Friday, May 29, 2015

A Bush-League Candidate

When Megyn Kelly asked Jeb Bush if he would, knowing what we know now, have invaded Iraq in 2003, it was not a gotcha question. She is not a liberal shill looking to eviscerate every GOP presidential candidate. She was actually giving him the opportunity to separate himself from his big brother, even though big brother George had already said that absent faulty intelligence, he would not have gone after Saddam Hussein.

Jeb’s problem was that, like most politicians, he prefers the sound of his own voice to that of all others. He was so anxious to give his canned answer that he tuned out the all-important “Knowing what we know now.” The fact is we have all misheard and misspoken on occasion. The problem is that he didn’t immediately say, “Oh, sorry, Megyn, I was preoccupied, worrying about my father’s failing health” or something equally self-serving. Instead, he and his people wasted a few days trying to make sense of his response.

In other words, like every other political hack, he relies on his staff to translate what he says into coherent speech. Frankly, I am sick of political handlers and spin-masters speaking on behalf of the political lamebrains. As I said, we have all committed verbal transgressions, but we didn’t job it out to twenty other people to explain what we meant to say. We did it ourselves.

The more these buffoons rely on others to smooth over their gaffes, the less respect I have for them. And in some cases, you’d think that would be virtually impossible.

Liberals are always accusing those of us on the Right, and I might add “in the right,” of confusing societal issues with political matters. They’re the ones who push for same-sex marriages; for abortions on demand, even for teenagers, even into the 35th week; and for an abandonment of drug enforcement laws; and then when conservatives push back, they cry “Foul!” Worse yet, they accuse us of bringing religion into politics, and even lambaste clerics for speaking out on moral issues.

Political life is often determined by unpredictable events beyond our control. After all, in January, 2001, when he was sworn in, George Bush had no idea that within eight months, an Islamic sneak attack on New York’s Twin Towers would toss his political agenda out the window.

On the other hand, when it comes to public policy dealing with moral issues, those are eternal matters, involving our values and our religious freedom.

Speaking of liberals, they are constantly telling us that they’re the ones providing safety nets for the neediest and most vulnerable Americans; what they neglect to mention, however, is that it’s their economic programs and regulations that necessitate all those damn nets in the first place.

But it’s not fair to simply blame the Democrats. After all, after 50 years, if 95% of blacks continue to vote for the presidents, senators, congressmen and mayors, who have profited from their dependency, you can’t argue that they’re blameless. And when Al Sharpton continues to show up at the riots and to further inflame the mob, and not once get tarred-and-feathered or ridden out of town on a rail, it becomes increasingly difficult to give the black masses a pass.

In the bad old days, when generals were given to ordering their troops into suicidal missions (“Into the Valley of Death rode the 600”), soldiers were referred to as cannon fodder. It meant that their lives were inconsequential; that the only point of their needless deaths was to somehow reflect gloriously on the be-medaled frauds who watched them die from atop hills far from the bloodletting.

Today, the Democrats might as well refer to their black constituents as ballot fodder.

The latest sign of the times is that in Oakland, CA, because so many black students are being suspended from school for cussing, mouthing off to teachers, fighting and unexcused absences from class, the city and school administrators have decided that the solution is to suspend suspensions. They will also end expulsions and transfers to other schools for multiple infractions.

As I see it, they’re merely picking up on my suggestion to reduce crime in the inner-city by decriminalizing theft, rape and murder. So perhaps I’m partly to blame. It just never occurred to me that when I make jokes, Democrats would take them seriously.

But it’s not just vote-trolling liberals who pamper and coddle the thugs. I mean, when the nuts from the Westboro Baptist Church disrupt military funerals, the media readily acknowledges that they’re a bunch of inbred misfits. However, when urban blacks chant: “What do we want? Dead cops!” we see elected officials defend them, and from the collective media we hear nary a word of moral condemnation.

Another bone I’d like to pick with Democrats involves their parroting the demand that everyone pay his fair share of taxes. For one thing, there’s no such thing, especially when tens of millions of Americans not only don’t pay taxes, but receive some of the money the rest of us have to fork over. Besides, the federal government is no better than a drunken spendthrift, and could make out very nicely with half of what it receives if it didn’t waste so much of the dough we’re compelled to send to the IRS.

But as if all that’s not bad enough, some of the loudest voices we hear calling for higher and higher taxes belong to such tax scofflaws as Charley Rangel, Warren Buffet, Al Sharpton and Timothy Geithner, liberals all

For a change, I would like to hear angry voices raised in Washington, D.C., as well as in our various state legislatures, about all those welfare junkies who don’t do their fair share of work. Or any work, come to think of it.

Recently, as a great many people know, my computer was hacked and, as a result, they all received news about some product or service that had allegedly been mentioned by Oprah Winfrey. Of course they weren’t fooled. For one thing, the email address wasn’t mine. For another, I recall quite clearly how hard she sold Barack Obama in 2008, so I would never take her word about anything.

But when one of the email recipients wrote to me, just to make certain I hadn’t sent it, I assured him he could rest easy. I went on to say that I would make all crimes that people commit for no other reason than to annoy other people, capital offenses. Why not? There are over seven billion of us, so we can easily afford to start thinning the herd of troublemakers. It would not only make life far more pleasant for the rest of us, but it would open up a lot of additional parking spaces and speed up the lines at the supermarket.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Abortion vs. Capital Punishment

When liberals set out to prove that conservatives are hypocrites, they will generally point out that many of the same people who are most opposed to abortions turn around and support capital punishment.

In doing so, the liberals merely confirm they lack anything even faintly resembling a moral compass. After all, who but a leftist would ever equate the life of an innocent baby with that of a cold-blooded sadist? When comparing human lives, it helps if those on both sides are recognizably human. To suggest that some degenerate who has raped and murdered a child or eviscerated an entire family be allowed to live simply because he possesses fingerprints and human DNA seems fatuous at best, repugnant at worst.

But, then, on those occasions when liberals aren’t immoral, their tendency is to be amoral, seemingly unaware that there are principles and values without which we are no better than the beasts of the jungle.

