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Is social media destroying our society? – I read a comment to a social media post where somebody said they thought social media sites are ruining society. I thought this was a statement but I can agree with a few of the downsides.

My argument is that I do not think the issue is being caused by social media sites. If there is any destruction of our society, in actuality, it’s happening rather than because. This stage of social media could make the issue more “in your face” than it may otherwise be but it is not originating the difficulties.

I believe the lesson is that we do Not use media while there will be some People Who agree with Many Others who are opposed with.

We are not taking responsibility by blaming social media sites for it. We’re currently blaming a networking site that the men and women using it to stay afloat are relied on by 100%. It is. There would be no social sites.

To blame a social networking website rather than on the social aspect – the men and women using it for the problems of society- seems naïve, faulty and biased. I will not disagree that websites such as social media site could in some cases be encouraging poor behavior that exists but I do not throw the blame. This behavior would be there with or without social media.