Friday, March 20, 2015

Hillary & Other Ignoramuses

Ibelieve I understand why Hillary hates the media. It’s because they keep writing the truth about her. Even the NY Times, as left-wing as it is and always has been (let us never forget that Walter Duranty won the 1931 Pulitzer Prize for filing news stories about Joseph Stalin that read like love poems), couldn’t refrain from breaking the news that during the four years she was Secretary of State, she used her personal email and owned her own server.

What she did was illegal, immoral, unethical and probably fattening, but probably no more so than the Clinton Foundation sucking in millions of dollars in foreign bribes while Hillary busied herself sightseeing on the taxpayers’ dime, lying about Benghazi and pushing the reset button with Russia.

When asked about Hillary’s using an unsecured email account, Obama, who had swapped countless communiques with Hillary, claimed he was unaware of the brewing scandal until he read about it in the newspaper. At the same time, the chap who has kept his birth certificate, his school transcript, his travel visas and his early sex life, under lock and key, insists he is as transparent as glass. Maybe, if he happens to be referring to stained glass.

We have had some mediocre presidents and some really lousy ones. But never has the White House been occupied by a person as loathsome as Obama. Not only is he wrong on every single issue, but, by word and deed, constantly displays his contempt for America, its values, its traditions and its Constitution. He tells so many fibs that you can hardly tell if it’s for a specific reason or merely out of habit. The putz lies like a rug, and a Persian one at that.

Still, all Hillary has to do is show up at a convention of Emily’s List, where merely possessing a vagina trumps intelligence, honesty and character, tromp on stage and, in that smugly shrill tone that makes my ears bleed, say, “Don’t you someday want to see a woman be president of the United States?” to elicit a standing ovation.

Well, to be fair, it takes more than having a vagina to make this group climax. It actually has to belong to a left-winger; otherwise it rates no better than one of those damn penises.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all having a woman in the Oval Office, so long as she’s in the tradition of Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher, and not reminiscent of Evita Peron or Imelda Marcos.

The fact that a majority of Americans believe that race relations have only gotten worse since Obama and Eric Holder took over the White House and the Department of Justice is a given. But what is inexcusable is that there are white cops in Ferguson who are so stupid, they send tweets and email to one another in which they express their hatred of all blacks. Racism aside, how damn stupid do you have to be in 2015, when everything is recorded or videoed, to engage in such messaging? And by everything, I mean everything except high security memos sent to or from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And, taking a page from the lunkheads in Ferguson, we now have a video of University of Oklahoma SAE fraternity members chanting some little ditty about lynching blacks. Who are these morons and who do they think will respond favorably to their disgusting behavior? By all rights, it should be an embarrassment to everyone, whatever their race, but for some peculiar reason these louts saw fit to immortalize the occasion with a video camera.

This in no way excuses the fact that young blacks are so screwed up they think it makes sense to take every opportunity to show their hatred of cops by confronting them verbally or physically. Instead of having professional racists like Obama, Holder and Al Sharpton, constantly telling them that they’re victims of white society, it would be a welcome change if they started suggesting that young black males learn to comply with legal orders. I can only assume that the young thugs regard cooperating with cops as an affront to their machismo, but they would do well to acknowledge at some point that the cops belong to a bigger, tougher and better-armed gang than they do.

Frankly, listening to young blacks, who have been the recipients of everything from Operation Head Start to affirmative action and welfare payments all their lives, going on about being oppressed is getting really tiresome.

Slavery ended 150 years ago. In some parts of the country, Jim Crow laws continued on, but even all that ended 50 years ago. That was long before Michael Brown and the phony “hands-up-don’t-shoot” narrative was concocted.

If I were a young black, it would humiliate me that Chinese coolies were not only imported to work laying railroad tracks in the 19th century and then sent to rot in San Francisco ghettos, but that, as recently as 70 years ago, Japanese Americans were uprooted from their homes and farms, and shipped off to concentration camps for the duration of WWII, but look at them all now! For the most part, their descendants, instead of basing their lives on past grievances, are productive members of society who never riot, but, instead, get an education, get married, earn a living and raise their children in two-parent homes.

Sen. Tom Cotton and 46 other Republicans sent a letter to Iran, letting the Ayatollah Khomeini know that a deal signed by Obama, but lacking the approval of Congress, wouldn’t be binding on the next president. My question is why didn’t 54 Republican senators sign it? Or in other words, why is it that a Democratic majority in the House or Senate means something and that a Republican majority means next to nothing?

But that’s not to be taken as an endorsement of the Democrats. Why didn’t any of those who attended Netanyahu’s historical speech and gave him standing ovations sign the letter? And why, when Obama’s policies have cost their party 14 Senate seats and more than 70 seats in the House over the past three elections, do they insist on keeping their collective lips locked to his royal heinie?

I have no way of knowing if Sen. Robert Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a wealthy Florida ophthalmologist, is entirely kosher. In fact, whenever I hear about a politician having a millionaire as his best friend, my antennas go up of their own volition. However, I’d bet more than I can afford to lose that Obama and Holder would not have sicced the Justice Department on Menendez (D-NJ) if he weren’t such a vocal opponent of Obama’s policies regarding Cuba and Iran.

For exhibiting political courage in a venue where courage is as rare as a pork chop in Saudi Arabia , I am hereby willing, even eager, to trade the Democrats three Republicans -- say Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch -- for Menendez and a player to be named later.

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