Friday, March 13, 2015

The Evils of Neutrality

Recently, the FCC passed what is basically a nullification of the 1st Amendment. What’s more, they passed it along party lines, three Democrats out-voting two Republicans. Also, they did it secretly, which is pretty much the way that everything is done under Obama.

Naturally, they misnamed it Net Neutrality just as they did with the Affordable Care Act. Neutrality is the go-to word for villains because it sounds fair and objective. But keep in mind that during WWII, it was Switzerland that claimed neutrality. That enabled it to avoid invasion while, at the same time, profit from the confiscation of money and art treasures by the Nazis.

If I’d known nothing else about the ruling, I would have known which side I favored once I received an email from the Writers Guild of America cheering the decision. My Guild claims that writers will profit from having the feds overseeing the internet, but, then, the WGA, which is to the left of Juan Williams, champions everything that Obama says and does. What confounds me is that those idiots who view an all-powerful federal government as a force for good never seem to consider the possible consequences of a Republican president calling the shots.

On the other hand, when I see how feckless the GOP leadership is, I can better understand why liberals are so complacent. For instance, when Harry Reid got tired of Republican intransigence in the Senate, he simply did away with filibusters, thus allowing the Democrats to seat bureaucrats and judges with a simple majority vote. When McConnell found himself facing filibusters from the opposition, he never even considered the so-called nuclear option to ensure that the House bill tying Homeland Security to Obama’s unlawful amnesty reached the Oval Office. How better to force Obama to sign it or let the world know that he regarded amnesty to be more important than national defense?

Americans went crazy over a deflated football used in a playoff game, but McConnell not only allows Obama to determine the size of ball used, but the dimensions of the field, the officials and even decide how the game is scored.

At the recent CPAC convention, Rand Paul once again won the straw vote with 25% to Scott Walker’s 21%. Like his father before him, Sen Paul has discovered the way to win these votes is to bus in hundreds of young, enthusiastic and generally uninformed, supporters. Again, like his loopy father, he will never win a GOP state primary, and I shudder at the realization that he, whose nickname should be “The Smirker,” will never stop running.

What did surprise me is that Carly Fiorina fared so poorly at the convention that she even managed to run behind Jeb Bush. For merely pointing out, in the best line at the event, that as CEO of Hewitt-Packard, she had flown a great many miles, but that, unlike Hillary, “I understand that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment,” she deserved to run ahead of Trump, Santorum and Bush.

Speaking of which, why the heck is it that the list of CPAC speakers always includes Donald Trump? If comic relief is called for, consider inviting Jimmy Fallon or Jay Leno next year. After all, they are also not running for president.

There is evidence that in 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet seriously considered staging a preemptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities until Obama threatened that American jets would prevent it from happening.

I suppose in a weird way, it’s reassuring to know that Obama would use the U.S. military for something other than combating Ebola in West Africa, and not the least bit surprising that he would threaten an ally in a way he has refused to threaten our enemies in Syria, Iran or Yemen.

I realize that every Republican politician lives in dread of a government shutdown because the corrupt media will inevitably lay the blame at the feet of the GOP. My response is two-fold. One: Put on your big boy pants. The media is always against you. If they’re not, you’re doing something wrong. My immediate advice is to stop subscribing to the NY Times. The real power the media has is the ability to bluff you dummies out of your shoes, not to mention your convictions.

Two: You don’t have to spend all your time in reality, but it’s important to pay it a visit once in a while. The last government shutdown took place in October, 2013. Thirteen months later, you guys took control of the Senate and added to your majority in the House. The public at large has the attention span of a flea. So learn not to cave every damn time the liberals threaten to huff and puff and blow your house down.

Finally, oppose Obama every chance you get. That’s why you were elected, whether you’re in or out of the Tea Party. No matter what you hear on MSNBC, the creature in the Oval Office is not a universally beloved figure. Most Americans don’t even like him. They know he regards America with something approaching contempt.

Some people think Obama’s a Muslim, and that’s why he’s always bending figuratively and sometimes literally to our sworn enemies. Some people believe he’s a Christian, even though he doesn’t attend church, read the Bible or share the typical Christian’s concern for Israel’s survival.

Still, even among that latter group, there are many who wonder what sort of Christian could attend a church for 20 years where the sermons often involved blasphemous attacks on America, and where 9/11 was justified as a case of America’s finally getting its comeuppance.

That’s why it was predictable that his choice to head up the Office of International Religious Freedom was Rabbi David Saperstein. After leaving the position open for years, Obama decided to fill it with a Jew in order to balance all the Muslims, starting with Valerie Jarrett, with whom he has surrounded himself.

But Saperstein is a RINO (a rabbi in name only), and was formerly the head of both Rabbis for Obama and the Religious Action Center, which has nothing at all to do with religion. It is a leftist advocacy group that promotes gun control, ObamaCare, gay marriage, affirmative action and abortions on demand.

Making the circle complete, the rabbi’s wife is Ellen Weiss, who for years ran the anti-Israel program, “All Things Considered,” on National Public Radio. With Jews like Saperstein and Weiss around, Israel will never want for enemies.

Finally, feeling as I do that most professional critics, especially when it comes to such ethereal matters as art, music and dance, are essentially con men in possession of press credentials, I was delighted when I read that actor-singer Martin Mull once observed that “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”

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