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The fact about the society that has similarity to the cinema – Cinema isn’t the reflection of society. It’s exaggerated a lot in cinema. Some examples include the stunt scenes performed beating on the villain gang. This is unrealistic. Likewise, duets and the songs are imaginary into the core. Then the song sequence will be in some foreign state if two men love but in fact, nothing of the sort occurs.

Cinema falls into three classes targeting Middle-income group, Low-income group, and income group. Think about a middle-income group. There are a lot. Ordinarily, the person runs the family, earns and of the household goes to a project. Are a lot of issues here but no movie shows the image of conducting a household but instead all movies target the youth and 90 percent of the films are based on love stories

Cinema is a small business. Consequently, if society is reflected by cinema no picture will become a box office hit. They’re a flop. Cinema is commercialization and there is a reflection of the culture in films. All Characters in cinema are society and they’re generalized.