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by Burt Prelutsky

Now that we know that a few of the people who will try to move in to the White House in 2017 are Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, it appears to be time already to lecture my fellow conservatives on the political facts of life.

For openers, we are not a majority. Not in the nation and not even in the GOP. So let me point out that all the inevitable talk about breaking away and forming a party of right-wing purists is the height of foolishness.

For better or for worse, ours is a two party nation. In the last election, Gary Johnson of the Libertarians received 1,275,893 votes. Jill Stein of the Greens received 469,016 votes. Between them, Virgil Goode, Rocky Anderson and Peta Lindsay, carrying the standards of the Constitution, Justice and Socialism & Liberalism parties, respectively, garnered 175,090. Added together, the five parties received slightly less than two million votes from the loons. Between them, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney collected 127,849,296.

Now if you wish to continue residing in a fool’s paradise, keep campaigning for a third party. Keep insisting that conservatives go it alone. Just understand that you will be guaranteeing that the Left will win the presidency from this day forward. Just don’t be surprised if rational Republicans will hold you in greater contempt than they do honest liberals, assuming you to be a mole for the other side, doing what you can to spread dissension and incite rancor in the ranks.

As William F. Buckley pointed out years ago, the only way to wrest control from liberals, is for every single person who recognizes that the Left is a menace to liberty and the individual to help elect any Republican who has a decent chance of winning his or her election. You don’t care for RINOS? Tough! Welcome to the real world. In a great many states, only RINOS have any chance of defeating a Democrat. The question is whether you prefer electing someone who will vote the way you’d like him to vote 60 or 70% of the time or someone who will vote in concert with Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, on every single issue.

If you are dumb enough to think there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans, please explain why all the Democrats voted for ObamaCare and none of the Republicans did. Explain why the Democrats tried to join Obama in sweeping all the scandals under the carpet and why it is that only Republican-run committees have tried to get to the bottom of Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and the snooping on journalists.

Moving on, I do not understand why anyone is confused as to whom the good guys are in Egypt and who are the villains. Morsi had already shown himself to be a dictator who wished to turn Egypt into another Islamic state like Iran. The military stopped him in his tracks and tossed his sorry butt in the clink. In response, we have a couple of simpletons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham carrying on as if the English Army had risen up and placed David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth under house arrest.

Just because someone wins an election is no guarantee that democracy has been established, and that we should applaud like trained seals. In Germany, Hitler won an election. In Gaza, Hamas won the election in 2006, and have run things ever since. In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez was duly elected. So, let’s all grow up and admit that, just like jury verdicts, some elections are good, some are just plain rotten.

Speaking of Egypt, I’d like to know why Pope Francis hasn’t been as forthcoming about the burning and vandalizing of over 60 Coptic Christian churches, the beheading of a priest and the parading of nuns in the street, by the Muslim Brotherhood, as he’s been with his Marxist-laced speeches about poverty.

Speaking of poverty, if I never again see that surfer, Jason Greenslate, it will be too soon. Nobody doubts that the food stamp program is a huge scam by Obama to create dependency on the federal government and turn all the welfare hogs into lifelong Democrats, but surely there are far better examples Fox News could have spotlighted in its special.

How is it that when Greenslate told reporter John Roberts that his monthly check was for $200, Roberts didn’t even mention that he would blow his food budget in a few days, dining on lobster and sushi? I wouldn’t want to question Jason’s honesty, but is it really too big a stretch to imagine that he just might be augmenting his food budget by dealing drugs with his surfer dude buddies?

It hasn’t been good times for those black racists who wish to blame white Americans for all the trouble in the hood. We had those three thugs in Oklahoma, two of them black and one a wannabe, shooting a 22-year-old Australian because they were bored. Then we had black teenage thugs Demetrius Glenn and Kenan Adams-Kisard beating 88-year-old WWII vet, Delbert Bolton, to death in Spokane.

As yet, I haven’t heard Barack Obama mention that any of the thugs looked anything like him. In the meantime, the Duncan, OK, police chief, Dan Ford, said he didn’t consider the brutal murder of Christopher Lane, the young Aussie, to be a hate crime even though James Francis Edwards, the 15-year-old triggerman had posted a bunch of racist tweets in the days before the killing, including “Hate whites” and “With my niggas when it’s time to shoot.”

Now, I don’t happen to approve of adding prison time for so-called hate crimes. It seems to me that if you shoot anyone in cold blood, it’s reasonable to assume hate is involved. I just object to the notion that only white guys can ever be assumed to commit them, especially when hatred of whites appears to be endemic in the black community.

To be fair, not everyone has been silent. Jesse Jackson tweeted “Senseless violence should be frowned upon.” How’s that for moral outrage? “Frowned upon”? This coming from a guy who goes through life glowering like Sonny Liston just in case he might suddenly stumble across a Republican. Suddenly, when the murderous piece of trash is a black punk, he magically morphs into Lord Pennington, complete with monocle and snuff box.

©2013 Burt Prelutsky. Comments?

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