Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Readers,

Burt and I thank each of you for coming to visit the latest reincarnation of If you click the links below the odometer counter in the column to your right, you'll get an idea of what a diverse group of people you all are. Since began, we've had visitors from 97 countries.

There's a feature that lets us see your location by city, state, and country. (It doesn't give us your name or email address, or any other identifying characteristic.) Among the last 100 visitors were readers from Spain, South Africa, Canada, and Denmark.

We are wondering who you folks are, especially those of you who live outside the United States. Would you take a moment to click the link below that says " # comments" and tell us a bit about yourselves? We're curious how you heard about Burt and found this site. Let us know what you think about the change to a blog.

Most of all, Burt is wondering why no one has chosen to leave a comment. It's driving Burt nuts! (Talk about a short trip.)

On behalf of Burt, thanks again for stopping by. - editor