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by Burt Prelutsky

Recently, Thomas Sowell wrote an excellent piece dealing with term limits. The point he made is that if the idea behind limits was to rid us of those people who spend their entire lives doing little more than voting, we’ve gone about it in a really stupid way.

For one thing, as we’ve seen here in California, it merely means that once one of these palookas has termed out in, say, the state assembly, he merely runs for the state senate or for governor or lieutenant governor or attorney general. In short, he moves on, he doesn’t move out.

Another problem is that once elected to the House or Senate, where term limits are never even considered, it’s next to impossible to dislodge the likes of Harry Reid, Charley Rangel and Henry Waxman.

There is no reason why we should have an actual class of politicians, people, in short, who never have to do an honest day’s work in their lives. And why should a Supreme Court judge be ensconced for life? For one thing, it presumes that we need professionals in those jobs. We don’t. In fact, those who decide on politics as a career are the very people who shouldn’t be there.

I realize that some would argue that you at least need specialized knowledge to serve as a member of the high court, but the fact that so many decisions come down to 5-4 votes suggests that you merely have to possess an opinion, not a law degree.

And it’s my opinion that the ongoing debate over same-sex marriages is much ado about nothing. A few gay activists have pretended that it’s a civil right, but, if so, has there ever been a civil right that’s been taken advantage of by fewer people than this one? We passed women’s suffrage and women got out and voted. We passed the Civil Rights Act and black people went to the schools of their choice and sat wherever they liked on the bus and at the lunch counter. But when it comes to same-sex marriage, it’s mainly sound and fury signifying nothing.

I know that whenever gay marriage legislation is passed, the left-wing news media is sure to share photos of the ecstatic couples. But I am beginning to think that I’m seeing the same couples time and again. I don’t believe that any significant number of lesbians have tied the knot, and I’m willing to bet it’s an even smaller percentage of gay men.

And after all the posturing over gays in the military, I have yet to hear of large numbers of gay enlistments. And I’m sure I would have heard of them, thanks to a liberal media that would be certain to ballyhoo the glad tidings.

If gays had been as successful at selling a soft drink brand as they have been at selling their very odd life style, we’d all be drinking Dad’s Root Beer or Diet Pepsi. How successful? Well, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, hardly the east coast answer to San Francisco, the Green Street United Methodist Church is now refusing to perform marriage ceremonies for straight couples until same-sex marriage is legalized in that state. What’s more, they’re asking other churches to join the movement, and I have no doubt that other churches will follow their foolish lead.

A lesser man might go so far as to say there’s Methodism in their madness. I am that lesser man.

I confess I’m not a religious person, but even I’m aware that the Bible makes no bones about where it stands on the question of homosexuality. Now I’m not suggesting that gays should be stoned, but when the Bible refers to the practice as an abomination, where do churches get off promoting it? I mean, are there any lines in the sand? What’s next? Changing the 10 Commandments to the 10 Suggestions?

Even the Catholic Church is acting more like a social club than a religious denomination. Considering the damage it inflicted on itself first through the pedophile scandal and then through the ensuing cover-up, you would have thought the Vatican would have become proactive. Why is it, for instance, that the Church sits idly by while most Hispanic Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Obama, a man who proudly promotes abortions and homosexuality? Is denunciation from the pulpit a thing of the past?

And why is it that Catholics such as Patty Murray, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of people named Kennedy, are never excommunicated for not merely championing abortions, but funding Planned Parenthood and doing everything in their power to make abortions readily accessible to teenagers?

It’s one thing, after all, to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, but if even abortion is Caesar’s, what’s left to render unto the Lord besides a few bucks in the collection plate?

I say if the Church wants people to pay attention to it without having to wait around until Pope Francis dies or retires, it should start booting these high-profile backsliders out on their collective fannies.

Otherwise, when it comes to their members as well as their leaders, we have to assume that the Elks, the Moose and the Rotarians, all have higher standards than the Catholic Church.

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