Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Bibi For President" and "A Fruit Loopy President"

I wonder how many million Americans were fantasizing Netanyahu in the Oval Office as he spoke sense from the same podium used by Obama to spew left-wing baby talk just six weeks earlier.

Besides the content of their remarks, the major difference is that Obama spoke to a full house, whereas Netanyahu addressed a chamber from which a great many Democrats and one Republican pinhead, Walter Jones of North Carolina, had excused themselves. The absentees included Joe Biden, Sens. Al Franken (MN), Elizabeth Warren (MA), Tim Caine (VA), Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders (VT), Martin Heinrich (NMex), Steve Cohen (TN), Brian Schatz (HI), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI); nearly the entire Congressional Black Caucus (although Charley Rangel at the last minute decided to attend); and the two Muslim members of the House, Andre Carson (Ind) and Keith Ellison (MN).

The reason these meatheads gave for not attending mainly centered on a so-called violation of so-called protocol (Netanyahu and Boehner didn’t clear the speech with Obama), although Congress is an equal and separate arm of the federal government.

When I heard that protocol was being used as an excuse, I was reminded that in 2014, when Obama was showing French President Francois Hollande around Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia, Obama suddenly decided to take a stroll around the grounds. When told that was not protocol, he replied, “That’s the good thing about being President. I can do whatever I want.”

The rumble heard in response certainly didn’t come from the members of the butt-kissing press corps, but from the ghost of Jefferson, who said, “The hell you can!”

But, as they’ve shown in the past, Obama’s flying monkeys in Congress apparently put more stock in what Obama says than in what Jefferson and his fellow patriots intended when they created this great nation. On balance, whatever spin the politicians use to explain their absence, their actions showed that they were far more concerned with Obama’s bruised feelings than with Israel’s survival.

As for Obama, his behavior towards Israel’s Prime Minister bears out Eric Hoffer’s contention that “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

In the aftermath of what is possibly the most important speech of our lifetime, Nancy Pelosi claimed Netanyahu “had insulted the intelligence of Americans.” It struck me that Pelosi commenting on intelligence is rather like a blind person being engaged as an art critic.

In a related matter, something that’s been preying on my mind is why John Kerry seems so hell-bent on being known as the 21st century’s answer to Neville Chamberlin. You would think that even someone as obviously stupid as the Secretary of State would understand that giving Iran the benefit of the doubt is like giving Hitler or a rabid dog the benefit of the doubt.

After I wrote a piece questioning Obama’s claims to being a Christian and a patriot, a friend sent me an email that pointed out that the vile “50 Shades of Gray” portrays a love affair in which the dominant man expresses his love for the submissive woman through beatings, humiliations, degradation and abuse. I suppose one could claim that is how Obama expresses his love for America.

Politicians are sold to us the same way that we’re sold beer, pretzels and toothpaste. The trouble, though, is that if Obama were a car, we could prove that he’s a lemon and get the dealer to make an exchange. If Obama were a household product, we might even be able to get double our money back. But when the buyers are as ill-informed and misinformed as the majority of the electorate twice proved themselves to be, we get stuck with the schmuck for eight interminable years.

Whether or not Obama is a Muslim, he reminds me of the savages in the Middle East who take sledge hammers to ancient art and holy relics. The difference is that Obama is the greater vandal because he relishes in destroying the Constitution and all the values and traditions it represents.

As for Obama’s claims to being a Christian, the proof seems to rest on his having attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years. But, despite its name, it wasn’t a church dedicated to spreading the words of Christ, but of Black Liberation Theology. The irony of its name is that its followers are not even close to being liberated. Instead, they subscribe to victimhood and are shackled to the Democrats, the party of the plantation owners that gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, Orville Faubus, George Wallace, Robert Byrd, Bull Connors and the modern minstrel show known as the Congressional Black Caucus.

Philosopher Emile Chartier once observed that “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it’s the only one you have.”

Proof of that subtle thought can be found in Obama, who based his entire presidency on the notion that it was his calling to radically transform America. But it can also be seen at election time when millions of homosexuals base their collective vote on something as essentially inconsequential as same-sex marriage or when young women vote based on nothing other than the issue of abortions on demand.

When you consider that they are thereby ignoring such matters as employment, the economy, national security, radical Islam, the tax rate, education, energy independence, privacy, the Second Amendment, border control and the survival of Israel, you should understand that your own votes are being canceled out by the votes of childish ignoramuses -- many of whom you not only raised but are still supporting!


