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by Burt Prelutsky

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s split-decision regarding Arizona’s immigration law, the term, “racial profiling,” is being tossed around like an old beach ball at an L.A. Dodgers game.

You would think the term was synonymous with whippings and lynchings the way liberals carry on. The only thing it’s synonymous with is commonsense. To suggest otherwise is just plain silly.

For instance, if your car breaks down in the middle of the night and you spot a group of young urban blacks standing nearby, are you seriously going to tell me that you don’t feel threatened? Are you going to insist that you wouldn’t consider yourself to be in any greater danger of being beaten, robbed or killed, than if they were members of the Hare Krishna community playing tambourines and chanting, or a bunch of towheaded teenagers who had just exited from a Bible study group?

There is so much feel-good malarkey floating around in America today that an honest person could just gag on it. And a great deal of that malarkey involves turning a blind eye to self-evident truths. It involves so much blatant hypocrisy it would make even a small child cringe.

For instance, in this era of political correctness, people are supposed to ignore the fact that illegal immigrants are a terrible drain on America’s limited resources. It means that nobody is supposed to notice that they deprive millions of Americans of employment opportunities to which, by right of citizenship, they’re entitled. It also means that the illegals take advantage of services that should be maintained solely for the benefit of Americans whose tax dollars pay for those clinics, schools, roads and courts.

In defense of these scofflaws, we hear that they are doing the jobs that American citizens won’t do. To listen to the propaganda from the Left, you would think that all 15 million of them are in the fields this very minute picking lettuce. That would certainly come as surprising news to millions of Americans who are trying to get construction jobs. It would also come as something of a shock to millions of farmers who find themselves shorthanded because nobody who isn’t forced by circumstances to pick lettuce wants to pick lettuce. And so long as there are all those jobs in construction, restaurants and hotels, waiting for them, there’s no reason why illegal aliens should spend 40 hours-a-week in the sun, bent over, picking lettuce that most people are going to leave on their plates anyway.

Feeling as I do, and as I believe most people do about lettuce, I think restaurants might as well just paint a lettuce leaf on their dinner plates and let it go at that.

Even though it’s mainly Hispanics who are here illegally, nobody’s supposed to racially profile them. But ask anyone what an illegal alien looks like, and, unless he’s prepared to lie, he’s going to say the guy looks an awful lot like a Mexican or a Guatemalan.

But, of course, it’s not just Hispanics we’re not supposed to racially profile. It’s also Muslims.

Even though all the members of the 9/11 hit team were Muslims, and even though nearly every terrorist act over the past few decades can be traced to young Muslim males, we are supposed to pretend it’s just….what?....a coincidence?

If you listen to the louts on the Left, all the suicide bombings and cold-blooded beheadings have nothing to do with the followers of Islam. But the truth is, while not every single Muslim is a terrorist, just about every single terrorist is a Muslim.

Although we keep getting fed the same stale baloney by the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about all the peace-loving American Muslims, the fact is that those folks were still funneling millions of dollars to Islamic terrorists even after 9/11 until the FBI shut down the charities they were using as front groups. And because our politicians are a bunch of scurvy cowards, they insist that the police and the FBI regard mosques as off-limits when it comes to undercover operations, although everyone knows that’s where terrorist plots are nearly always hatched.

It would have made as much sense if during the 1930s and early 40s, the FBI had been prevented from spying on the espionage activities of the German-American Bund.

Frankly, I believe that even God approves of racial profiling or He wouldn’t have made it so easy to identify those who need to be profiled.

I mean, if even Juan Williams can spot them, I figure anyone can.

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