Instead, what passes for morality on the Left tends to be an eagerness to take up for those they determine to be underdogs. So they side with rampaging black thugs, illegal aliens and even the Palestinians, having decided that their terrorist activities are merely the actions of freedom fighters opposing Israeli oppression.

What’s more, because leftists are as merciless as Islamic throat-cutters, they will never hesitate to lie if they feel it serves their purpose. For instance, in the aftermath of the Hobby Lobby case, they insisted that the company had refused to offer contraception to its employees. That was a patent falsehood, and what’s more they knew it. Hobby Lobby had simply refused on religious grounds to offer four of the 24 contraceptive methods currently available, because they were deemed not to prevent conception, but, instead, to cause abortions.

In the aftermath, all the Left talked about were the four exclusions, not the other 20. For my part, in a nation where sex education appears to begin in the second or third grade and where contraceptive meds and devices are readily available, I’d think abortions would be a thing of the past. The question, why, at this late date, a million abortions a year are still taking place should be the topic under discussion, not whether Christians should be deprived of their religious rights.

But, of course, liberals are never concerned with anyone else’s freedoms and liberties, but only their own. That is why they oppose even a 20-week deadline for abortions. So far as they’re concerned, women should be able to abort a baby even in the delivery room. If you think I exaggerate, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, head of the DNC, refused to come up with a cutoff date after which women should ever be denied an abortion. When asked if curtailing abortions even after the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy might be appropriate, she simply kept insisting that it was entirely up to the woman.

Also, let us not forget that as a member of the Illinois state legislature, Barack Obama voted to allow the killing of babies who managed to survive botched abortions, meaning that even post-partum murders are okey-dokey with this crowd.

I suspect, based on the evidence, that a sizable number of those on the Left would favor aborting 17 and 18-year-olds if the mothers sensed conservative tendencies cropping up in their offspring.

The more I see and hear liberals, the more convinced I become that they are those monstrous creatures one finds in sci-fi movies who come here from another planet, possessing the ability to transform themselves into things closely resembling human beings, lacking only a conscience and a soul to make the masquerade complete.

After writing about capital punishment recently, I heard from several people. Because of the nature of my readership, I didn’t hear from any of those saps who oppose the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime. For the most part, the readers divided into two camps. On the one hand, there were those who proposed various ways to execute with the least pain possible, while others competed to come up with the most gruesome executions, some involving dungeons and ravenous rodents.

In rebuttal to one, who had recently been rendered unconscious while having his cataracts removed, and felt that a little more of whatever he received from the anesthetist would do the trick, no muss, no fuss, I readily acknowledged that he was more compassionate than I am. But I felt that his empathy was somewhat misplaced because it seemed to ignore the pain experienced by the victim and the irreplaceable loss to his or her loved ones.

I went on: “Frankly, providing sadistic killers a painless death is really low on my list of priorities. Unfortunately, liberals have done a great job of garnering influence over the legal system. In the old days, you could appeal a death sentence only if you came up with new evidence showing that the cops had perjured themselves, the prosecutor had withheld evidence beneficial to the defendant or, in those rarest of instances, when someone else confessed to the crime.

“But these days, the defense lawyers merely have to dig up a liberal judge who’ll grant them one stay of execution after another while the killer lives on and on, outliving his victim by 20 or 30 years, often hanging on until a liberal governor decides to commute his sentence.

“In the meantime, because of all the stalling tactics, a backlog builds up on Death Row, so that those opposed to capital punishment can argue that it would be barbaric to execute hundreds of individuals. What they invariably neglect to mention is that the backlog of sadists and serial killers only exists because these assorted shysters and sob sisters prevented the executions from taking place in a timely fashion.”

One other source of constant annoyance to me is Pope Francis. From the very beginning of his papacy, I had the feeling that he hadn’t been elected by the Congress of Cardinals, but by the Comintern. He mouths the same leftwing platitudes as the Castros, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But perhaps his most offensive act yet was his recent recognition of Palestine as an independent state, giving Hamas, the terrorist group governing the Palestinians, just the sort of legitimacy jihadists crave.

I am reminded that the late Abba Eban, Israel’s onetime ambassador to the United States, once said, after the Arabs had, as usual, stormed out of a peace conference, “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

Eban, one of the few diplomats who has ever managed to give diplomacy a good name, also suggested that “History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely only after they’ve exhausted all other options.”

After Israel’s miraculous victory in 1967, when it was attacked simultaneously by Egypt, Jordan and Syria, in what became known as the Six Day War, Eban wryly commented: “I think that this is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender.”

Instead of consorting with the tawdry likes of Secretary of State John Kerry and the representatives of Islamic terrorist groups, I would advise Pope Francis to pay closer attention to the wise words of Eban, who, from his position as Ambassador to the U.N., noted: “If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13, with 26 abstentions.”

Unfortunately, with Obama in the White House and Francis in the Vatican, the vote today would be 165 to 12.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Loons Are Running Amok

In the good old days, if people were found to be certifiably insane, they were locked up in asylums in order to safeguard others, but also to ensure their own safety.

Then, either because of budgetary cuts or because the ACLU could always be counted on to argue for their release, the asylums began to shut down. Today, the very people who had formerly been locked away for rational and even benevolent reasons are not only running loose, but often find themselves in positions of authority.

For instance, when a six-year-old boy is suspended from school for pointing his finger at another kid and going “Bang!” or for kissing a six-year-old girl on the cheek, you can’t honestly doubt that the lunatics are in charge.

When Muslim college students can boo an Israeli diplomat or a conservative guest speaker into silence without being booted out on their derrieres, there’s no question that the crazies are calling the shots.

And when, as recently occurred, 625 students at a Catholic school can sign a petition demanding that La Moyne College un-invite Cardinal Timothy Doyle, the Archbishop of New York, to deliver the commencement address because he doesn’t share their Catholic values, you can only be grateful that the President of La Moyne, Linda LeMura, unlike most of her academic colleagues, didn’t park her brain and her spine curbside when she took the job. She let the young ignoramuses know that even if all 3,500 students signed the petition, she would not be caving to their infantile demands.

