Monday, January 19, 2015

"Bye-Bye, Babs" and "Abraham v. Muhammad"

I got such a lift from the midterm elections that I have only recently returned from the stratosphere, leading some people to wonder if I took off again when I heard that Barbara Boxer would not be seeking a fourth term in 2016. I’m afraid not. There is a world of difference between Democrats losing elections and simply retiring, which isn’t to say I’ll miss seeing or hearing Boxer, whose speaking voice was nearly as off-putting as the liberal malarkey she spewed.

Whether we’re speaking about Barbara (“Call me Senator”) Boxer or Henry (The Garden Gnome) Waxman, their retirement only means that a younger, but equally pigheaded leftist will replace them. Until those who kept re-electing these louts for several decades are retired, we shouldn’t expect any miracles.

In the aftermath of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, a puerile French magazine that only Muslims could take seriously enough to be offended by, Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, said of its slain editor, Stephane Charbonnier, 47: “It is too bad he didn’t understand the role he played in his tragic death. Had he not been so narcissistic, he may still be alive.”

Perhaps along with being unaware that he should have said “might still be alive,” the arrogant dunce, Donohue, must have assumed that Charbonnier had already forgotten that the magazine was fire-bombed in 2011 after it had run an earlier cartoony depiction of Muhammad. Even the editor of a silly magazine, Mr. Donohue, deserves credit for having courage and principles.

Instead of spitting on the dead man’s grave, Donohue might have spent his time more productively asking, as reader Rick Donoho, did: “How is it that so many Americans insist that when these lunatics kill in the name of Islam, they aren’t really Muslims? Also, why is it that so many murderers insist they are Muslims and so few claim to follow any other religion?”

Good questions. Also, have you noticed that whenever lunkheads choose to defend Islam by attacking Christianity as being equally bloodthirsty, they either bring up the Spanish Inquisition as if it took place last Thursday or they mention the few self-identified Christians who have killed abortionists?

Well, since 1982, there have been eight murders attributed to the anti-abortionists; among the victims were four doctors, two clinic employees, a security guard and a clinic escort. There have also been 17 attempted murders.

I happen to oppose murder, whether it’s committed by a surgeon or by an anti-abortion zealot, but it should be noted that over the course of those same 33 years, approximately 50 million abortions have been performed in this country. It should also be noted that not one of the eight murders or 17 attempted murders was motivated by a cartoon -- but by the taking of innocent human life -- even though Jesus Christ is defamed by either word or picture on a regular basis.

Getting back to the massacre in France, it’s heartening to see so many people in Paris carting around “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo”signs indicating their solidarity with those journalists butchered by Muslims, but it would be even more heartening if the French, who have such a long history of anti-Semitism, would start carrying signs reading “Je Suis Juif,” indicating a solidarity with the Parisian Jews who were murdered at a kosher market in the wake of the initial massacre.

Twice in the distant past, Europe fought off the Islamic invaders. But that was then and this is now. In just about every capital city, the host nations have chosen to ignore what are called no-go zones. These refer to the Muslim enclaves, virtual microstates governed by Sharia law, where even the police, fire-fighting and ambulance services, are denied entry.

In London, the Muslims refer to the city as Londonistan. In France, there are 751 locales, referred to euphemistically as Sensitive Urban Zones, which are controlled by France’s five million Islamists and where non-Muslims are forbidden to tread. These urban sewers exist not only in Paris, but in Lyons, Marseilles and Toulouse.

Of course the European politicians try to pretend that this is what religious tolerance looks like, but just like our own politicians who keep referring to Islam as a religion of peace, they are motivated solely by moral and physical cowardice.

It’s nothing new, of course. Back in the 1930s, Hitler recognized them for the gutless wonders they were. So long as he stayed within the borders of Germany, nobody saw any reason to intervene on behalf of the Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals or the physically or mentally handicapped, that he was butchering. Even America sat by until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor at the end of 1941, forcing us to declare war on Japan, and Germany to then declare war on us.

But at least Hitler had only been up to no good since 1933. Islam has been a cancer on the world for 1,500 years.

