2011 05 Me and New Rotarians

The idea Living in Society – Society models people to its requirements. We’re born unique, unaltered. The life in the youth we’re modeled after the surroundings we live form of the point of view politic moral, spiritual, technical, intellectual, emotional.

After a time, you’ll have a profile common. You’ll have a language with an accent, and someone could see the gap between you and another in the phrases. Where you’re incorporated you reside in the society and you respect the principles related. You can’t live without because you won’t be accepted. If you don’t respect the laws, culture, society, people, and principles in which you live you can’t cohabitate. You are an unadapted or a heretic.

However, amongst the tens of thousands, millions you will become a man with these rules. You will lose your character, you’ll lose your identity, you’ll be from the sea like a drop of water. So this world models teach you what to want, what to enjoy to live and you following its requirements. You fill that you use and must accept. You lose your freedom of choice.

If, as an instance, they show a vehicle to you if you’re an automobile fan you will start to desire it. But you need it? You think for what you would not have prepared for you’ve been desired something? Since they told you plenty of stuff of it, speed, power horses and a lot of facts that certify that is among the best cars, you are going to want that car. However, the world made one the requirements to need that car. It’s not your desire. It is not the you who want that, you, it is the person that the world created. You were modeled by the planet society shifted you need things that you wouldn’t want.

But beneath this, you could want that car that is superb because you want something different, something which is not individuals do not have it. Here is a contradiction between the society and the human being. 1 time the planet, the society incorporates you and can help you have a life, reside among individuals in comfort and estrange you from yourself. You will lose your character, your creativity, your uniqueness, your outlook, your world, and creativity, and most importantly, you will lose your creativity.