To their credit, these students at least behaved in a civil manner. Usually, the students behave like spoiled brats until the college administrators comply with their demands or they create a scene like two-year-olds misbehaving in a restaurant. But I don’t just blame them. I also blame the academic cowards who allow themselves to be bullied. But, most of all, I blame the indulgent parents who have been telling the youngsters how special they are from the day of their birth so, inevitably, by the time they’re teenagers, undeserved self-esteem comes gushing out of their pores, and they naturally regard themselves as the fount of all wisdom.

But as annoying as these young self-important twerps are, they can’t compete with their elders. For instance, Mrs. Clinton, who refuses to answer even a single question about her disappearing email or the tens of millions of dollars in bribes accepted by Bill and their family foundation, finds the time to insist that America’s police officers are intentionally killing black men, and, furthermore, that her conclusion ” is unmistakable and undeniable.”

Even the Clintons’ most devoted defenders, by whom I mean the various suck-ups who have spent an extensive portion of their adult lives genuflecting to their royal rumps -- bottom-feeders like James Carville, Lanny Davis, George Stephanopoulos and John Podesta -- are wondering if she will ever respond to a reporter’s question. For my part, I suspect that she will eventually testify against her husband in exchange for immunity, and in the meantime is hiding out in the federal witness program, answering to “Betty” and working the night shift at a 7-11 in Boise, Idaho.

As for all those black thugs that Mrs. Clinton and apparently every other Democrat in America is eager to coddle, let it be said that poverty is not, and never is, the cause of criminality. Liberals, who often lack a moral core, are always eager to blame societal ills on a lack of money, never on a lack of character or an open contempt for traditional values.

But the tragic fact is that in the 50 years since LBJ announced his War on Poverty, $15 trillion has been squandered in waging it. And after all this time, the percentage of people below the poverty line remains unchanged. But of course the liberals lie even about that because, thanks to welfare, nobody is actually poverty-stricken. Not even the illegal aliens who have absolutely no business being here.

The fact is, the Democrats waged the War on Poverty and Poverty won. But, of course, the actual mission was to garner millions of black votes, as admitted by Lyndon Johnson himself, by making them dependent on the government for survival. And in that, they succeeded beyond even LBJ’s wildest dreams.

However, if the money had not been blown on people unmotivated to help themselves, today the national debt might well be three trillion dollars instead of 18 trillion.

If politicians in either Party had a single courageous bone in their collective bodies, an honest dialogue about race would consist of telling young blacks to do three things: One, finish high school and if you find academics boring or unsatisfying, learn a trade. Two, stop having babies out of wedlock. Just because you don’t mind being a complete waste of protoplasm doesn’t give you the right to condemn others to the same fate. Three, stop accepting welfare as your birth right. Inasmuch as you’ve never stopped complaining about slavery, what right do you have to live off the labor of others?

Which reminds me of a question that’s been plaguing me for the longest time: How is it that we are constantly being told that the funds for Social Security are fast running out, although those collecting the monthly checks are the very same people who funded the federal piggy bank? But we never hear that welfare is running on empty? So, how is it that people, who have done nothing to earn the money, including some who broke the law by sneaking into the U.S. in the first place, are never told that, like the rest of us, they will have to tighten their belts or even wait a few extra years before they can start collecting other people’s money?

Also, why is it that whenever illegal aliens are under discussion, they are always referred to as “hard-working,” but the term is never employed about those of us whose tax dollars are bestowed on them?

You also may have noticed that whenever the problem of illegal aliens is brought up, we are told that most of them don’t sneak in, but simply overstay their visas. So how about getting rid of the visa system? We know the downside all too well, but what could possibly be the upside of saddling us with millions of ingrates who are likely going to sponge off our hospitality or perhaps present us with another 9/11?

Finally, lest you get the impression that I only pick on the little people, I recently heard that Gov. Chris Christie, whose gubernatorial expense account is $95,000-a-year, on top of his $175,000 salary, has spent over 300,000 taxpayer dollars on groceries, booze and desserts, alone, during his five years in office.

Moreover, when it was uncovered that he had spent $82,000 of the taxpayer’s money at the concession stand at MetLife Stadium while watching baseball and football games, New Jersey’s red-faced Republican Party reimbursed the state treasury in a belated attempt to ward off adverse publicity.

But even that didn’t prevent Christie from accepting an all-expense paid trip to a Dallas Cowboy playoff game as the guest of team owner Jimmy Jones. You might think he’d won first prize on a TV quiz show. But for political hacks, every day is like being the big winner on “Wheel of Fortune,” but without having to solve a puzzle.

Keep in mind this schmuck is only the governor of New Jersey. So what I’d like to know is, where the heck does he get off acting like a Clinton?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Martial Law Shall Not Prevail

Because we are quickly approaching January 20, 2017, although not quickly enough to suit some of us, the usual paranoia has risen to the surface. I am receiving the very same sort of email I was receiving when the administrations of both Clinton and Bush were winding down.

People are once again alerting me to the news that the next election will not take place because the man in the White House will cobble up a national emergency that requires him to call out the federal troops and deny the American people the opportunity to evict him from the Oval Office.

While I agree that Obama is far more likely to behave that way than either of his predecessors, I really don’t think that Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, Juan Williams, Josh Earnest, Loretta Lynch and the Congressional Black Caucus, are up to the task. What such a coup would require, after all, is that the U.S. military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Guard and, I assume, the police departments around the country to forswear their oaths to defend the Constitution, and for no other reason than to keep a man whom most of them despise in power.

Really, folks? Would anyone who really buys that hooey step forward so that I can also sell them the Brooklyn Bridge? For the first hundred who call in, I will also throw in the Empire State Building, the Holland Tunnel, the Trump Tower, Central Park and Madison Square Garden.

If you are still worried, let me ask you if you believe for even a second that Hillary Clinton would simply stand by and let this pencil-necked pipsqueak deprive her of what she sees as her ultimate destiny? And even if she were willing, can you imagine Bill Clinton allowing a sissy boy to keep him from returning triumphantly to the White House? After all, if he can get $500,000-a-speech just for being married to the Secretary of State, imagine the size of the pay-offs he’d get as First Laddy.