I hate to say it, but it seems fairly obvious that Muslims are far more willing to fight and die in order to destroy freedom and liberty than we in the West are to fight and die in their defense.


I am Jewish, but not very Jewish. I had Jewish parents and Jewish grandparents, but I am not religiously observant, don’t keep kosher and never even had a bar mitzvah because my secular parents left it up to me whether after six hours of junior high I wanted to spend my afternoons attending Hebrew school or playing ball.

I only mention this as a matter of full disclosure, so you will understand that when I take Israel’s side against its Arab and Muslim neighbors, it’s understood that I do so because it is a western-style democracy that shares America’s traditional values and not because it is a Jewish state.

When I hear liberals in the media, academia and the Protestant hierarchy, condemning Israel and taking up for its enemies, labeling Israel an apartheid nation oppressing the so-called Palestinians, I get the queasy feeling that I’m in a surrealistic universe as it might have been imagined by George Orwell and painted by Salvador Dali.

After all, Israel is so religiously tolerant that Arabs and Muslims serve in its legislative body. It guarantees freedom of speech, religion and financial opportunity to all of its citizens, whereas in neighboring states, Jews have been banished, Christians have been burned and crucified, women are stoned for adultery -- although not their male partners in sin -- and prevented from working or attending school. They also have to wear burkas in sweltering heat and are vulnerable to honor killings if they fall in love with a non-Muslim or even consider converting to another, less restrictive, faith.

If ever there was a clear line separating good and evil, this would be it. But our campus and cultural elitists nevertheless insist on siding with the barbarians and giving full vent to their inherent anti-Semitism, going so far as to insist that universities, corporations and individuals, divest themselves of investments in Israeli companies, even those turning out life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

I am not one of those Jews who wrap Jewish contributions to the world around myself like a comfort blanket, pretending that the accomplishments of others somehow reflect gloriously on me. But from strictly an objective point of view, when you compare the gifts that a few million Jews have bestowed on an unfriendly world compared to what billions of Arabs and Muslims have contributed, it is an embarrassingly lopsided competition.

In whatever field you can name, but particularly in medicine, science and the arts –both classical and popular – Jews have excelled. Even a partial list includes the likes of Albert Einstein, Milton Friedman, Felix Mendelsohn, Jonas Salk, Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein, Aaron Copland, Frank Loesser, Leonard and Elmer Bernstein, Paul Ehrlich, Boris Pasternak, J.D. Salinger, Norman Mailer, Nathan Rothschild, Sidney Howard, Benjamin Disraeli, John Garfield, Marc Chagall, Hedy Lamarr, the Marx Brothers, Levi Strauss, Jack Benny, Sidney Kingsley, Clifford Odets, George Burns, Danny Kaye, Arthur Miller, Bernard Malamud, Ayn Rand, Philip Roth, Baruch Spinoza, Paddy Chayefsky, Joseph Heller, George S. Kaufman, Moss Hart, Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe, Edna Ferber, Arthur Rubinstein, Edward G. Robinson, Sid Caesar, Sigmund Freud, Jon Stewart, Phil Silvers, Al Jolson, Billy Wilder, William Wyler, Joseph Mankiewicz, Jerome Kern, Bob Dylan, Haym Solomon, Stephen Sondheim, Kurt Weill, Harold Arlen, Benny Leonard, Hank Greenberg, Woody Allen, Richard Dreyfuss, Billy Joel, Isaac Stern, Yehudi Menuhin, Jascha Heifitz, Vladimir Horowitz, Billy Crystal, Milton Berle, Sholem Aleichem, Jerry Herman, Albert and Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Tony Randall, Alan King, Larry Gelbart, Neil Simon, Jerry Seinfeld, Oscar Levant, Sandy Koufax and the young New York kids, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who gave birth to the mild-mannered Clark Kent and his alter ego, Superman.

Let’s face it, without the Jews, Americans would be stuck singing and humming commercial jingles and we’d be about as funny as the Swiss.

It’s not as if Arabs and Muslims haven’t also made their mark on the world. They did, after all, introduce clitorectomies, suicide bombings and an intolerance of good-natured spoofing not seen since the Salem witch hunts.

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