Tuesday, September 18, 2012


In Barack Obama, You’re Fired! (And Don’t Bother Asking for a Letter of Recommendation), our Burt, the author of Conservatives Are from Mars, Liberals Are from San Francisco and Liberals: America’s Termites, once again skewers the Left for laughs.

In his own humorously deft way, in chapters titled “Obaminations,” “Naming Names,” “Liberals, Progressives and Socialists” and “What 80 Years of FDR, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama Have Wrought,” Prelutsky roasts the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes and Bill Maher.

As Prelutsky says, “In the Saul Alinsky playbook, which passes for a bible on the Left, he stated that ridicule was a powerful weapon against the enemy. It’s the one time he and I agreed.”

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