Ever since the 2014 elections, when the pollsters predicted that the GOP would be lucky to pick up five Senate seats in what they promised to be close elections, and the GOP wound up picking up nine without breaking a sweat, I have begun to seriously doubt the validity of polls – and with that, the political objectivity of pollsters. That’s the reason that when English odds makers predicted it would be a nip-and-tuck election between David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, I said: “Hogwash! Cameron and the Conservatives will win in a cakewalk.” And so they did.

And, no, I did not misspell Labor. That’s the way they spell things in England. Apparently in the distant past, possibly during the reign of Henry VIII, the English accumulated a treasure trove of “u’s” and they’ve been trying to use them up ever since.

Speaking of spelling, in the hope of promoting literacy, the Berkeley, CA, library system decided to manufacture and distribute buttons reading “”I Have a Berkeley Library Card.” But, naturally, because Berkeley has more idiots per square foot than any other municipality in the United States, they spelled it “Berkley” on the buttons.

In the never-ending debate over entitlement reform in America, the Left continues to abuse the language. Even liberals should be able to distinguish between entitlements and gifts bestowed on parasites at the expense of the productive. So, in the future, let us no longer lump Social Security and Veterans Benefits--money actually earned through hard work and sacrifice by the recipients--and the bribes doled out to those who neither work nor sacrifice by political vermin trolling for votes with our tax dollars.

Recently, a reader called out the likes of Al Gore, Michael Moore, George Clooney, Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Sharpton and Robert Kennedy, Jr., who all push for climate control legislation, by preying upon the unwarranted fears of the dumb, the young and the gullible, but who, themselves, all live in mansions and get around in limousines and private jets.

I heartily agreed that these prominent hypocrites should be held up for scorn and ridicule. I would like to say that only in America could such a collection of loons and goons achieve such fame and fortune, but in my heart I know that’s not true.

In Europe, as well, mere celebrity gives all sorts of ignoramuses the authority to deliver pronouncements with great assurance on things about which they know absolutely nothing.

For the past 70 years, what passes for western civilization has been seemingly addicted to stupidity pills. It not only resulted in shrinking their brains, but caused their spines to disappear entirely. That is why here in the West, ignorance and moral cowardice among the elite constitute the new normal.

Unfortunately, what’s taking place simultaneously in the Middle East and North Africa--no doubt in direct response to the West’s decline--is that the barbarians who bow down to Mecca when not burning, beheading and crucifying Christians and Jews, are once again on the march, looking to subjugate or kill the rest of us. And that, considering 1400 years of Islamic history, marks a return to the old normal.

Finally, even though I haven’t been asked by Jeb Bush’s team to do so, I have come up with a campaign slogan: “Vote for the man who believes that being wrong about Common Core and immigration is a conservative virtue!”

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baltimore & Beyond

Afew readers have taken me to task for blaming Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of Maryland, along with Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, for not allowing the National Guard to prevent the mob from committing arson, vandalism and theft. I was aware that it was the mayor’s order for the Guard to stand down and to allow the thugs to destroy other people’s property without fear of confrontation.

However, what I can’t accept is that Gov. Hogan didn’t have the authority to go over her pointy head. After all, it’s the Maryland National Guard, not the Baltimore National Guard. If he currently lacks the authority, he should make certain he gets it because I can guarantee that he’ll need it sooner or later. And if justice manages to prevail and the six cops go free, it will be sooner.

It wasn’t that long ago that just about everyone shared the same attitude when it came to mobs. But ever since urban blacks and Muslims have taken on this aura of sainthood, more and more people seem reluctant to speak honestly about their multitude of sins and failings.

These days, the language police have even decided that “thugs” is code for “niggers.” (Sorry, folks, but I don’t engage in baby talk, and I regard using “the n-word” to be nothing more than political cowardice passing itself off as good manners. It’s just a word, after all, and so long as it’s not directed at an individual, it’s neither obscene nor insulting.)

Furthermore, “thugs” is not a synonym for blacks, unless, of course, they happen to be engaged in thuggish behavior. But as thuggery has become more and more the norm in the inner-cities of America, I’m afraid the word is here to stay.

One sidebar to the events in Baltimore is that Toya Graham, who warmed all our hearts by whacking the daylights out of her teenage son, would be facing child abuse charges if she had been a white woman, as white women and fathers all over America have discovered if they so much as gave their kid a well-deserved smack on his bottom.

Speaking of kids, there is now a group that is waging a campaign to give children, ages 5 to 12, the right to decide if they’re boys or girls, and by what name they wish to be called. This loony transgender fad has now moved into very dangerous territory. It’s one thing for a fool like Bruce Jenner to decide in his 60s that he’s dying to use the lady’s room and be called Jennie. But leaving it up to pre-pubescent kids to determine their own gender identity is lunacy raised to new heights. Imagine asking an eight-year-old tomboy, who envies boys their freedom to climb trees and play football, if she’d like to be a boy and be called Harry!

Moving on, I can’t get over how many pundits are taking aim at Pamela Geller, blaming her and not the Muslim converts for the jihadist attack in Garland, Texas. She wasn’t, after all, the one who showed up to massacre hundreds of Americans for no other reason than that they were exercising their First Amendment right – and I might add, God-given responsibility – to ridicule the schmucks sworn to kill us.

Voltaire famously said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” But in the wake of Muslims butchering those who display the appropriate contempt for the blood-thirsty pedophile who founded their religion, we see millions of our countrymen defending the Islamo-fascists right to alter the wording to read: “I disapprove of what you say, and I’ll cut out your tongue if you say it.”

Considering that the two freaks were killed and nobody else was harmed in Garland, I would like to see a series of sting operations take place around the country, gulling Islamists to show up at similar events, only to be greeted by a hail of police bullets.

My only regret is that the cartoon that won the $10,000 prize was not replicated on the front page of every newspaper in America. For one thing, it exemplifies the cowardice of the media. For another, unlike the childish scrawls published in France by Charlie Hebdo, Bosch Fawstin’s work was first-rate. It depicted a snarling Muhammad coming straight at you with his sword raised, but with the hands of the artist holding a pencil, putting the finishing touches on Muhammad’s robes. Muhammad is shouting “You can’t draw me!” with the cartoonist replying in a little dialogue balloon, “That’s why I draw you.”

