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by Burt Prelutsky

For openers, I don’t believe any national poll that claims Obama is running ahead of Romney. For one thing, Obama has been in office for nearly four years. As the incumbent, if he’s not scoring above 50%, it’s highly unlikely he is going to carry the state. Right now, his poll numbers are below 50% in 37 states, and hover at only 51% in Washington and 50% in Minnesota.

Another factor that must be considered is that a lot of people still don’t know his opponent. Right now, Romney’s poll numbers are lower than they should be simply because a lot of people are judging him on no other basis than Obama’s negative ads.

But, after the GOP convention and especially after the presidential debates, when people will have a chance to compare the two men side-by-side and not only see that Romney is taller, better-looking, smarter, speaks better, but see for themselves that the words “smug” and “arrogant” only apply to one of them, the Obamas will be wise to call Bekins and not wait until the last second to start planning their move back to Chicago.

There will be so many reasons to celebrate their departure, I hardly know where to begin. For one thing, if Obama were to be re-elected and if the Democrats were, God forbid, to regain control of the House, guess who would be the chief financial legislator in Congress. Why, none other than Maxine Waters, who should have been booted out of office for using undue influence in securing a $12 million TARP bailout for a bank in which her husband was a director and they were both shareholders.

To get the full impact of that, think of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the SEC, the NY Stock Exchange and the FHA, being overseen by a blacker version of Chris Dodd or a slightly less feminine version of Barney Frank.

Another reason to anticipate Romney’s victory is that it will mean Valerie Jarrett will also be packing her bags and returning to Chicago. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Ms. Jarrett is the Rasputin-like figure who apparently has the ear of both Obamas. It was apparently she, who, on three separate occasions, persuaded Obama not to go through with the attack on Osama bin Laden lest he suffer political blowback if the mission failed. It was only after military advisors warned him that word would inevitably leak out if he didn’t green light the plan that he finally caved to the anti-Jarrett faction in the White House.

I’m sure that Jarrett and her two charges, the czar and czarina, would be welcomed back to their hometown with a parade and a brass band because they so obviously reflect those Chicago values we’ve heard so much about from Rahm Emanuel. I found it interesting, but not surprising, that a day or two after Mayor Emanuel announced that Chick-fil-A wouldn’t fit well in a city that has become the murder capital of America, he had only good things to say about professional anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. At least now we have a handle on what constitutes Chicago values. Apparently, it’s okay to deride Jews, despise white people, promote Islam and openly denounce America, but stay far away if you oppose the travesty known as same-sex marriages.

I find it almost amusing that Democrats take it so much to heart that Romney hasn’t disclosed a hundred years of income tax forms, but take it in stride when Obama won’t even offer up his college application. They are outraged that the Romneys own a fancy horse, but utter not a word about the millions of our tax dollars the First Lady squanders on vacations. They are apoplectic about Romney’s being a devout Mormon, but accept Obama’s claim that he doesn’t attend church because he doesn’t want his presence to be an annoyance to others, although that never prevents him from tying up rush hour traffic in a hundred different cities when it comes to raising campaign funds.

I also find it mysterious and offensive when people of any political persuasion condemn Romney’s faith. Every religion has elements in it that strike other people as nonsensical, and Mormonism isn’t an exception. However, if I am shopping for a president, I’d want one whose faith emphasizes family, charity, honesty and personal achievement. And if, as they say, the proof is to be found in the pudding, I think you’d have to look long and hard to find a better pudding than the Romneys.

All I ask of Romney is that five minutes after he eliminates ObamaCare, he announces that we are withdrawing from the United Nations.

Finally, it’s no wonder that the Senate under Harry Reid’s leadership doesn’t get anything done. I mean, it would be nice if they finally got around to passing a budget, but Reid is obviously too busy huddling with Team Obama and getting his marching orders from David Axelrod.

But I have to wonder if even Axelrod seriously believed that old Harry would actually take to the Senate floor to spread the foolish rumor that Romney hadn’t paid 10 years of income taxes. I have a feeling that when he heard that, Axelrod smacked his forehead and said, “I assumed the old fart knew I was joking.”

Just for the record, let us keep in mind that Reid hadn’t ever said a word about Timothy Geithner and Charley Rangel not paying their taxes, so who would have guessed that he would say something so dumb that even Jon Stewart would take him to task.

I, myself, have heard rumors that Harry Reid owes his entire political career to Vegas casino owners and the thugs who run Nevada’s public sector unions. Oh, wait a second, those aren’t rumors.

It would only be a rumor if I said that the reason Harry Reid sounds so much like a mortician is because his favorite hobby is grave robbing. Naturally, I don’t have proof of this, but if the Senate majority leader can get his information from “reliable sources” I figure so can I.

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