When Barack Obama, who refuses to face tough questions from anyone, agreed to be interviewed by Glozell Green, whose major claim to fame is that she once got into a bathtub filled with milk and Fruit Loops and began eating her breakfast cereal, some people said it was beneath the dignity of the office.

I really wish I could agree, but the truth is that there’s nothing beneath this man’s dignity. He will lie about anything. He will overlook Islamic terrorism by refusing to say the word “Islamic” and is even reluctant to refer to the burning and beheading of human beings as “terrorism.”

But, then, this is the same mug who refused to identify the Jews murdered in Paris as Jewish. Then, in spite of the fact that they were shopping at a kosher market and had their corpses transported to Israel for burial, dismissed their deaths as random acts of violence.

It was once again Obama being Obama when he refused to identify the 21 migrant laborers ISIS beheaded in Libya as Coptic Christians, referring to them merely as Egyptians, as if their religion had nothing to do with their executions.

Brian Williams was caught telling a few relatively harmless, self-flattering, lies and it will probably cost him his career. But Obama lies on a daily basis, and just about every media outlet, every Democrat in Congress and every spokesperson for the administration, either parrots his lies or takes the time to patiently explain what he really meant.

So, sounding very much like Obama, State Department hand puppet Marie Harf explained that the reason ISIS is creating so much havoc in the Middle East is because there aren’t enough jobs to go around. She didn’t explain why if it all has to do with jobs, there aren’t mass killings in America. After all, in spite of an official 5.6% unemployment rate, we all know that if people simply stop looking for jobs, they don’t get counted; otherwise the rate would be hovering around 10 or 11 percent. Also, if someone with an engineering degree takes a job flipping burgers, he is counted among the gainfully employed, even if he’s only flipping them 29 hours-a-week.

Therefore, there must be an entirely different reason why the chronically unemployed are committing acts of barbarism in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, but not in Utah, West Virginia or Iowa, and as much as Obama and Ms. Harf would like to pretend Islam has nothing to do with it, everyone else, including Muslims, knows better.

With a straight face Ms. Harf says, “The U.S. can’t win this war by killing ISIS terrorists, but instead should work to build up regional economies so they can have job opportunities.”

Actually, Ms. Harf, the U.S. could win this particular war in about a week if Obama would only wage it. Besides, what jobs have these vermin shown they could hold? One might think they could be butchers, except there’s far more to the job than beheading or barbecuing an innocent animal.

My own question is whether when people sign up for our military these days, is it with the assurance that they will never be called upon to engage the enemy? And when they’re handed footwear, is it with a guarantee that their boots will never touch the ground in a war zone?

Lest you get the idea that all of America’s woes and embarrassments can be laid at the feet of the scoundrels and psychopaths in Washington, many female college students in Massachusetts are connecting via with sugar daddies. In exchange for having their college tuition paid, these young women are offering their sexual favors. One can imagine the mixed feelings of those parents receiving phone calls from their daughters telling them that they’ve made other arrangements for the coming semester, so taking out that second mortgage won’t really be necessary.

In her new book, “What If…A Lifetime of Questions, Speculations, Reasonable Guesses and A Few Things I Know for Sure,” Shirley MacLaine writes that Holocaust victims simply had bad karma, but she neglects to say if that’s a speculation, a guess or one of those things she knows for sure.

She blames their winding up in Hitler’s ovens on crimes or sins they committed in their past lives. She also suggests that Stephen Hawking subconsciously caused himself to develop ALS as a way to free his mind so he could better concentrate on science.

She also believes that in a past life she was an orphan raised by elephants.

Just when people were finally forgetting what an incredible flake she’s been in the past, Shirley has to go and write another book to remind us. And no fair blaming how the ditz turned out on those elephants.

Finally, in England, thanks to excessive boozing in the departure lounges, “air rage” incidents -- bomb threats, smoking in the toilets, assaults on crew members -- have tripled since 2012.

I can understand people doing anything in their power to help them get through the discomfort of flying -- a nightmare that includes standing in endless serpentine security lines, having your shampoo and razor confiscated, being patted down by unattractive strangers and then sitting for several hours in seats that are nearly as small as those you last sat on in the first grade.

But bad as all that is, being whisked off a plane in cuffs is even worse. And, unfortunately, you can’t beat the rap by explaining that you had a designated pilot.

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