It is worth noting that Mr. Fawstin is not only a fine artist, but he is a former Muslim.

We keep hearing about the sad plight of Iraqis and Syrians being forced to flee their homes in the wake of ISIS attacks. I, for one, will start worrying about them when the Islamic refugees stop tossing their Christian countrymen off the boats headed to Italy. Good luck to Italy having to deal with these savages.

A prerequisite for too many college students must be Liberal Logic 101. How else can they see millions of people sneaking into our country and degrading our sovereignty and still insist that it is our moral duty to not only unite these interlopers with the wives and children they left behind, but to feed, clothe, house and provide them with health care?

Now, like most conservatives, I believe in keeping families intact. But, unlike liberals or dunces like Jeb Bush, my approach would be to quickly return them to their loved ones…and to shoot them if they try it again.

When I recently wrote that it is inexcusable that the feds have never gone after such criminal enterprises as the Crips and the Bloods the way they went after the Mafia, a reader suggested it was because we can’t get blacks to infiltrate the gangs, either because of racial solidarity or fear of reprisal. To which I replied, “You could be right, except that a lot of the cases brought against the Mafia didn’t rely on law-abiding people testifying. They often built cases on the testimony of 'soldiers' who faced long prison terms and were plea-bargained into testifying against the mob bosses in order to save their own bacon.

“I suspect that just as Clinton pulled our troops out of Somalia because he didn’t want the 6 o’clock news to show our soldiers killing black people, our own cops, mayors and the Justice Department, don’t wish to be seen hauling hundreds of young blacks and Hispanics out of the hood and the barrio.”

Another reader took conservatives to task for raising conspiracy fears over the military drills known as Jade Helm 15 due to take place this summer in several southwest cities. I replied: “I am not a conspiracy nut, but even I can’t understand why these drills can’t take place on military bases. And while I don’t believe for a second that the U.S. military would ever betray the oath they took to defend the nation and the Constitution, after six years of Obama, Americans have every reason to regard paranoia as a perfectly rational state of mind."

To a reader who explained that he never goes to the movies because he can’t stand the liberal hypocrites who infest Hollywood, and refuses to spend his money and make them even richer than they already are, I wrote “If a movie is worthwhile, it’s worthwhile. Besides, even though Hollywood is full of self-important hypocrites, it is also full of hard-working conservative costumers, make-up artists, technicians and stuntmen, who despise the actors, writers, directors and producers, even more than you do because they actually have to work with them.”

Finally, when I look at the black barbarians who are constantly turning our cities into swamps and jungles, and the politicians and journalists who delight in defending them, I am reminded of my favorite bumper sticker: “We should have picked our own damn cotton!”

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Social Injustice

Afew years ago, I gave a talk at a local Rotary Club. During the Q&A session, a member of the audience identified himself as a liberal and took me to task over something I’d said about Muslims. After trying, and no doubt failing, to set him straight, I asked him why he was a liberal. He puffed himself up, as these jerks are prone to do, and said it was mainly because he believed in social justice.

I’m not sure if I called him a fool or only thought it, but I did point out to him that justice is justice, and doesn’t require any adjectives. In fact, once you begin to modify it, you’re perverting its meaning. The ideal, I explained, was one set of rules for rich and poor, black and white, men and women, young and old, liberals and conservatives, Muslims and Christians.

It was bad enough having to explain all this to a fellow American. What made it worse is that he had identified himself as a lawyer.

But we are seeing this foolishness played out all over the place. A black thug gets shot in Ferguson while avoiding arrest and we see the President and the Attorney General promise to deliver justice to the rioters.

In Baltimore, we saw the prosecutor promise, not merely to see justice rendered, but to see it rendered to the satisfaction of the mob.

This pandering to the vandals has been going on for some time, and it is only getting worse. As destructive as so-called social justice is to America, you will notice that it is only employed when the presumed victim is black. In the same way, only whites are prosecuted for hate crimes, although blacks are far likelier to target their victims specifically because they happen to be Caucasians.

I have no doubt that however the trials of the six indicted cops turn out, Marilyn Mosby will become the next mayor of Baltimore just as soon as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake uses her own newfound celebrity to run for Congress, no doubt with Al Sharpton’s endorsement.

Theoretically, every defendant in America is presumed innocent. But thanks to liberals and their corrupt cohorts in the media, cops are the exception. Even if no charges have been leveled, be it in L.A., Ferguson, Staten Island or Baltimore, the folks who risk their lives to safeguard our own are always presumed guilty.

A reader insisted that, contrary to what I wrote in a recent piece, politicians and bureaucrats rarely say “I take full responsibility.” I corrected her, pointing out that they actually utter those words every time they’re discovered causing mischief. The problem is that in the old days, those four words were a prelude to a resignation or an indictment. Today, the miscreants say it the way a cop at the scene of an accident says, “Nothing to see here. Now let’s move along.”

When another reader shared the news that CVS was actually planning to rebuild its store in Baltimore’s war zone, I replied, “Well, you know the old saying: Burn me down once, shame on you. Burn me down twice, shame on me.”

A third reader let me know that his favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas, where a couple of jihadists got to meet their Maker thanks to a quick-thinking, quick-shooting, cop, were the two chalk outlines on the sidewalk.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t believe the idiots who, like Bill O’Reilly, said that the group should never have sponsored such a provocative event. Fortunately, O’Reilly’s Fox colleague, Megyn Kelly, reminded him that this is still America. Thanks to the First Amendment, we still have the right to ridicule everyone and everything – and that certainly includes the pedophile who founded Islam, the very same religion that 1,400 years later is encouraging its savage followers to burn, behead and crucify, non-believers. So, thanks all the same, Bill, but neither I nor America really needs a schmoe like you to look out for us.

Some teams seem predestined. For instance, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were mediocre silent screen comedians until Hal Roach saw something in them that, if combined, would be magical. Ginger Rogers had been in a series of lousy, low budget, RKO films for years before Fred Astaire came along and danced “The Continental” with her in “Flying Down to Rio.” Astaire, himself, had already been dismissed by a studio executive as looking like a whippet who could dance a little. But once they became Astaire and Rogers, it was said that he gave her class and she gave him sex appeal, and, together, they provided us with four or five of the most charming musicals ever produced.

