Friday, October 3, 2014

Branding Sacred Cows

Iconfess I’m at a loss when it comes to deciding when it’s okay to brand someone a villain and when it’s not.  For instance, it seems to be acceptable for some people to label conservatives, Tea Party members and even white people in general, as good-for-nothings.  However, it’s regarded as bad manners, insensitive and racist, if you point out that Muslims create an inordinate amount of trouble in the world and that blacks cause a disproportionate amount of havoc in America.

Even today, when Muslims are responsible for violence all around the globe, we’re all expected to pretend that it’s just a few bad apples, and that most followers of Islam are gentle, loving individuals.  Nonsense!  They are a bloodthirsty lot who have contributed little to the world in 1500 years, aside from suicide bombs, a degenerate view of Paradise and clitorectomies.

Listening to George Bush and Barack Obama prattling on about Islam being a religion of peace was bad enough before ISIS came along.  Now that the weekly beheadings of Americans and Brits has become the top-rated TV show in the Middle East, I think it’s high time we all finally acknowledged that they are a species of animal life that belongs in a swamp or a zoo.  As a friend of mine put it, “An extremist Muslim wants to kill you, whereas a moderate Muslim merely wants an extremist to kill you.”

On the other hand, a blanket indictment of American blacks can’t and shouldn’t be made.  We all know countless exceptions.  And not just the high-profile likes of Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Ben Carson and Jason Riley, but ordinary men and women who finish school, go to work, avoid drugs and, most important of all, get married before having kids.

Still, there is a large segment of the black population that is simply a drag on the nation.  Although blacks are only about 14% of the population, they are wildly over- represented when it comes to violent crime, drug dealing and reliance on welfare.  Even so, we’re all expected to walk on eggs rather than face the facts.  We even refrain from referring to black neighborhoods when we’re talking about those places you want to avoid if you value your life.  Instead, we politely use the euphemistic “urban neighborhoods.”

When it comes to the crime stats and the huge number of young blacks incarcerated in jail, the accepted practice is to place the blame on racist cops and a corrupt legal system.

Another example of this pussyfooting around the blatant truth took place recently when Ray Rice slugged his fiancée in an elevator.  In short order, midst calls for the firing of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, we found out that a gang of other football players – Brandon Marshall, Ray McDonald, Daz Bryant, Greg Hardy, A.J. Jefferson, Adrian Peterson and Jonathan Dwyer – were also in trouble with the law.  Unlike the more typical crimes committed by football players, none of these involved bar fights, illegal drugs, the soliciting of prostitutes or resisting arrest.  Instead, they all involved assaulting women and children.  But not a single report I read or heard mentioned that the one thing these thugs all had in common was that they were blacks.  Were we not supposed to notice?  Were we to believe it was just a coincidence or some sort of really weird anomaly?

But football has a way of bringing all sorts of undesirables together.  After all, it certainly wasn’t just the black Philadelphia Eagle fans who gave Michael Vick a rousing welcome back to the football field after he’d served 21 months for hanging and drowning dogs who’d been underachievers in the dog fighting ring he operated.  I know there is a cliché that suggests that just because someone has gone to jail, he has paid his debt to society.  I beg to differ.  He hasn’t.  He has merely gone to jail, and we should all stop parroting that cliché.  Short of being executed, people who rape, molest kids and torture animals should at the very least be shunned, if not stoned.  They certainly shouldn’t be allowed to suit up and receive a fat paycheck and a hero’s welcome.

As far back as O.J. Simpson’s trial, we heard people defend the jury’s verdict of not guilty as an example of jury nullification, which basically meant that because blacks had sometimes been victimized by the legal system, the jurors had every right to ignore their oath to consider the evidence and reach a just verdict.

And in case people think it’s only the economically disadvantaged blacks who feel this way, during the trial, there was an auditorium filled with black celebrities at an awards event applauding an appearance by Simpson’s mouthpiece, Johnnie Cochran, and chanting “Free O.J.  Free O.J.”  That was at a time when most reasonable people would have been chanting “Fry O.J.  Fry O.J.”

Lest anyone think I only have it in for people whose skin is darker than my own, world-class loon Nancy Pelosi actually said, “If the GOP gains control of the U.S. Senate, it could mean the end of civilization as we know it.”

For one thing, because civilization these days seems to be run by the likes of Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, the Ayatollah Khomeini, the butchers in China, the loons in the Middle East and the pipsqueak in North Korea, ending it and starting over might just be what the doctor ordered.

That reminds me that recently a friend, aware that I have now written six books and about 1,500 articles, wondered how I can stick at it in spite of the fact that nothing I’ve written in all that time seems to be have improved anything.  Long ago, I explained, I adopted Jessica Mitford’s explanation as my own: “You may not be able to change the world, but at least you can embarrass the guilty.” 

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