likely going to sponge off our hospitality or perhaps present us with another 9/11?

Finally, lest you get the impression that I only pick on the little people, I recently heard that Gov. Chris Christie, whose gubernatorial expense account is $95,000-a-year, on top of his $175,000 salary, has spent over 300,000 taxpayer dollars on groceries, booze and desserts, alone, during his five years in office.

Moreover, when it was uncovered that he had spent $82,000 of the taxpayer’s money at the concession stand at MetLife Stadium while watching baseball and football games, New Jersey’s red-faced Republican Party reimbursed the state treasury in a belated attempt to ward off adverse publicity.

But even that didn’t prevent Christie from accepting an all-expense paid trip to a Dallas Cowboy playoff game as the guest of team owner Jimmy Jones. You might think he’d won first prize on a TV quiz show. But for political hacks, every day is like being the big winner on “Wheel of Fortune,” but without having to solve a puzzle.

Keep in mind this schmuck is only the governor of New Jersey. So what I’d like to know is, where the heck does he get off acting like a Clinton?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Martial Law Shall Not Prevail

Because we are quickly approaching January 20, 2017, although not quickly enough to suit some of us, the usual paranoia has risen to the surface. I am receiving the very same sort of email I was receiving when the administrations of both Clinton and Bush were winding down.

People are once again alerting me to the news that the next election will not take place because the man in the White House will cobble up a national emergency that requires him to call out the federal troops and deny the American people the opportunity to evict him from the Oval Office.

While I agree that Obama is far more likely to behave that way than either of his predecessors, I really don’t think that Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, Juan Williams, Josh Earnest, Loretta Lynch and the Congressional Black Caucus, are up to the task. What such a coup would require, after all, is that the U.S. military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Guard and, I assume, the police departments around the country to forswear their oaths to defend the Constitution, and for no other reason than to keep a man whom most of them despise in power.

Really, folks? Would anyone who really buys that hooey step forward so that I can also sell them the Brooklyn Bridge? For the first hundred who call in, I will also throw in the Empire State Building, the Holland Tunnel, the Trump Tower, Central Park and Madison Square Garden.

If you are still worried, let me ask you if you believe for even a second that Hillary Clinton would simply stand by and let this pencil-necked pipsqueak deprive her of what she sees as her ultimate destiny? And even if she were willing, can you imagine Bill Clinton allowing a sissy boy to keep him from returning triumphantly to the White House? After all, if he can get $500,000-a-speech just for being married to the Secretary of State, imagine the size of the pay-offs he’d get as First Laddy.

Ever since the 2014 elections, when the pollsters predicted that the GOP would be lucky to pick up five Senate seats in what they promised to be close elections, and the GOP wound up picking up nine without breaking a sweat, I have begun to seriously doubt the validity of polls – and with that, the political objectivity of pollsters. That’s the reason that when English odds makers predicted it would be a nip-and-tuck election between David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, I said: “Hogwash! Cameron and the Conservatives will win in a cakewalk.” And so they did.

And, no, I did not misspell Labor. That’s the way they spell things in England. Apparently in the distant past, possibly during the reign of Henry VIII, the English accumulated a treasure trove of “u’s” and they’ve been trying to use them up ever since.

Speaking of spelling, in the hope of promoting literacy, the Berkeley, CA, library system decided to manufacture and distribute buttons reading “”I Have a Berkeley Library Card.” But, naturally, because Berkeley has more idiots per square foot than any other municipality in the United States, they spelled it “Berkley” on the buttons.

In the never-ending debate over entitlement reform in America, the Left continues to abuse the language. Even liberals should be able to distinguish between entitlements and gifts bestowed on parasites at the expense of the productive. So, in the future, let us no longer lump Social Security and Veterans Benefits--money actually earned through hard work and sacrifice by the recipients--and the bribes doled out to those who neither work nor sacrifice by political vermin trolling for votes with our tax dollars.

Recently, a reader called out the likes of Al Gore, Michael Moore, George Clooney, Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Sharpton and Robert Kennedy, Jr., who all push for climate control legislation, by preying upon the unwarranted fears of the dumb, the young and the gullible, but who, themselves, all live in mansions and get around in limousines and private jets.

I heartily agreed that these prominent hypocrites should be held up for scorn and ridicule. I would like to say that only in America could such a collection of loons and goons achieve such fame and fortune, but in my heart I know that’s not true.

In Europe, as well, mere celebrity gives all sorts of ignoramuses the authority to deliver pronouncements with great assurance on things about which they know absolutely nothing.

For the past 70 years, what passes for western civilization has been seemingly addicted to stupidity pills. It not only resulted in shrinking their brains, but caused their spines to disappear entirely. That is why here in the West, ignorance and moral cowardice among the elite constitute the new normal.

Unfortunately, what’s taking place simultaneously in the Middle East and North Africa--no doubt in direct response to the West’s decline--is that the barbarians who bow down to Mecca when not burning, beheading and crucifying Christians and Jews, are once again on the march, looking to subjugate or kill the rest of us. And that, considering 1400 years of Islamic history, marks a return to the old normal.

Finally, even though I haven’t been asked by Jeb Bush’s team to do so, I have come up with a campaign slogan: “Vote for the man who believes that being wrong about Common Core and immigration is a conservative virtue!”

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