Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Connecting The Dots

I suspect I'm not the only person who looks around these days and feels as if the United States fought a war I wasn’t aware of and is now under the thumb of a foreign dictator named Barack Hussein Obama. You must admit that even sounds like the name of a foreign dictator.

Surely a duly-elected American president wouldn’t be bending over quite so far to accommodate a vile theocratic state such as Iran while simultaneously doing everything in his power to throw a traditional ally like Israel to the Islamic wolves.

Come to think of it, though, Obama only throws a baseball like a little girl. When it comes to tossing allies and underlings under the bus, you would think the schmuck was trying out for a spot on the pitching staff of the NY Yankees.

He first exhibited this tendency towards disloyalty by dumping Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the man he was proud to call his friend and religious mentor after 20 years of faithful attendance at his racist church until the day he thought the relationship might cost him a handful of votes.

Then, in relatively short order, he sent General Shenseki, Kathleen Sibelius, David Petraeus, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel, packing. Even after being publicly humiliated by Obama, James Clapper hung on, but that was only because Clapper is a gamer who doesn’t seem to mind eating poop so long as he can keep his corner office.

After Bill Cosby was accused of drugging and raping 26 women, Hugh Hefner said he was saddened if the accusations were true. “I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”

What provoked Hefner’s response was that one of the latest of Cosby’s accusers, Judy Huth, claimed the drugging and raping took place in 1975 at the Playboy Mansion when she was just 15 years old!

Now unless Ms. Huth was there as part of a ninth grade tour of L.A. landmarks, it sounds as if Hefner was providing jailbait for those of his celebrity buddies who like them young, although not necessarily drugged. I suppose there’s a statute of limitations on pandering, although I can honestly say I have never understood the logic behind a law that says if you can get away with a crime long enough, you’re home free. And that’s the case even if your home happens to be the den of iniquity known as the Playboy Mansion.

Thanks to recent events in Ferguson, MO, and Staten Island, NY, every liberal in America feels entitled to scapegoat the police. You’ll never see Obama or any of the current crop of so-called civil rights leaders point a finger at urban blacks, who have opted for a societal norm that is not only terrible for America, but resembles an asylum run by the inmates for its inhabitants.

If anyone had intentionally set out to ensure that blacks would fall further and further behind every other group in the country, including illegal aliens, they couldn’t have had more satisfactory results.

First, you get the fathers out of the homes, threatening to cut off welfare to the women and children if they don’t leave. Then, having removed a father’s discipline, thus forcing young black women to try to curb the natural aggression of young males, and inevitably failing, you watch as the boys drop out of school and pursue a life of crime, drugs and unbridled promiscuity.

That, in turn, guarantees that the next generation will also be raised with an inherited contempt for education, women and all forms of authority, be it in the form of teachers or, especially, the police. Add to that the constant torrent of hate speech directed towards white society by bottom-feeders like Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright and Mayor De Blasio, and it doesn’t take much to set off the smoldering powder keg.

What makes it all the more tragic is that in fact it was all planned by Lyndon Johnson, who predicted that he would wrap up the black vote for the Democrats for the next hundred years, although instead of “black,” he used the “N” word, as this hero of the civil rights movement so often did. It’s only been 50 years so far, but the schmuck’s prediction looks pretty solid at the halfway point.

As Polish novelist Joseph Conrad once observed, “A belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men are capable of every conceivable wickedness.”

Everything about liberals is terrifying. One of the scariest things about them is the ease with which they lie. Whether it’s Obama insisting on two dozen occasions that he didn’t have the constitutional authority to grant amnesty to five million illegals and then doing so, or Nancy Pelosi denying she had ever heard of Jonathan Gruber in spite of videos showing her praising him to the skies, these people treat the truth with the same contempt they exhibit towards Republicans. Whoever came up with the line “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” clearly had Democrats in mind.

Speaking of which, Chuck Schumer now rues the day that Obama pushed the Affordable Care Act on America. Unfortunately for Sen. Schumer, we all got to see a jerk named Schumer standing behind Obama the day he signed the bill and applauding like a trained seal. He then spent the next few years selling ObamaCare with the same zeal with which Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz, now peddles reverse mortgages to us old guys.

To give you some idea how evil and how powerful the EPA has been under Obama, in the past year, Congress passed 72 bills, the bureaucrats -- those Washington pashas that nobody gets to elect or boot out -- imposed its will in the form of 3,659 regulations.

Although I have always regarded myself as a movie fan, and for 13 years was a movie critic, I very rarely go out to see them these days. With few exceptions, I’m not very interested in what Hollywood has to offer. However, because I am a member of the Writers Guild of America, the studios continue to send me DVDs at year’s end because I get to vote for the writing awards my guild bestows. Still, even for free, I often find the price in terms of time wasted too steep to pay.

One of the recent turkeys was called “Whiplash.” For reasons even I can’t figure out, I watched it to the bitter end. It’s about a young drummer enrolled in a prestigious music school, where, for reasons I also could not fathom, a sadistic, tyrannical, instructor is allowed to make every student’s life a living hell.