Then we have the Clintons. Some marriages are said to be made in Heaven, but God only knows where their union was forged. But it, too, seems predestined. After all, who else could either of them have possibly married who would have put up with his sexual depravity or her pathological lying?

Finally, a personal note to my dear readers: I appreciate your thinking of me, but I really wish you’d all stop sending me links and videos. For some reason, when I’ve emailed this message to individuals, they sometimes take it as a personal affront. Considering how much time I devote to responding to my readers’ text messages, I don’t know why anyone would be offended. There is, after all, only so much time in the day and, frankly, I prefer dealing with email pertaining to something I’ve written, be they comments, questions or even insults.

I suppose some people are so ultra-sensitive that they even take bad weather personally. But, as I see it, if you offer me some candy and I don’t care for candy or am dieting or suffering from diabetes, you certainly wouldn’t take my refusal the wrong way.

So, please, no more candy…unless, of course, it’s those irresistible peanut M&Ms.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

The U.S. is Now a Mobocracy

In spite of all the attention we have recently paid to Baltimore, it’s nothing new. We’ve had race riots on a regular basis for nearly 50 years. I’m not referring to events like Selma, which were peaceful demonstrations that were turned into riots by the racist cops. But even the assassination of Martin Luther King was merely an excuse for black people to run amok, making asses of themselves by burning, breaking and looting. What a great way to pay tribute to the man who preached passive resistance to racial injustice!

Ever since then, this has been an urban form of entertainment in every major city in America. Sometimes the fuse is lit by the local team’s winning or losing a championship game. More often, the trigger, so to speak, is some good-for-nothing being shot during a police pursuit.

Out here in L.A., we experienced a major riot simply because four cops were acquitted for beating on Rodney King, a career thug who had just led the cops on a 100-mph car chase and then resisted being cuffed, probably because he was high on PCP.

But the mob must be accommodated, so when the cops were acquitted, the feds stepped in and, pretending that the Fifth Amendment doesn’t prohibit double jeopardy, used the all-encompassing charge of denial of civil rights to try them all over again.

Every single time one of these riots takes place, we hear the same old claptrap about the cops not showing proper respect to the black community. What we don’t hear about is black parents instilling a respect for the police in their children. But, then, with black men reducing their own responsibility to that of sperm donors, the only male role models the kids have are other kids.

We were all heartened to see the woman in Baltimore knock her teenage son around when she spotted him behind the hood and the mask, but she was the only parent we saw who wasn’t raising havoc in the streets.

What we haven’t seen in Baltimore or L.A., Detroit or New York City, were blacks demonstrating in support of the cops. So it is always a one-way street. The blacks get to show their contempt for those sworn to protect the innocent, but we never see the slightest expression of gratitude for those who police the mean streets of America.

In Ferguson, all the early “witnesses” testified that they had seen Officer Darren Wilson shoot Michael Brown in the back. When forensics proved that to be a false narrative, the witnesses, suddenly facing perjury charges, all admitted they had lied, because they feared reprisal from their thuggish neighbors.

These are dark times, due in good part to dark people. We all know that most black people are not thugs, but, more and more often, it seems that most thugs are black people.

Another lie we keep hearing from the Democrats running these civic cesspools is that not enough money is being spent on inner city public schools. They are, of course, merely parroting the propaganda of the teachers unions. Whether it’s Chicago, where the teachers went on strike even though they were being paid upwards of $75,000-a-year, or Baltimore, which spends the third most dough of any city on its schools, lack of funds is not the problem.

Kids growing up in homes where the mother is either lying around collecting welfare or out working two or three jobs because there’s no husband-father in the home, is part of the problem. And stupid kids who denounce other kids who are trying to get an education by saying they’re “acting white,” are part of the problem.

Politicians, both black and white, who refuse to talk about the real cause of illiteracy and crime in the black community, are also part of the problem; as are those, such as Obama, who insist that drug laws shouldn’t be enforced because that way a lot of black men wouldn’t go to jail, although, as Jason Riley pointed out in his book, only a tiny percentage of black men are incarcerated on drug charges.

Of course another solution would be to remove rape, robbery and assault, from the books. Then we wouldn’t need jails at all.

Instead of straight talk, though, we have an ambitious young prosecutor named Marilyn Mosby who, hearing the voices of the mob, swore to give them justice, a statement which proved she didn’t even know the meaning of the word. Actually, when she announced, after studying the forensic evidence for all of two minutes, that six Baltimore cops would be indicted -- one of them for first degree murder -- the only voice she heard was the one in her head addressing her as “Mayor Mosby.”

Moving on, when I see what the Clintons have been up to, I am reminded that the most addictive drug in the world isn’t heroin or cocaine, it’s greed.

When asked if the Clinton Foundation would continue collecting contributions (aka bribes) while Hillary was campaigning, he said, “Oh sure, I have to keep paying our bills.” Inasmuch as neither of them has had to pay for airfare, meals, hotels or even security for the past 14 years, I’m not sure what bills he has in mind, unless, of course, with Monica Lewinsky no longer on call, he’s now actually having to pay hookers.

Clinton said he had checked with Hillary about any possible improprieties, and she had assured him that everything was on the up-and-up. That certainly put my suspicions to rest.

Clinton also explained that there was nothing unseemly about foreign countries, companies and individuals, paying him upwards of $500,000 for a speech because, after all, he often has to devote as much as two hours to research. The fact that nobody really believes he writes his own material is beside the point. That he would utter such claptrap proves just how out of touch this schmuck is with reality.

