Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Supremes Who Can't Sing

We can’t entirely blame the Democrats for the recent cockeyed decisions by the Supreme Court. After all, Anthony Kennedy was appointed by Ronald Reagan and John Roberts was handpicked by George W. Bush. What’s more, Reagan also appointed former justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

It’s only fair to point out that the former also named Antonin Scalia and Bush appointed Sam Alito. Still, when it comes to this all-important responsibility, we’re never going to catch up if our guys bat a measly .400 when it comes to appointing like-minded jurists and the liberals always bat a thousand.

But, then, it’s hard to ignore the fact that when it comes to politics, Democrats are all Hall of Famers and the Republicans are essentially Little Leaguers. If you question that judgment, let me point out how easily Harry Reid got ObamaCare passed. When Scott Brown’s election cost Reid the seemingly all-important 60th vote, he pulled off a bit of legislative legerdemain and got the odious bill enacted with a simple majority. I can all too easily picture Mitch McConnell rubbing his eyes like a six-year-old watching a magic act and saying, “Golly, how did he do that?”

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s deciding that same-sex marriage is constitutionally guaranteed because five of the nine justices decided that the federal government has no right to deny consenting adults the right to fight over in-laws and community property and, of course, the inalienable right to get divorced. Personally, I can’t wait for the first test case involving bigamy or, better yet, polygamy.

Barack Obama celebrated the 5-4 decision by stating “Love is love.” That, I believe, happens to serve as the slogan of the proudly perverted North American Man Boy Love Association. But, then, Obama has long made it a habit to offer shout-outs to homosexuals, trans-genders and Muslims.

For my part, it seems only fair that if homosexuals feel entitled to call those opposed to same-sex marriages haters, we haters are entitled to refer to them as freaks. At least we could use truth as a defense if sued for slander.

Just for the record, I never wanted individual homosexuals to be teased or attacked, but that’s a far cry from awarding them sacred status or pretending that sodomy is by any stretch of the imagination a wholesome, natural activity that deserves to be encouraged by federal edict.

I’m sure that those who regard same-sex marriages as a continuation of the fight for racial rights that took place in the 50s and 60s feel they can at long last hold their heads up when confronted by Europeans, who seem adverse to all forms of bigotry except that which is directed at Jews.

How and why so many Americans wish to model themselves on Europeans remains a mystery to me. I have no idea where so many people got the not very bright idea that Europeans are somehow superior to us, unless, of course, it’s a case of taking them at their word.

The fact is they haven’t contributed much to civilization since the heady days of Dickens, Tolstoy, Puccini, Pasteur and Degas. In more recent times, they’ve unleashed Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, on the world, and pretty much rolled over for Islam. I suspect that even their highly publicized romance with socialism is simply their way of preparing themselves to be overrun by Vladimir Putin.

As legal systems go, ours is probably better than most, but that’s only because most nations don’t even pretend to be civilized. When people condemn aspects of our system, they generally focus on capital punishment. Pretending that a legal execution of a cold-blooded murderer is no different from the crime itself makes it abundantly obvious that some people have straw for brains.

They’ll argue that a life sentence without the possibility of parole is morally preferable. But even lifers, as we’ve seen recently in New York, can escape or, as we’ve seen in Illinois, have their sentences reduced by a squirrely governor. Endowed with something like immortality, they can even kill fellow prisoners or prison personnel with impunity.

But, worst of all, it provides them with the precious gift of life, which they arbitrarily denied to those who actually deserved it.

But there are other aspects of our legal system that should be repaired. For instance, parole boards should be eliminated. The notion of rewarding criminals for so-called good behavior in a prison environment is farcical. Instead, if a prisoner misbehaves, the logical response is to add years to his sentence.

The appeals system is another mockery of justice. If we can all agree that justice delayed is justice denied, we should be able to agree that something drastic must be done about granting endless appeals in the absence of new evidence.

Next, we should do away with so-called hate crimes. Inasmuch as the First Amendment grants us the right to be as insulting as we like about the race, religion and sexual proclivities, of others, it is only the crime itself that should be considered, not the mindset of those committing it.

Frankly, I couldn’t be less interested in the hatred that possibly resides in your heart; I’m only concerned about what you intend to do with the gun, knife or club, in your hand.

Finally, if there is anything sillier than an insanity plea, I don’t care to hear about it. The notion that a person can escape being punished to the full extent of the law for murder, rape or child molestation, because he’s unable to grasp that he’s done something wrong is an even more compelling reason to flush him down the toilet before he “innocently” repeats his offense.

I mean, does anyone and should anyone really care if Dylaan Roof realized that slaughtering nine decent human beings at the AME Church was not a nice thing to do?

A reader took me to task for insisting in a recent article that Donald Trump stands 6’3”. He insisted that the Donald is only six feet even, and that it’s only his hair that makes him seem taller.

I replied that Trump really is 6’ 3”, but that on windy days he’s been known to measure 7’4”.

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