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by Burt Prelutsky

When I hear liberals in the media and Congress repeating Obama’s lies while doing their best to make Romney appear to be a tax chiseler, a killer of cancer victims, a job destroyer and a candidate doomed to lose, I am reminded that whereas bees give up their lives to protect their queen, liberals are only willing to risk their reputations on behalf of their own.

Another lie that everyone on the Left seems dedicated to promoting is that the majority of the world’s Muslims are decent and peace-loving. What absolute hogwash! I would first remind everyone that even in the heyday of Hitler and Stalin, not every German or Russian was a Nazi or a Communist. In every society, there are those who lead and those who follow. But once war breaks out, everyone falls into line.

The truth is that it’s always a minority of activists who bring about change, be it for good, as with the American Revolution, or for evil, as with the French and Russian revolutions or the Arab Spring upheavals.

How much longer are we going to have to listen to the tripe our national leaders feed us about the small handful of Islamists who are causing all the trouble?

For the past 14 centuries, Islam has been the scourge of humanity. For the longest time, they tried to kill or convert everyone who was an infidel. When they found they couldn’t defeat Christianity, they hibernated. But all it took was Jimmy Carter pulling the Persian rug out from under the Shah of Iran to incite renewed insanity in the Muslim world.

Over the past 30-odd years, we have seen these creatures in all their glory, whether it was blowing up embassies and skyscrapers or pizza parlors and school buses. We have seen them hang and burn people from bridges and behead others on television. And even here in America, we have seen any number of so-called honor killings brought about when fathers murdered their daughters because they dared to date non-Muslims, refused to marry a Muslim or, for all I know, neglected to make their beds.

These days, whenever the Muslims act up, the mealy-mouthed crowd in Washington blames it on some silly trigger. Sometimes it’s a video or a cartoon or even a teddy bear, other times the blood-letting is blamed on Gitmo or an alleged trashing of a Koran.

Barack Obama, a man who hasn’t yet seen fit to pay a visit to Israel, one of our few actual allies, wasted no time rushing off to Cairo in 2009 and announcing that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

Hell, Islam doesn’t even have a proud tradition of tolerating Islam. If there’s one thing they enjoy more than killing a Christian or a Jew, it’s Shiites slaughtering Sunnis, and Sunnis getting a kick out of murdering Shiites.

Bibles are burned all over the Middle East, and Christians are crucified, and our president bows and scrapes, and members of Congress curry their favor with billions of our tax dollars.

In Afghanistan, we teach their soldiers and cops how to use weapons and, as a final exam, they prove how well they’ve learned their lessons by shooting our soldiers in the back.

If Muslims were from outer space, we would all band together to battle them, recognizing how deeply ingrained were their evil intentions. But because so far as we can tell, they’re earthlings, we permit someone like Major Hassan to serve and be promoted in our military; we allow their clerics to enter our prisons and convert dangerous felons; we pretend that Pakistan, the country that shielded the mastermind behind 9/11 for a decade, is our ally in the war on terrorism; we permit Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to come to America and insult us at the U.N. Finally, for good measure, we remain in the U.N. where the Arab and Muslim countries out-number the western democracies and out-vote us time and again.

The terminally naïve were those who saw the upheavals in the Middle East led by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and imagined that something good was going to come of it. These people have been the dregs of the world for well over a thousand years, and were it not for the accident of oil lurking beneath the desert sand, they would still be riding around on camels and living in tents.

Although they are a backward and blood-thirsty lot, I still hold them in higher regard than I do our leaders who continue to curtsy to the followers of Islam, displaying what everyone knows is merely fear and disgust, but that they hope will be mistaken for tolerance and respect.
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