You would have thought that the amount of ridicule that rained down on Hillary when she claimed they were flat broke in 2001, somehow overlooking the $20 million in book deals waiting for them to turn off the lights in the Lincoln bedroom, would have given him pause. I realize it verges on heresy, but just maybe these two are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Or perhaps they simply share Jonathan Gruber’s contempt for the American voter, a contempt, I hasten to add, that is much deserved, considering that twice in the past seven years the lunkheads elected the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

In related news, John Kerry told Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif that he wished the United States had a leader like the Ayatollah Khamenei. Funny, but I thought we already had one.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Nation of Illegals

Living in California as I do, I have long been aware of the myriad of problems that illegal aliens (aka undocumented immigrants; hard-working people who do the jobs Americans won’t do; future Democrats) bring with them. But until I read a speech delivered by Heather MacDonald, a Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, my knowledge barely scratched the surface.

For instance, under the Secure Communities program, when an illegal alien is booked into a local jail, an automatic alert is sent to the folks at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), so that ICE agents can pick him up and start deportation proceedings. Although I have a problem with deportation, which only sticks a criminal across a line in the sand at the border, and would prefer to see him jailed, there are about 300 jurisdictions, including New York and California, that refuse to cooperate.

But even without these so-called sanctuary cities and states, in 2012, 400,000 illegal aliens were arrested, but only 19% of them were deported, while half of the 81% who were not exiled soon committed another crime.

The reason that the problem has only gotten worse in the decades since Reagan got gulled by the Democrats into signing the amnesty in the mid-80s is because the various presidents and Congress had no real stake in the outcome. The Democrats saw illegal aliens as millions of potential votes, while Republicans, representing farm and other business interests, saw a constant flow of cheap labor. It’s only society at large that pays the price of being flooded with low-skilled, basically illiterate, foreigners. The fact that we continue to offer citizenship to babies born on our turf to people who have no business being here merely compounds the problem, and makes a mockery of what citizenship is supposed to mean. It’s worth noting that these babies, innocent though they are, happen to be the only people in America allowed to directly benefit from the commission of a crime.

Something I was unaware of was that the majority of those identified as “long term English learners,” or, in other words, people who don’t know how to speak our language were born in the United States. In fact, according to Ms. MacDonald, 30% of the long-termers in the nation are third generation Americans.

In the past, whether parents originally came over from Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Egypt or Argentina, their children, let alone their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, were becoming doctors, judges, lawyers, accountants, architects, police officers and scientists. But even the slow learners quickly learned the difference between “is,” “are” and “were.”

We are still welcoming educated foreigners. Unfortunately, they tend to be technical workers being brought over from India by the likes of Silicon Valley and Disney in order to undercut the wages of Americans already doing the job.

As you may have noticed, the liberals are looking to have it both ways when it comes to the rioters in the big cities. So far as schmucks like Obama and Sharpton are concerned, the vandals are expressing long-time grievances against a racist society. But when Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake decides to defend her order to the city’s cops to stand down while the thugs burned homes, cars and businesses, it was because they were just a bunch of high school kids with a smattering of outside agitators.

If those are the troublemakers, stop talking about underlying causes and longstanding resentments. Then it all comes down to young jackasses who just enjoy burning and breaking things, and anarchists, who also enjoy burning and breaking things.

Let us remember that when it came to granting suffrage to 18-year-olds, liberals told us that if they were old enough to go to war, they were old enough to vote. At the time, I granted that was a good argument for allowing young soldiers to vote, but it fell apart when applied to those still living at home and collecting a weekly allowance. Likewise, as a defense for vandalism, it fails to hold water. If you’re old enough to be running loose in the streets without parental supervision, you’re old enough to pay the consequences. And when you’re a Balti-moron destroying the lives of your elders, the consequences should involve jail time and just possibly getting your head conked by a billy club.

In other news, I’m getting annoyed with all the controversy over the means by which murderers are sent off to meet their Maker. The way the louts have gone from opposing electric chairs and hangings to firing squads and chemical cocktails, you would think they were all residing on Death Row. The truth is that those opposed to executing the vilest members of the human race will never be satisfied.

In the beginning, those who objected to lawful executions based their objection on the misinterpretation of the Commandment against killing, arguing that the State has no more right to kill than the individual. When people started to catch on that the actual translation from the Hebrew prohibits murder, not state-authorized executions, the self-righteous busybodies had to change their tactics. They then made it their mission to make executions such a rarity that they could then trade on the use of the word “unusual,” as it appears in the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition of “cruel and unusual punishment.”

About 10 years ago, when many of the same people argued that Terri Schiavo should be taken off life support, they insisted, as if they knew, that being deprived of food and water wouldn’t cause the 41 year old woman to experience the least bit of pain. I admit I was skeptical at the time, no matter Mrs. Schiavo’s cognitive state, but if starvation is agreeable to the other side, I am more than willing to deprive the sadists and serial killers on Death Row of food and drink for as long as it takes.

Because, I confess, providing the monsters with a painless death is the least of my concerns, I would prefer to make them listen to Obama’s six State of the Union addresses. Unless I miss my guess, by the middle of number four, they’ll be begging for the noose or even for Old Sparky.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the so-called Independent from Vermont, who hasn’t had an opinion in 70 years that wasn’t in line with either the DNC or the Communist Party of the United States, launched his presidential campaign by attacking the big money in American politics.

Predictably, the man who has spent his entire political career living up to his initials only mentioned the Koch brothers. Not a word about George Soros, Tom Steyer or the Clintons.

As for the Kochs, in their pathetic attempt to prove they’re not the heartless ogres Harry Reid has labeled them, they have decided they will no longer ask potential employees if they have criminal records. In a nation in which 40% of the adults lack fulltime employment, and a majority of them lack a rap sheet, is that the best that these two titans of conservatism can do?

Is it any wonder that liberals are going to keep booting us in the rump as long as rich dopes like Mrs. Koch’s little boys, Charles and David, are going to walk around with “Kick Me” signs on their backs?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Do Black Lives Matter?

According to Democrats running for office, black lives matter a lot. The left-wing media wholeheartedly agrees. So far as conservatives are concerned, all human lives matter, including those on the brink of being born. In fact, it sometimes seems that the only people who don’t give a damn about black lives are other blacks. Otherwise, you would have to wonder why they are always shooting one another.

Because I often feel like one of the small number of columnists engaged in an honest dialogue – okay, more of a soliloquy – about race in America, and because I have opposed the presidential candidacy of not only Barack Obama, but Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson, I suspect that some people might label me a bigot.

