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by Burt Prelutsky

Over 30 states have voted against recognizing same-sex marriages, and of the few states where it’s legal, most have had it mandated by judicial bullies, not through the election process. But in spite of all that, gays and other leftists insist that within a few years, homosexual marriages will be legal in all 50 states. They base that conclusion on the polls that show that young people favor the silly notion.

What these seers ignore is that as people mature, get married, have children, as often as not, they discard the faddish beliefs they held in their twenties. After all, many of today’s parents experimented with drugs, booze and sex, in their own youth. That doesn’t mean they approve of their own sons and daughters doing the same. Not even if they’re named Clinton, Bush or Obama.

Speaking of which, Sen. Rand Paul, a devout libertarian who wishes to see drug use de-criminalized, pointed out, in making his case, that the past two presidents -- and he could have said three -- could have been arrested on drug charges in their twenties. He was trying to make the point that our drug laws are too draconian, and that these men might have had their political aspirations snuffed out if they had had drug arrests on their record. But that’s not how I look at it. Instead, my reaction was that the country might have been spared these past couple of decades if only the DEA had been doing its job.

Al Sharpton, who should have wound up in the clink after choreographing the Tawana Brawley hoax, claims that the opposition to Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control crusade is the result of -- hold on to your hats! -- anti-Semitism! Well, I guess if anyone knows about that sort of thing, Sharpton is the go-to guy. After all, he’s the minister who once said, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin on their yarmulkes and come over to my house.” He’s also the schmuck who led the Crown Heights rioters who chanted “Kill the Jews” and actually killed one, Yankel Rosenbaum, a student visiting New York from Australia.

I don’t think anyone has yet explained what Joe Biden was doing that was so important that it was worth spending over a million dollars to put him up for two nights in London and Paris. Has nobody in this administration ever heard of teleconferencing? Although I can’t imagine Biden doing or saying anything that could be worth the price of a phone call, but canceling White House tours at the same time that Obama’s mascot is running up humongous hotel bills is as arrogant a display as anything ever attributed to Marie Antoinette.

At Florida Atlantic University, Professor Deandre Poole, while conducting an Intercultural Communications class, ordered the students to write “Jesus Christ” on a piece of paper, and then place it on the floor and step on it. When some people got wind of this outrage, they complained to the FAU administrators. Typically, they responded with the sort of high-sounding claptrap for which these pinheads are famous: “Faculty and students at academic institutions pursue knowledge and engage in open discourse. While at times, the topics discussed may be sensitive, a university environment is a venue for such dialogue and debate.”

Unfortunately, it is also a venue in which the one student who objected to this blasphemous and juvenile exercise, a Mormon named Ryan Rotela, was suspended.

I doubt if it comes as a surprise to anyone that Professor Poole moonlights as Vice-Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.

One thing we do know is that Poole would never have dared tell his students to write “Allah” or “Mohammad” or even “Martin Luther King” on that piece of paper. And we can only hazard a guess that the honchos at Florida Atlantic might have reacted differently if the professor had been a white man instead of a black one.

As you’ve probably heard by now, another thousand or so pages of new regulations were recently added to the 20,000 or so pages of regulations regarding ObamaCare. Frankly, even I am amazed at the way we’ve allowed government bureaucrats -- people who don’t actually know how to do anything -- regulate how the rest of us do everything.

Because Romney had an even worse writing staff than most TV sit coms, just about the only thing he said during the entire campaign that anyone remembers was his dismissive line about 47% of the population having been bought off by the Obama administration. My only objection to his statement was that I thought his statistic was slightly off, and so it proved to be. As borne out on Election Day, the actual number was 51%.

In the aftermath of the Sequester, more and more of the goofy programs being financed with our tax dollars are coming to light. Most recently, it was discovered that $360,000 is earmarked for a fund to study the reproductive organs of ducks.

I don’t know if they give names to these various boondoggles. But if they do, this one is crying out to be christened “We’ve been ducked!”

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