Monday, May 18, 2015

Social Injustice

Afew years ago, I gave a talk at a local Rotary Club. During the Q&A session, a member of the audience identified himself as a liberal and took me to task over something I’d said about Muslims. After trying, and no doubt failing, to set him straight, I asked him why he was a liberal. He puffed himself up, as these jerks are prone to do, and said it was mainly because he believed in social justice.

I’m not sure if I called him a fool or only thought it, but I did point out to him that justice is justice, and doesn’t require any adjectives. In fact, once you begin to modify it, you’re perverting its meaning. The ideal, I explained, was one set of rules for rich and poor, black and white, men and women, young and old, liberals and conservatives, Muslims and Christians.

It was bad enough having to explain all this to a fellow American. What made it worse is that he had identified himself as a lawyer.

But we are seeing this foolishness played out all over the place. A black thug gets shot in Ferguson while avoiding arrest and we see the President and the Attorney General promise to deliver justice to the rioters.

In Baltimore, we saw the prosecutor promise, not merely to see justice rendered, but to see it rendered to the satisfaction of the mob.

This pandering to the vandals has been going on for some time, and it is only getting worse. As destructive as so-called social justice is to America, you will notice that it is only employed when the presumed victim is black. In the same way, only whites are prosecuted for hate crimes, although blacks are far likelier to target their victims specifically because they happen to be Caucasians.

I have no doubt that however the trials of the six indicted cops turn out, Marilyn Mosby will become the next mayor of Baltimore just as soon as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake uses her own newfound celebrity to run for Congress, no doubt with Al Sharpton’s endorsement.

Theoretically, every defendant in America is presumed innocent. But thanks to liberals and their corrupt cohorts in the media, cops are the exception. Even if no charges have been leveled, be it in L.A., Ferguson, Staten Island or Baltimore, the folks who risk their lives to safeguard our own are always presumed guilty.

A reader insisted that, contrary to what I wrote in a recent piece, politicians and bureaucrats rarely say “I take full responsibility.” I corrected her, pointing out that they actually utter those words every time they’re discovered causing mischief. The problem is that in the old days, those four words were a prelude to a resignation or an indictment. Today, the miscreants say it the way a cop at the scene of an accident says, “Nothing to see here. Now let’s move along.”

When another reader shared the news that CVS was actually planning to rebuild its store in Baltimore’s war zone, I replied, “Well, you know the old saying: Burn me down once, shame on you. Burn me down twice, shame on me.”

A third reader let me know that his favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas, where a couple of jihadists got to meet their Maker thanks to a quick-thinking, quick-shooting, cop, were the two chalk outlines on the sidewalk.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t believe the idiots who, like Bill O’Reilly, said that the group should never have sponsored such a provocative event. Fortunately, O’Reilly’s Fox colleague, Megyn Kelly, reminded him that this is still America. Thanks to the First Amendment, we still have the right to ridicule everyone and everything – and that certainly includes the pedophile who founded Islam, the very same religion that 1,400 years later is encouraging its savage followers to burn, behead and crucify, non-believers. So, thanks all the same, Bill, but neither I nor America really needs a schmoe like you to look out for us.

Some teams seem predestined. For instance, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were mediocre silent screen comedians until Hal Roach saw something in them that, if combined, would be magical. Ginger Rogers had been in a series of lousy, low budget, RKO films for years before Fred Astaire came along and danced “The Continental” with her in “Flying Down to Rio.” Astaire, himself, had already been dismissed by a studio executive as looking like a whippet who could dance a little. But once they became Astaire and Rogers, it was said that he gave her class and she gave him sex appeal, and, together, they provided us with four or five of the most charming musicals ever produced.

Then we have the Clintons. Some marriages are said to be made in Heaven, but God only knows where their union was forged. But it, too, seems predestined. After all, who else could either of them have possibly married who would have put up with his sexual depravity or her pathological lying?

Finally, a personal note to my dear readers: I appreciate your thinking of me, but I really wish you’d all stop sending me links and videos. For some reason, when I’ve emailed this message to individuals, they sometimes take it as a personal affront. Considering how much time I devote to responding to my readers’ text messages, I don’t know why anyone would be offended. There is, after all, only so much time in the day and, frankly, I prefer dealing with email pertaining to something I’ve written, be they comments, questions or even insults.

I suppose some people are so ultra-sensitive that they even take bad weather personally. But, as I see it, if you offer me some candy and I don’t care for candy or am dieting or suffering from diabetes, you certainly wouldn’t take my refusal the wrong way.

So, please, no more candy…unless, of course, it’s those irresistible peanut M&Ms.

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