Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Game Called On Account of Blackness

In Baltimore, an Orioles game was cancelled because black thugs were running wild, not only with impunity, but with the blessing of the black mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D), who said “We will give those who seek to destroy a safe place to do that.” This came the day after the crowd at the Sunday night baseball game had been kept on site for some time because the same creeps had been busy turning an American city into a jungle, as they invariably do, when the authorities fail to do what they’re paid to do.

I even understand their reluctance. It’s because those who depend on black unrest to move their leftwing agenda insist on pretending that these riots are civil rights demonstrations. After all, the flashpoint is invariably some black thug who gets shot for resisting arrest. Whether it’s Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown or Eric Garner, all that was required was that they submit to a legal order.

I admit that the case of Freddie Gray, who somehow got his spine severed while in police custody, smells a little different from the others. Still, the riot in Baltimore had nothing to do with his death, except as an excuse to get away with burning and looting. After all, in the 1960s, black people had a far better reason to be angry than they have today, but all the violence was committed by schmucks like Bull Connor and other southern white bullies.

But because the pictures of white cops turning dogs and fire hoses on those heroic black Americans are imbedded in our national consciousness even 50 years later, cops and mayors are scared to death of being seen treating urban scum the way they deserve to be treated.

And when you have people like Mayor Rawlings-Blake claim that she never spoke the words we all heard her speak and that, as with all politicians, her words were either misheard or taken out of context, you are reminded why people hold politicians in even greater contempt than they do looters and vandals.

But she wasn’t the only cowardly public official. The governor of Maryland put the National Guard on standby, and so they stood by while the local creeps put 15 cops in the hospital and burned cars and buildings, breaking up the predictable monotony of lives lived by those who never got an education or a job.

I know that people like Obama and his fellow Democrats, those who are most responsible for turning our cities into urban cesspools, blame it all on poverty. But the poverty, such as it is, only exists because most of these people never even complete high school. And they never complete high school, not because the teachers are bad or the schools are decrepit, but because they are being raised by single women who aren’t big enough, smart enough or motivated enough, to whip their butts for flushing their lives down the toilet.

After all, while the kids may never know the names of their biological fathers, what they do know is that welfare, which is provided by those very same white people they despise, will keep them in shelter, clothing and food, while anything they make through theft and drug dealing will provide those little extras they can’t live without, such as $125 sneakers, cell phones and cable TV.

In the meantime, the main concern of liberals is that the cops look too much like members of an occupation force. But when punks are raining bricks, bottles and Molotov cocktails, down on their heads, are the cops supposed to forego their helmets, shields and armored vehicles?

At least in Baltimore, which boasts a black mayor and a police force that has a majority of black police officers, the race hustlers won’t be able to ignore the facts, as they did in Ferguson, by suggesting that the riots were the natural result of the town being policed by too many white cops.

The tragedy of America is that for too many of us, race is such a touchy issue that most people, both those in politics and the rest of us, refuse to tell the truth. Even the notion that it’s only the black underclass that’s to blame is a lie. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are not poor black men, but that hasn’t prevented them from supplying the troublemakers with matches and gasoline.

The black celebrities at a music award show who gave Johnnie Cochran a standing ovation and chanted “Free O.J. Free O.J.” were not poverty-stricken. The professional athletes who ran on the football field and the basketball court with their arms raised, promoting the false narrative of Ferguson, were all rich and influential, as were the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who lined the steps of Congress with their hands over their heads.

Even on Fox News, I was hearing too many commentators referring to the hoodlums as demonstrators. It seems to me that when you’re on TV showing people how to use some miracle product that allegedly removes dents from your fenders or wrinkles from your neck, you’re a demonstrator. However, when you’re burning down an SVS or looting a liquor store, you’re a felon.

And mark my words, in six months, when nobody is dumb enough to open a market, a gas station or a drugstore, in Baltimore’s black neighborhoods, the blame won’t be laid on the arsonists, but on white merchants who hate blacks so much they won’t even deign to turn a profit by selling them carrots, gas or aspirin.

As I wrote on an earlier, similar, occasion, when you toss the tea into the bay, you just might be a patriot. When you steal a color TV, you’re nothing better than a thief. And not only the cops, but the folks who own the store, should be free to shoot you in your tracks.

White people, as well as black, love to quote Martin Luther King’s memorable quote about judging people not by their skin color, but by their character. But every chance they have, they reverse his words.

In other news, we have the despicable Clintons. Leopards are quicker to change their spots than Bill and Hillary are to change theirs. For decades, starting way back in Arkansas, these two sleaze balls have gone through life, acting as if the rules applied only to the seven billion people on earth who weren’t them. And as is often the way with brats, they can always rely on bottom feeding sycophants like James Carville, Dick Morris and Lanny Davis, to defend them.

But I am really getting annoyed with pundits who go on insisting how charming Bill Clinton is, which they do whenever they want to let us know why he can handle scandals so much better than Hillary. What they never seem to mention is that he is evil, and that what evildoers possess isn’t charm, it’s cunning.

Just like every other sociopath -- and what else would you call a man who spent decades sexually assaulting women? – Clinton is capable of mimicking sincerity. But, please, let us not pretend it’s a virtue his wife lacks.

One side effect of Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State that seems to have flown under the radar is that all future Secretaries will also expect to make $40 or $50 million a year.

Dennis Binz of Fort Smith, AR, won the April drawing. A copy of "Liberals: America's Termites" is on its way.

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