Friday, May 2, 2014


Even before he wound up sexually involved with the adopted daughter of his lover, Mia Farrow, when he was 56 and Soon-Yi was 19, I had little use for Woody Allen (born Allan Stewart Konigsberg). Except for “Hannah and Her Sisters” and “Broadway Danny Rose,” I had never liked his movies. Obviously Hollywood viewed him otherwise, having nominated him for 24 Academy Awards, four times giving him an Oscar.

But as much as I dislike his movies, I find his politics even more revolting. It was Allen who said that Congress and the Supreme Court should step aside so that Barack Obama could do what he wants. Clearly, it was right in line with Obama’s own thinking, as he has commenced to run roughshod over the Constitution.

A couple of years ago, when Allen announced he was adapting his movie “Bullets Over Broadway” as a musical, he announced that he would not cast any black men – okay, he said “African-Americans,” a repulsive term concocted by Jesse Jackson – in the show because he didn’t want to put them in a bad light by having them act the parts of gangsters, criminals and murderers!

It’s bad enough that Allen, who has been taken to task for never casting blacks in his movies – even those set in New York City –thinks he’s doing anyone a favor by not giving black actors roles in a production, but the fact that he infantilizes them suggests he is a closet racist.

The question that comes to mind is whether we have ever had so many Americans who simultaneously wore their hearts on their sleeves and had their heads stuck up their butts.

While Obama, Reid and the other lying liberals, continue to ballyhoo ObamaCare, reality refuses to sit idly by, twiddling its thumbs. The fact is that no matter how many fibs they tell, health insurance premiums have already soared by 28% in Pennsylvania, 37% in Florida, 53% in California and 100% in Delaware. The silver lining in all this is that these four states swallowed Obama’s lies hook, line and sinker in 2012, and voted to re-elect him.

It’s also worth noting that when it appeared that enrollment in the act would fall far short of seven million, Democrats took to calling it the Affordable Care Act, insisting that referring to it as ObamaCare was racist. However, as soon as he could boast that enrollment had reached 7.1 million, there was Obama in the Rose Garden bragging about ObamaCare. So, for once, the liberals were right: there was America’s Number One racist using that vile term!

It seems that Frederick Lawrence, the President of Brandeis University, wasn’t the prime mover when it came to disinviting the heroic Ayaan Hirst Alin to appear at the college and receive an honorary degree. It all began with a letter written to him and signed by 87 Brandeis professors. Basically, their gripe was that Ms. Alin refuses to make a distinction between followers of Islam, lumping them all together by declaring that it’s the religion itself that promotes the stoning of adulterers, honor killings and genital mutilation. All of which, by the way, targets only females, although rumor has it that adultery is not a solitary activity.

Furthermore, the pointy-headed professors contended that it’s not only Muslims who engage in these barbaric practices. Right, everybody knows all about Christians and Jews engaging in honor killings and genital mutilation on a regular basis. In fact I assume the reason we never read about such goings-on in the press or see them reported on TV is that it’s become so commonplace that it’s no longer newsworthy.

In 2004, it was those who had served with John Kerry, the so-called Swift Boaters, who helped sink his chance of winning the election. In 2016, I predict it will be political ads featuring the parents and widows of those four brave men massacred in Benghazi who will be answering Hillary Clinton’s question about what difference it makes in no uncertain terms that will finally sink her.

Speaking of presidential contenders, Jeb Bush recently defended illegal aliens by stating that those who sneak into this country in order to give their children a better life are not committing felonies, but, rather, “acts of love.” He also gave a thumbs-up to Common Core, a controversial, and I’d say disreputable, program for educating our kids.

So far as I’m concerned, all that Jeb proved is that you don’t need to rely on strangers in order to scuttle a presidential run. But it’s okay by me. After all, we’re not a kingdom in need of a dynasty, and, besides, it’s not as if the two earlier Bushes were any great shakes in the Oval Office.

Finally, there seems to be no end to the number of aggrieved atheists. If they’re not in court trying to have crosses removed from military cemeteries, they’re on talk radio complaining how religious symbols play havoc with their emotions, not to mention their digestive systems.

My question is whether these insufferable bores are all collecting salaries from the satanic George Soros or are they simply schlimiels with too much time on their hands who haven’t discovered the simple pleasures of bowling, crocheting or collecting stamps?

It seems every time I turn around, I’m hearing one of these brats whining about the separation of church and state, a misguided reference to the First Amendment. As a result, I’ve stopped turning around. It’s also why I got a kick out of a line, reminiscent of Rene Descartes on one of his more amusing days, that a reader sent me: “God doesn’t believe in atheists. Therefore, atheists do not exist.”

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