Monday, March 16, 2015

Obama's World & Welcome to It

In the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress and the American people, Obama said he heard nothing new. Proving that his ears, in spite of their humongous size, don’t work too well, he also said that Israel’s prime minister was calling for war. Unlike Obama, I, who watched and listened to the entire speech, heard Netanyahu call for additional sanctions. I also heard him voice what every sane American believes -- that a bad deal is far, far worse than no deal with the theocratic gangsters in Tehran.

Isn’t it peculiar that it was the original sanctions, which Obama opposed, that got Iran to the negotiating table in the first place, yet Obama fears that the mere threat of additional sanctions will drive Iran away? Just where does he think they’ll go? With an economy in tatters, thanks to the free fall in oil prices, the mullahs are at greater risk of a revolution than they’ve been since the uprising in 2009. It was an uprising, by the way, which might have even led to a change of regime if only the wimp-in-chief had taken advantage of the moment to show support for the freedom-starved Iranians.

We are told that the emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. With the world now going up in flames, it seems our own Nero is out golfing.

During the endless analysis of Netanyahu’s remarks, I kept hearing that he didn’t ask for our military assistance and that Israel, in its 67 year history, never has, as if that’s a good thing. Why shouldn’t we fight for and alongside Israel? After all, we’ve taken up arms to protect Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and not one of those places is an American ally. Furthermore, thanks to NATO, we would do the same for Poland, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Albania and Greece. And thanks to SEATO, we would go to bat for France, Bangladesh and the Philippines. When you get right down to it, Israel is just about the only place on earth where we wouldn’t get involved. That makes no sense, either morally or militarily.

Proving that women can be every bit as rude and arrogant as men, Nancy Pelosi made a point of turning her back on Netanyahu during his speech. But rather than be offended, I’m betting that under his breath, Netanyahu muttered, “Thank you, God.”

Someone sent me a cartoon recently which showed Obama standing at a podium and announcing: “You have my word…if you like your Constitution, you can keep your Constitution.”

But it might just as easily have been Eric Holder saying those words. He is without doubt the most repulsive individual to have ever been at the helm of the Justice Department. Now, as a parting shot as he leaves the post, he has decided that the police department in Ferguson, MO, is racist. Boy, talk about your pot calling the kettle names!

Holder based his conclusion on the fact that the Ferguson cops arrest more blacks and that black motorists are far more likely to face traffic stops than white drivers. It’s bad enough when people like Holder, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, play that particular race card while ignoring the statistical fact that blacks commit violent crimes at a far greater rate than other groups. But it is particularly galling in this case because a bit of research on my part disclosed that Ferguson has a population of 21,203, of whom 14,297 are black. Of the remaining 6,906, 6,206 are white, with the other 700 divided among Asians, American Indians, Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

Even Holder shouldn’t be too surprised that in a town where they constitute two-thirds of the population, blacks will just naturally have more interactions with cops than will Native Americans, Asians, white people and Martians.

Speaking of which, Jason Riley, an editorial board member of the Wall Street Journal and frequent Fox panelist, recently gave a speech at Hillsdale College on the subject of race relations and law enforcement. Among the facts spelled out by Riley, a black man, is that the black crime rate has risen exponentially in the years since the Great Society gave us the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, not to mention affirmative action.

What’s more, although we are constantly being told that it’s all because of drug-related crimes that our prisons are teeming with young black men, Riley points out that blacks, who constitute a mere 13% of the nation’s population, represent 37.5% of our prison population, and that if you dismiss drug-related crimes, that number would only drop to 37%.

Yet another inconvenient truth is that police officers, whether black or white, are six times more likely to be killed by a young black man than the other way around.

The latest stink bomb tossed at the cops took place here in L.A. when a bum on Skid Row took umbrage at a police order, grabbed for the cop’s gun, and was killed for his troubles. Skid Row is what passes for an insane asylum here in Jerry Brown’s California. Thanks to a limited budget in spite of record high state taxes, we allow our crazies to wander freely. In fact, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., the homeless are allowed to sleep on our downtown streets. What they’re expected to do between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. is anybody’s guess. But if they happen to get into trouble with the law and grab for a cop’s gun, you can count on the L.A. Times and the ACLU to make a federal case out of it.

Inasmuch as this particular bum was a black man, I assume that Loretta Lynch, who it appears will be the next Attorney General, will call for an immediate investigation of the LAPD’s race policies; even though since 2000, there have only been 12 fatal shootings by the department, and not all of those involved black suspects.

Heck, when you consider L.A. drivers, graffiti “artists” and the morons who insist on blasting their car horns as they drive through our tunnels, I’m sorely tempted to shoot that many on a typical weekend.

Speaking of murders, Vladimir Putin’s most severe critic, Boris Nemtsov, was recently shot dead in the streets of Moscow. In the famous words of O.J. Simpson, Putin has vowed to get to the bottom of it. In fact, when O.J. gets out of prison in a few years, perhaps he could don his deerstalker cap and join in the search.

Finally, I am still hoping that some court somewhere can put the kibosh on the FCC’s decision to allow the federal government to regulate the internet. Not since the voters decided to give Obama an additional four years in which to destroy America has there been a more catastrophic brain freeze.

Putting the federal bureaucrats in charge of the internet is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop or the bull in charge of the china shop.

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