Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Nation of Illegals

Living in California as I do, I have long been aware of the myriad of problems that illegal aliens (aka undocumented immigrants; hard-working people who do the jobs Americans won’t do; future Democrats) bring with them. But until I read a speech delivered by Heather MacDonald, a Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, my knowledge barely scratched the surface.

For instance, under the Secure Communities program, when an illegal alien is booked into a local jail, an automatic alert is sent to the folks at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), so that ICE agents can pick him up and start deportation proceedings. Although I have a problem with deportation, which only sticks a criminal across a line in the sand at the border, and would prefer to see him jailed, there are about 300 jurisdictions, including New York and California, that refuse to cooperate.

But even without these so-called sanctuary cities and states, in 2012, 400,000 illegal aliens were arrested, but only 19% of them were deported, while half of the 81% who were not exiled soon committed another crime.

The reason that the problem has only gotten worse in the decades since Reagan got gulled by the Democrats into signing the amnesty in the mid-80s is because the various presidents and Congress had no real stake in the outcome. The Democrats saw illegal aliens as millions of potential votes, while Republicans, representing farm and other business interests, saw a constant flow of cheap labor. It’s only society at large that pays the price of being flooded with low-skilled, basically illiterate, foreigners. The fact that we continue to offer citizenship to babies born on our turf to people who have no business being here merely compounds the problem, and makes a mockery of what citizenship is supposed to mean. It’s worth noting that these babies, innocent though they are, happen to be the only people in America allowed to directly benefit from the commission of a crime.

Something I was unaware of was that the majority of those identified as “long term English learners,” or, in other words, people who don’t know how to speak our language were born in the United States. In fact, according to Ms. MacDonald, 30% of the long-termers in the nation are third generation Americans.

In the past, whether parents originally came over from Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Egypt or Argentina, their children, let alone their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, were becoming doctors, judges, lawyers, accountants, architects, police officers and scientists. But even the slow learners quickly learned the difference between “is,” “are” and “were.”

We are still welcoming educated foreigners. Unfortunately, they tend to be technical workers being brought over from India by the likes of Silicon Valley and Disney in order to undercut the wages of Americans already doing the job.

As you may have noticed, the liberals are looking to have it both ways when it comes to the rioters in the big cities. So far as schmucks like Obama and Sharpton are concerned, the vandals are expressing long-time grievances against a racist society. But when Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake decides to defend her order to the city’s cops to stand down while the thugs burned homes, cars and businesses, it was because they were just a bunch of high school kids with a smattering of outside agitators.

If those are the troublemakers, stop talking about underlying causes and longstanding resentments. Then it all comes down to young jackasses who just enjoy burning and breaking things, and anarchists, who also enjoy burning and breaking things.

Let us remember that when it came to granting suffrage to 18-year-olds, liberals told us that if they were old enough to go to war, they were old enough to vote. At the time, I granted that was a good argument for allowing young soldiers to vote, but it fell apart when applied to those still living at home and collecting a weekly allowance. Likewise, as a defense for vandalism, it fails to hold water. If you’re old enough to be running loose in the streets without parental supervision, you’re old enough to pay the consequences. And when you’re a Balti-moron destroying the lives of your elders, the consequences should involve jail time and just possibly getting your head conked by a billy club.

In other news, I’m getting annoyed with all the controversy over the means by which murderers are sent off to meet their Maker. The way the louts have gone from opposing electric chairs and hangings to firing squads and chemical cocktails, you would think they were all residing on Death Row. The truth is that those opposed to executing the vilest members of the human race will never be satisfied.

In the beginning, those who objected to lawful executions based their objection on the misinterpretation of the Commandment against killing, arguing that the State has no more right to kill than the individual. When people started to catch on that the actual translation from the Hebrew prohibits murder, not state-authorized executions, the self-righteous busybodies had to change their tactics. They then made it their mission to make executions such a rarity that they could then trade on the use of the word “unusual,” as it appears in the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition of “cruel and unusual punishment.”

About 10 years ago, when many of the same people argued that Terri Schiavo should be taken off life support, they insisted, as if they knew, that being deprived of food and water wouldn’t cause the 41 year old woman to experience the least bit of pain. I admit I was skeptical at the time, no matter Mrs. Schiavo’s cognitive state, but if starvation is agreeable to the other side, I am more than willing to deprive the sadists and serial killers on Death Row of food and drink for as long as it takes.

Because, I confess, providing the monsters with a painless death is the least of my concerns, I would prefer to make them listen to Obama’s six State of the Union addresses. Unless I miss my guess, by the middle of number four, they’ll be begging for the noose or even for Old Sparky.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the so-called Independent from Vermont, who hasn’t had an opinion in 70 years that wasn’t in line with either the DNC or the Communist Party of the United States, launched his presidential campaign by attacking the big money in American politics.

Predictably, the man who has spent his entire political career living up to his initials only mentioned the Koch brothers. Not a word about George Soros, Tom Steyer or the Clintons.

As for the Kochs, in their pathetic attempt to prove they’re not the heartless ogres Harry Reid has labeled them, they have decided they will no longer ask potential employees if they have criminal records. In a nation in which 40% of the adults lack fulltime employment, and a majority of them lack a rap sheet, is that the best that these two titans of conservatism can do?

Is it any wonder that liberals are going to keep booting us in the rump as long as rich dopes like Mrs. Koch’s little boys, Charles and David, are going to walk around with “Kick Me” signs on their backs?

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