After watching it, I sent email to my friends warning them that it was two hours of loud drumming interrupted occasionally by a bald man shouting obscenities at his young charges. To my shock, one of my friends wrote back to say he might see it anyway because, as he explained, “I like drum music.”

After getting over my initial shock, I congratulated him on coming up with “drum music,” which I regarded as the first totally original oxymoron I’d come across in years.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Let's Shut Down The Government!

As I sit here, it’s the 8th of December and I have no idea if the government will be shut down before the end of the month. For my purposes, it hardly matters because the threat of a shutdown is always lurking in Washington. That is especially true now that the two parties are hunkered down in their respective trenches as if reenacting the bloodiest days of World War I.

For a long time, as my wife just reminded me, I opposed such shutdowns. But I only opposed them because the media is always quick to blame it on the Republicans and because in one case, the 2013 shutdown did lead to the Clintons’ bagman, Terry McAuliffe, defeating Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. That was because northern Virginia is home to so many federal bureaucrats that they took the work stoppage personally.

My own inclination is to bring the federal government to a halt as often as possible, if simply to slow down the rate at which Obama and Congress are destroying the nation. One of the problems with a shutdown, however, is that it’s the president who gets to decide how the available money is spent. And Obama being Obama, he loves to shut down things like the World War II Memorial and the national parks, knowing how much normal Americans resent such closures.

At the risk of being labeled a flip-flopper, I have changed my mind. That’s because I finally came to the realization that it’s only the mass media that blames the GOP, and fewer and fewer people, including Democrats, are paying any attention to the NY Times and the major TV networks.

Furthermore, I came to see the upside of the two major shutdowns in the recent past. The first took place in 1995, the second in 2013. In both cases, the GOP got the lion’s share of the blame, but so what? In 1996, although Clinton won re-election, defeating the zombie-like Bob Dole, the GOP picked up two seats in the Senate and only dropped two seats in the House.

In 2014, less than a year after the second shutdown, the GOP picked up nine seats in the Senate and a dozen more in the House. So perhaps I’m not the only one who approves of politicians having less opportunity to stick their noses into our business.

Speaking of politicians, I would love to have reporters conduct the same sort of exit polls after those in the House and Senate cast their votes for majority and minority leaders that they do during normal elections. For instance, I’d love to know why the Democrats keep re-electing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I mean, why would anyone wish to have his party represented by Reid, a guy Hollywood would typecast as a mortician? As for Mrs. Pelosi, she speaks like a backward teenager and has had so many facelifts, my friend Steve Maikoski fears that the day will come when her face will snap in front of the TV cameras and roll up like a window shade.

The Republicans are no better. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner may be nice guys, but they are equally boring to listen to and have the personal magnetism of a pair of sheep. I know that my more conservative readers don’t like them because of their middle of the road politics and their unnatural desire to compromise with liberals. Still, politics aside, wouldn’t you think that with 54 members in the new Senate and 246 members in the new House, they would come up with a couple of people easier on the eyes and ears than two fellows who should be bottled and sold as surefire cures for insomnia?

I’m not a Washington insider, so I have no way of knowing, but is there an unwritten law which states that to be a Congressional leader, you have to be able to pass for an attraction at the waxworks?

In the aftermath of the demonstrations over the recent incidents in Ferguson and Staten Island, there were so many statements by politicians, so-called race leaders, demonstrators and commentators, to refute and despise, I hardly know where to begin.

But as I have already covered the first two groups in previous articles, it’s time to rat out the latter two. Not since the Occupy Wall Street movement was in full swing have I seen so many self-righteous creeps out in full regalia. Show me a group of chanters and I’ll show you a pack of morons. And what could be more moronic than chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” when Michael Brown, as the grand jury witnesses testified, not only never raised his hands, but decided it would be a good idea to rush a cop who had stopped firing his gun?

Then we have the commentators who kept telling us that those marching on behalf of Eric Garner were peacefully demonstrating while the cameras showed us the lunkheads tying up traffic on streets and bridges and preventing Christmas shoppers from entering Macy’s Department Store. What is peaceful about doing everything you can to frustrate innocent bystanders trying to get to work or home to their families, raising the blood pressure of thousands of people who are already mentally and physically frazzled by the holiday season?

And of course even those disseminating the peaceful protest propaganda had to eat their words when the thugs in Berkeley began hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at the cops.

Chris Rock, the black comedian, summed up the case for the aggrieved by quoting W.E.B. Dubois: “A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.”

For me, the question Rock raises is just how stupid do you have to be before you think the real problem facing blacks in America isn’t lack of education and a nonexistent work ethic or men refusing to marry the mothers of their children; and it isn’t a generational reliance on welfare and thousands of blacks murdering and raping their fellow blacks. Instead, Chris Rock and his like-minded enablers in show business and the media would have us believe the problem boils down to a couple of white cops killing a pair of black scofflaws.

These days, if you hold the victims even partially to blame, it makes you a bigot. But inasmuch as it only takes speaking out against Obama, Al Sharpton or Eric Holder, to be branded a racist these days, the term for some of us has inevitably become a badge of honor.

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