Friday, January 16, 2015

Whiners & Sore Winners

Sometimes when I attack urban blacks, I worry that some pinheads will fail to understand that I am not tarring all black Americans. I’m certainly not referring to those who work hard, get married and raise their children to be good citizens. Obviously, I am not referring to the likes of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Herman Cain, David Clarke, Mia Love, Ben Carson or Jason Riley.

The ones I have in mind are the 95% of plantation blacks who vote for Democrats year in and year out, the ones who not only know which side of their bread is buttered, but know only too well who gave them the bread they didn’t have to work for or bake for themselves.

Democrats are like those zombies in the movies who are constantly prowling the countryside looking for brains because they have none of their own. But that doesn’t matter to black voters, who understand the deal is that so long as they vote for liberals, they’ll be fed, housed and clothed, and not only will their mob violence be tolerated, but it will be encouraged by the likes of Obama, Holder and De Blasio.

They’re also aware of the fact that the liberal media, in collusion with academia, will promote the false narrative that these scofflaws and human sloths are being persecuted by white society, when in fact they are being coddled by white taxpayers.

Racial bias that favors blacks has become so endemic in America that I’m wondering if the Democrats haven’t cried “Wolf!” or, rather, “Racist!” once too often for their own good. There used to be a slogan popular during the Vietnam War that asked: “What if they threw a war and nobody came?” I think it’s time to revise it to read: “What if they cried ‘Racist!’ and for once nobody cowered?”

Recently I wrote about a friend who said he would prefer it if I referred to the Democrat Party instead of calling it the Democratic Party. In my defense, I said that “Democrat Party” looks wrong to my eye and sounds wrong in my ear.

A few of my mutinous readers let me know they agreed with my friend, pointing out that I unintentionally give the Democrats too much credit because there’s nothing democratic about them.

In response, I said the mistake was theirs because there’s nothing all that wonderful about democracy. I realize that sounds like heresy, but the fact is that in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez won a democratic election; in Russia, Vladimir Putin did the same; the so-called Palestinians voted for Hamas; and here in the U.S., we elected a tyrant of our own. In fact, we did it twice.

When it comes to voting, the truth is that most people just aren’t very good at it. What’s more, Democrats, in spite of being really awful at it, are so fond of voting, they often do it twice or three times in the same election.

In the past, while I’ve never been a booster of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell, I have usually refrained from attacking them. After all, it is just possible that the Republicans who have to deal with them on a day to day basis like them for reasons I can’t possibly imagine. The worst I’ve ever said about either of them is that they don’t speak well on camera and neither is particularly adept at presenting the GOP position on the important issues. I usually summed it up by stating that what they lacked in smarts, they failed to make up for in charm and personality.

But that was then and this is now. I can’t ignore the fact that Boehner is so thin-skinned that simply because 25 House Republicans either voted for others to be the majority leader or merely voted “Present,” he had a hissy fit. As a result of which, he decided to punish Florida congressman Daniel Webster for opposing him, and Florida congressman Richard Nugent for supporting Rep. Webster, by removing both of them from the powerful House Rules Committee.

So much for those who insist that Boehner lacks a backbone. Like Obama, who only sticks to his guns when opposing Republicans, never when confronted by Syria, Russia or Iran, Boehner turns into a mighty warrior when confronting conservatives. The most pathetic part of all this is that Boehner faced very little resistance by his lickspittle colleagues, and easily won re-election. So, just in case you thought there was nothing worse than a sore loser, allow me to introduce you to crybaby John Boehner, who gives new meaning to “sore winner.”

Recently Barack Obama invited Mexico’s President Enrique Nieto to the White House. Predictably, Nieto complimented Obama on granting legal status to five million illegal aliens through an unconstitutional executive edict.

What does it say about the swamp known as Mexico that one presidente after another urges the U.S. to accommodate millions of their fleeing countrymen? Frankly, I wouldn’t object quite so much to the influx if it were a quid pro quo arrangement in which we accepted their illiterate peasants in exchange for our own ungrateful welfare junkies, but that deal, you’ll have noticed, is never on the table.

Shame on Rudy Giuliani and the other politicians and bureaucrats who chided the New York cops who turned their backs on Mayor De Blasio at the funerals of the two assassinated police officers. They weren’t showing disrespect to their two fallen comrades or to their families, and we all knew it. In fact, I was reminded of the All Star baseball game in St. Louis a few years back when Obama figured he wouldn’t be booed if he rode out onto the field in a convertible seated next to Cardinal legend Stan “The Man” Musial. It helped some, but he still got razzed because the Cardinal fans, Mr. Musial and the rest of us, all knew for whom the booing was intended.

Finally, I’m going to have to work on my timing. For years, Harry Reid took great pride in pushing ObamaCare down our throats and preventing any Republican legislation bound to embarrass his Senate colleagues or the president from even reaching the Senate floor. It took a while before I began hoping and praying that the schmuck would wind up in the hospital with broken bones and a concussion.

It finally happened, but only after the midterm elections had transformed Reid from being the second most powerful man in Washington into just another cranky old geezer from an inconsequential state that was put on the map by mobster Bugsy Siegel.

Now I’m targeting John Boehner in my prayers. Let’s see how long his luck holds out.

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