Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama: The Enemy Within

by Burt Prelutsky

These days, if you’re going to argue politics, it’s probably best to begin by defining terms. For instance, I often hear from conservatives who prefer to call themselves true liberals, while at the same time we have leftists calling themselves moderates or independents. We also have people on the right calling other people on the right neo-cons and Rinos (Republicans in name only). Instead of clearing anything up, all this constant labeling only serves to muddy the waters. For all normal purposes, I think it suffices to say that if you’re going to vote for McCain and Palin, you’re a Republican, and if you’re going to vote for Obama and Biden, you’re an idiot.

I simply can’t comprehend why half of America is going to troop out like zombies on Nov. 4th and cast their votes for the most left-wing radical who has ever run for president without running, like Norman Thomas, Eugene Debs, Eric Hass, Clifton DeBerry and Henning A. Blomen, as a Socialist; or, like Henry Wallace and Vincent Hallinan, as Progressives; or, like William Z. Foster, as a Communist. The only one of them to ever collect even as many as a million votes was Wallace, in 1948, when Truman and Dewey split 46 million votes between the two of them.

So, what on earth has happened that over 55 million Americans are prepared to cast their votes for a guy like Obama? How can anyone ignore what it says about the man’s character that he has maintained close relationships with people like Tony Rezko and William Ayers; attended a place of worship that was so hate-filled it was more like an Iranian mosque than an American church; and carried on the agenda of radical leftist Saul Alinsky as a community organizer and as counsel for ACORN.

Even if Obama didn’t cart around so much baggage -- and, no, of course I’m not referring to Michelle (“I’ve never been proud of America”) Obama -- why would any sane person want to entrust America’s well being to an unrepentant leftist? These are the same people who want us to lose in Iraq just as they wanted us to lose in Vietnam and, before that, in Korea. Obama’s disciples are the children and grandchildren of the folks who didn’t want us fighting Nazism 70 years ago, once Stalin and Hitler signed their mutual non-aggression pact, but insisted we go to war just as soon as Germany invaded the Soviet Union. They’re never for America, always siding with those opposed to us, be it the Communists in Cuba, China and Venezuela, or Islamic terrorists anywhere on earth, including New York City.

Although I’m aware of all the rumors floating around on the Internet, I’ve seen no compelling evidence that Obama is a Muslim. Frankly, though, I think he is something far worse -- a Jeremiah Wright version of a Christian, a racist who attended a church for 20 years, where he sat quietly and listened to a crazy bastard viciously attack white people, specifically white Christians, for a thousand Sundays. And all the while, he was seated next to his wife, a woman who took advantage of affirmative action to attend a classy university and then devoted her thesis to the proposition that the campus was a microcosm of racist America. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

In conclusion, let me just say that even something as catastrophic as the nation’s current financial crisis has its funny side, thanks to liberals. Consider Barack Obama, a man who apparently regards gall, hypocrisy and arrogance, as the most important attributes in a leader, blaming everything on the GOP, even though it was John McCain who was calling for stronger regulations on Fannie Mae all along, while it’s Obama who is joined at the hip with former Fannie Mae executives James Johnson and Franklin Delano Raines; it’s Obama who received thousands of dollars in kickbacks from his chums at Fannie Mae; and it’s Obama who, like FDR during the 1930s, is convinced that the way to resuscitate a failing economy is by increasing taxes.

But, in an attempt to be fair and balanced in placing the responsibility for the financial mess, I must admit it’s not entirely the fault of Sen. Obama. A lot of the blame goes to his good friend and political ally, Rep. Barney Frank. He’s the fellow who not only turned a blind eye to the goings-on at Fannie Mae, but was in bed, both figuratively and literally, with the man he called his spouse, Herbert Moses, the one-time director of housing initiatives for Fannie Mae.

As Rep. Frank’s obvious role model, Porky Pig, was famous for saying, “Th-Th-That’s all, folks!”