Monday, May 11, 2015

Do Black Lives Matter?

According to Democrats running for office, black lives matter a lot. The left-wing media wholeheartedly agrees. So far as conservatives are concerned, all human lives matter, including those on the brink of being born. In fact, it sometimes seems that the only people who don’t give a damn about black lives are other blacks. Otherwise, you would have to wonder why they are always shooting one another.

Because I often feel like one of the small number of columnists engaged in an honest dialogue – okay, more of a soliloquy – about race in America, and because I have opposed the presidential candidacy of not only Barack Obama, but Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson, I suspect that some people might label me a bigot.

I’m not, of course, but, then, that’s what bigots always say. However, in my defense, I would point out that whereas real bigots hate all blacks or all Jews or all Mormons, I can easily differentiate between people like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Jason Riley and the likes of Al Sharpton, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.

I recognize the gulf that exists between black couples who get an education, get married, raise their children and hold down jobs and those inner city hoodlums peddling drugs, rioting and burning down homes and businesses just for the hell of it.

Even for me, though, the confusion comes at election time, when 90-95% of all black Americans, the decent and the indecent, the productive and the parasitical, join forces to vote for all the plantation owners sporting a (D) after their names.

In Baltimore, we have a black mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who keeps denying she said that we all heard her say. Within a 24-hour span, she denied she told the police to stand down and that she also said, “Let them loot. It’s only property.”

Being dismissive of property damage is second nature to liberals, so long as it’s not their property. The irony is that a black woman uttered those words. After all, what is it but a form of slavery when you take away something that somebody else worked and paid for? Or, to be more specific, if I have to work, say, 15 hours to earn enough money to buy a TV set and someone breaks into my house and steals it, I call that slavery. It’s true he didn’t put me in chains or whip me, but he sure as heck made me work for him against my will.

When Mayor Rawlings-Blake got around to explaining why she wouldn’t even let the cops defend themselves against the creeps throwing bricks and bottles at them, she indicated it was because the mob mainly consisted of teenagers. My question is how do they really differ from the other slacker males in the community who go through life sponging off the taxpayer, and never expressing anything but contempt for all us suckers who keep them housed, clothed and fed, so that periodically they can take to the streets and riot on behalf of some good-for-nothing like Rodney King, Michael Brown or Eric Garner?

Speaking of which, is it just coincidental that those shot down in the line of duty by police officers are, nearly without exception, young black males avoiding arrest? I mean, if white cops were as bigoted as the race hustlers keep insisting, wouldn’t they once in a while shoot a black doctor, a black accountant or a black auto mechanic? Could it possibly be that those people never have occasion to run from the cops?

What’s more, isn’t it just possible that honest black men have as little to fear from the police as honest white men? Or at least honest white men who don’t happen to be conservatives living in Wisconsin. In case you missed the news because such things are of no interest to the mainstream media, a number of people in the state who supported Scott Walker have had their homes invaded by the cops.

As bad and as illegal as the invasions have been, what might be even worse is that the victims, whose only crime was donating money to Gov. Walker’s various campaigns, have been warned not to speak about these traumatic events, even to their lawyers. If the Justice Department didn’t have to answer to a thug named Obama, Loretta Lynch would devote her first month in office to indicting these Wisconsin prosecutors who seem to think that the job description includes behaving like a storm trooper. But, then, I have always said that lurking inside every liberal is a jack-booted Nazi screaming in German to be let out.

Of course when you check out the federal government, you can see where these prosecutorial cheese heads get their nutty ideas. For as you may have noticed, the feds have a lot to say when it comes to the things our children eat and drink, as well as the toys they play with; especially if those toys even slightly resemble guns. As the self-righteous bureaucrats keep telling us, their sole concern is the health and safety of the kids.

With boneheads like these running the education industry, it’s no surprise that if a youngster eats a pop tart in such a way that at some point it looks anything like a pistol – a strawberry-filled pistol, but a pistol nevertheless -- he will be suspended from school and perhaps be compelled to undergo psychological evaluation. However, if a few years earlier, his mother had aborted him, those same degenerates would have given her a pat on the back and offered to pick up the tab.

Therefore, is it any surprise that a question that’s been plaguing me lately is: How can anyone successfully diagnose dementia in an aging liberal? I mean, what’s the tipoff? Do they suddenly wake up one day in their seventies or eighties and start making sense?

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