Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Deciphering the News

It is still a year and a half until we elect the next president, but if there is one message I would like to convey to every Republican candidate, it is to stop worrying about what the liberal media says about you.

I know that is asking the near-impossible because every last one of the schlimiels insists on reading the NY Times and the Washington Post every morning, and assumes that everybody else in the country has the same nasty habit. But consider that both papers are the equivalent of Tass and Pravda, but instead of being propagandists for Stalin and the Russian Comintern, they carry the water for the Democrats.

In spite of a corrupt media, the Republicans have won the lion’s share of Senate, House and gubernatorial, elections over the past five years. What’s more, in spite of all the sky-is-falling alarms after the government shutdown in October, 2013, a scant 13 months later, the GOP added nine Senate seats and another dozen in the House.

As Newt Gingrich has shown in the past, confronting the media can be a winning tactic for a Republican. The problem for Gingrich was that he overdid it, and then had nothing else to fall back on, or to serve as a counterweight to all his bilious personal baggage.

One way to look at all of the extensions in the negotiating talks with Iran, is that they are -- like all the earlier red lines in the sand -- drawn in Obama’s favorite brand of invisible ink. A second possibility is that Obama simply prefers keeping the horse-faced Kerry out of his sight line.

One remaining mystery is who managed to convince Kerry that it’s a tradition to pack a gnome whenever traveling to Switzerland, and the only one at hand was Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, the long-haired midget constantly seated to Kerry’s left at the table in Lausanne. I have no idea what the Iranians make of Moniz. But if he’s not the mascot, but is actually a member of our negotiating team, they would logically assume they have nothing to worry about.

Back in Indiana, it’s God-fearing Christians who are being bullied, as usual. Just like jihadists, homosexuals are always at their best attacking soft targets. For instance, here in California, when Proposition 8, which declared marriage to be the union of one man and one woman, was on the ballot, the breakdown among white voters was roughly 50-50, and it was only because an overwhelming percentage of blacks voted for it that it passed.

In the aftermath, however, gays displayed their rage by demonstrating at white churches because they knew that if they started trouble at black churches, the congregants would hand them their heads on a platter.

So it is in Indiana. Because the legislature dared to suggest that observant Christians at least had a legal basis for refusing to offer their wares and services for same-sex weddings, the gays and their hypocritical supporters lowered the boom on the Hoosier state.

Now if it were a Muslim merchant refusing to sell the gays a wedding cake or objecting to cater an Easter dinner, do you think for a second the gays would dare take to the barricades?

For that matter, the gays welcomed corporations such as Apple and Walmart to the free-for-all, even though they both do an enormous amount of business in countries where being a homosexual means imprisonment or death.

Then there was Gov. Andrew Cuomo showing his solidarity with gays by announcing that no New York state employee would be allowed to visit Indiana on official business. In the meantime, this paragon of virtue was taking off for Cuba, where homosexuality is a felony. But, then, when hasn’t a Democrat preferred Communist despots to Republican governors?

But consistency is never required of those on the Left. So in spite of the fact that the late Sen. Robert Packwood was notorious for groping his female staffers, he continued to be supported by the ladies of NOW for no other reason than that he could be relied on to vote for federal funding for abortions.

Today, we have Hillary Clinton receiving standing ovations from the bimbos at Emily’s List, even though everyone knows that the Clinton Foundation constantly accepts contributions (bribes) from any number of nations that abuse women in the name of Islam.

Speaking of bimbos, when Patricia Arquette took the opportunity at the Oscars to condemn Hollywood for paying actresses less than actors, every woman at the Kodak Theater gave her a standing ovation. So I decided to do a little research.

It seems that until the late 1930s, five or six of the 10 biggest grossing stars each year were female. As a result, actresses such as Mary Pickford, Joan Crawford, Marie Dressler, Norma Shearer, Janet Gaynor, Ruby Keeler, Shirley Temple and Greta Garbo, were among the best-paid stars in Hollywood.

But actors then began to dominate at the box office with the likes of John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Alan Ladd, William Powell, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope, Marlon Brando, Bing Crosby, Tyrone Power, William Holden, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood, and they kept dominating.

There are occasionally actresses who show up among the top 10 box office champs – people like Betty Grable, Barbra Streisand, Demi Moore, Sandra Dee, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, Susan Hayward, Jane Fonda, Julie Andrews, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Sondra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie – but they don’t often stay there for more than a few years. And in some years, such as 1957, 1983 and 2006-2007, there wasn’t a single actress among the top 10 moneymakers.

But that didn’t stop the ladies from getting up on their hind legs and applauding the drivel uttered by Ms. Arquette, who would have you believe that Hollywood is run by misogynists who care less about making money than they do with keeping women in their place.

As you must have heard, for no other reason than that he parted company with Obama over Cuba and Iran, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has been indicted on a bunch of cocked-up corruption charges. I have no doubt that he will eventually be exonerated, but by that time, like Alaska’s late Sen. Ted Stevens, who underwent an equally outrageous persecution, his political career will be left in tatters.

When Harry Reid was recently asked if he regretted lying in 2012 about Mitt Romney’s not paying twelve years of taxes, he shrugged, smirked and said, “Well, he didn’t win, did he?” Not a nice way for one Mormon to treat another.

The voters in Nevada must be equally proud of themselves. After all, they spent 30 years electing and re-electing the lap dog of unions and casino owners. In his younger days, I’m reminded, Harry was an amateur boxer. One has to suspect that even then, his fighting style relied on kidney punches and low blows.

As the saga over Mrs. Clinton’s vanishing emails continues, I find myself wondering where are Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden when you really need them?

Finally, a news flash: Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem, have been nuked. In other news, John Kerry says he feels confident that negotiations with Iran “are headed in the right direction.”

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