Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baltimore & Beyond

Afew readers have taken me to task for blaming Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of Maryland, along with Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, for not allowing the National Guard to prevent the mob from committing arson, vandalism and theft. I was aware that it was the mayor’s order for the Guard to stand down and to allow the thugs to destroy other people’s property without fear of confrontation.

However, what I can’t accept is that Gov. Hogan didn’t have the authority to go over her pointy head. After all, it’s the Maryland National Guard, not the Baltimore National Guard. If he currently lacks the authority, he should make certain he gets it because I can guarantee that he’ll need it sooner or later. And if justice manages to prevail and the six cops go free, it will be sooner.

It wasn’t that long ago that just about everyone shared the same attitude when it came to mobs. But ever since urban blacks and Muslims have taken on this aura of sainthood, more and more people seem reluctant to speak honestly about their multitude of sins and failings.

These days, the language police have even decided that “thugs” is code for “niggers.” (Sorry, folks, but I don’t engage in baby talk, and I regard using “the n-word” to be nothing more than political cowardice passing itself off as good manners. It’s just a word, after all, and so long as it’s not directed at an individual, it’s neither obscene nor insulting.)

Furthermore, “thugs” is not a synonym for blacks, unless, of course, they happen to be engaged in thuggish behavior. But as thuggery has become more and more the norm in the inner-cities of America, I’m afraid the word is here to stay.

One sidebar to the events in Baltimore is that Toya Graham, who warmed all our hearts by whacking the daylights out of her teenage son, would be facing child abuse charges if she had been a white woman, as white women and fathers all over America have discovered if they so much as gave their kid a well-deserved smack on his bottom.

Speaking of kids, there is now a group that is waging a campaign to give children, ages 5 to 12, the right to decide if they’re boys or girls, and by what name they wish to be called. This loony transgender fad has now moved into very dangerous territory. It’s one thing for a fool like Bruce Jenner to decide in his 60s that he’s dying to use the lady’s room and be called Jennie. But leaving it up to pre-pubescent kids to determine their own gender identity is lunacy raised to new heights. Imagine asking an eight-year-old tomboy, who envies boys their freedom to climb trees and play football, if she’d like to be a boy and be called Harry!

Moving on, I can’t get over how many pundits are taking aim at Pamela Geller, blaming her and not the Muslim converts for the jihadist attack in Garland, Texas. She wasn’t, after all, the one who showed up to massacre hundreds of Americans for no other reason than that they were exercising their First Amendment right – and I might add, God-given responsibility – to ridicule the schmucks sworn to kill us.

Voltaire famously said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” But in the wake of Muslims butchering those who display the appropriate contempt for the blood-thirsty pedophile who founded their religion, we see millions of our countrymen defending the Islamo-fascists right to alter the wording to read: “I disapprove of what you say, and I’ll cut out your tongue if you say it.”

Considering that the two freaks were killed and nobody else was harmed in Garland, I would like to see a series of sting operations take place around the country, gulling Islamists to show up at similar events, only to be greeted by a hail of police bullets.

My only regret is that the cartoon that won the $10,000 prize was not replicated on the front page of every newspaper in America. For one thing, it exemplifies the cowardice of the media. For another, unlike the childish scrawls published in France by Charlie Hebdo, Bosch Fawstin’s work was first-rate. It depicted a snarling Muhammad coming straight at you with his sword raised, but with the hands of the artist holding a pencil, putting the finishing touches on Muhammad’s robes. Muhammad is shouting “You can’t draw me!” with the cartoonist replying in a little dialogue balloon, “That’s why I draw you.”

It is worth noting that Mr. Fawstin is not only a fine artist, but he is a former Muslim.

We keep hearing about the sad plight of Iraqis and Syrians being forced to flee their homes in the wake of ISIS attacks. I, for one, will start worrying about them when the Islamic refugees stop tossing their Christian countrymen off the boats headed to Italy. Good luck to Italy having to deal with these savages.

A prerequisite for too many college students must be Liberal Logic 101. How else can they see millions of people sneaking into our country and degrading our sovereignty and still insist that it is our moral duty to not only unite these interlopers with the wives and children they left behind, but to feed, clothe, house and provide them with health care?

Now, like most conservatives, I believe in keeping families intact. But, unlike liberals or dunces like Jeb Bush, my approach would be to quickly return them to their loved ones…and to shoot them if they try it again.

When I recently wrote that it is inexcusable that the feds have never gone after such criminal enterprises as the Crips and the Bloods the way they went after the Mafia, a reader suggested it was because we can’t get blacks to infiltrate the gangs, either because of racial solidarity or fear of reprisal. To which I replied, “You could be right, except that a lot of the cases brought against the Mafia didn’t rely on law-abiding people testifying. They often built cases on the testimony of 'soldiers' who faced long prison terms and were plea-bargained into testifying against the mob bosses in order to save their own bacon.

“I suspect that just as Clinton pulled our troops out of Somalia because he didn’t want the 6 o’clock news to show our soldiers killing black people, our own cops, mayors and the Justice Department, don’t wish to be seen hauling hundreds of young blacks and Hispanics out of the hood and the barrio.”

Another reader took conservatives to task for raising conspiracy fears over the military drills known as Jade Helm 15 due to take place this summer in several southwest cities. I replied: “I am not a conspiracy nut, but even I can’t understand why these drills can’t take place on military bases. And while I don’t believe for a second that the U.S. military would ever betray the oath they took to defend the nation and the Constitution, after six years of Obama, Americans have every reason to regard paranoia as a perfectly rational state of mind."

To a reader who explained that he never goes to the movies because he can’t stand the liberal hypocrites who infest Hollywood, and refuses to spend his money and make them even richer than they already are, I wrote “If a movie is worthwhile, it’s worthwhile. Besides, even though Hollywood is full of self-important hypocrites, it is also full of hard-working conservative costumers, make-up artists, technicians and stuntmen, who despise the actors, writers, directors and producers, even more than you do because they actually have to work with them.”

Finally, when I look at the black barbarians who are constantly turning our cities into swamps and jungles, and the politicians and journalists who delight in defending them, I am reminded of my favorite bumper sticker: “We should have picked our own damn cotton!”

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