I’m not, of course, but, then, that’s what bigots always say. However, in my defense, I would point out that whereas real bigots hate all blacks or all Jews or all Mormons, I can easily differentiate between people like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Jason Riley and the likes of Al Sharpton, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.

I recognize the gulf that exists between black couples who get an education, get married, raise their children and hold down jobs and those inner city hoodlums peddling drugs, rioting and burning down homes and businesses just for the hell of it.

Even for me, though, the confusion comes at election time, when 90-95% of all black Americans, the decent and the indecent, the productive and the parasitical, join forces to vote for all the plantation owners sporting a (D) after their names.

In Baltimore, we have a black mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who keeps denying she said that we all heard her say. Within a 24-hour span, she denied she told the police to stand down and that she also said, “Let them loot. It’s only property.”

Being dismissive of property damage is second nature to liberals, so long as it’s not their property. The irony is that a black woman uttered those words. After all, what is it but a form of slavery when you take away something that somebody else worked and paid for? Or, to be more specific, if I have to work, say, 15 hours to earn enough money to buy a TV set and someone breaks into my house and steals it, I call that slavery. It’s true he didn’t put me in chains or whip me, but he sure as heck made me work for him against my will.

When Mayor Rawlings-Blake got around to explaining why she wouldn’t even let the cops defend themselves against the creeps throwing bricks and bottles at them, she indicated it was because the mob mainly consisted of teenagers. My question is how do they really differ from the other slacker males in the community who go through life sponging off the taxpayer, and never expressing anything but contempt for all us suckers who keep them housed, clothed and fed, so that periodically they can take to the streets and riot on behalf of some good-for-nothing like Rodney King, Michael Brown or Eric Garner?

Speaking of which, is it just coincidental that those shot down in the line of duty by police officers are, nearly without exception, young black males avoiding arrest? I mean, if white cops were as bigoted as the race hustlers keep insisting, wouldn’t they once in a while shoot a black doctor, a black accountant or a black auto mechanic? Could it possibly be that those people never have occasion to run from the cops?

What’s more, isn’t it just possible that honest black men have as little to fear from the police as honest white men? Or at least honest white men who don’t happen to be conservatives living in Wisconsin. In case you missed the news because such things are of no interest to the mainstream media, a number of people in the state who supported Scott Walker have had their homes invaded by the cops.

As bad and as illegal as the invasions have been, what might be even worse is that the victims, whose only crime was donating money to Gov. Walker’s various campaigns, have been warned not to speak about these traumatic events, even to their lawyers. If the Justice Department didn’t have to answer to a thug named Obama, Loretta Lynch would devote her first month in office to indicting these Wisconsin prosecutors who seem to think that the job description includes behaving like a storm trooper. But, then, I have always said that lurking inside every liberal is a jack-booted Nazi screaming in German to be let out.

Of course when you check out the federal government, you can see where these prosecutorial cheese heads get their nutty ideas. For as you may have noticed, the feds have a lot to say when it comes to the things our children eat and drink, as well as the toys they play with; especially if those toys even slightly resemble guns. As the self-righteous bureaucrats keep telling us, their sole concern is the health and safety of the kids.

With boneheads like these running the education industry, it’s no surprise that if a youngster eats a pop tart in such a way that at some point it looks anything like a pistol – a strawberry-filled pistol, but a pistol nevertheless -- he will be suspended from school and perhaps be compelled to undergo psychological evaluation. However, if a few years earlier, his mother had aborted him, those same degenerates would have given her a pat on the back and offered to pick up the tab.

Therefore, is it any surprise that a question that’s been plaguing me lately is: How can anyone successfully diagnose dementia in an aging liberal? I mean, what’s the tipoff? Do they suddenly wake up one day in their seventies or eighties and start making sense?

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Emptying My Brain Pan

In the old days, I recall my mother would occasionally have to empty the little pan under the ice box into which water would collect. With so many items winding up in my in-box, every so often I have to do a little emptying myself.

To begin with, I thought Charles Krauthammers’s comment regarding the peddling of influence by the Clintons was well worth sharing: “If there isn’t a shred of evidence that they accepted bribes in exchange for favors, it’s because they shredded the evidence.”

The more I see of Bill and Hillary doing everything imaginable in pursuit of a few extra dollars, the more I find myself thinking of them as the Kardashians on steroids. As for Hillary’s presidential aspirations, I think that the only people who would like to see her elected more than Bill and Chelsea are America’s editorial cartoonists. With her snarky smile and her multitude of pantsuits, she is easily drawn, although some of us would prefer to see her drawn-and-quartered.

Being a liberal can’t be easy. First, you had to be embarrassed by all those University of Maryland college students trying and failing to identify a photo of Ronald Reagan. Then you got to watch Diane Sawyer trying to process Bruce Jenner’s admission that he/she is a Christian conservative. I suspect that immediately after the interview, Ms. Sawyer took to her chaise lounge with a severe case of the vapors.

Much has been made of the fact that Hollywood bubblehead Ben Affleck pulled strings to make sure nobody ever found out that one of his ancestors was a slave owner. If, God forbid, he had discovered that another had been a Republican, Ms. Sawyer would have had to shove over and make room for him.

Not to be outdone in the loony sweepstakes, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on his return from vacationing in Cuba, said he admired the Castros’ handling of the media. When you’re the governor of New York, it’s not enough to want to see the Second Amendment abolished; you also have to express contempt for the First.

Before Ferguson, MO, made anti-cop riots so popular in urban black communities, what did these louts do for amusement?

As we all noticed, in Baltimore, as in Ferguson, the thugs are given free rein to loot, burn and destroy, for at least 24 hours, even when the National Guard is standing by. We know that, under Obama, members of the military will never be called upon to fire a weapon in anger. Thanks to the wimps running our cities and states, apparently the same holds true for National Guardsmen. Our new national motto might as well be “No Matter What, No Boots on the Ground.”

In spite of over 300 arrests in Baltimore, anyone who thinks the thugs will serve any real time for burning down neighborhood stores, thus destroying the dreams and lives of the small business owners in the community, must be puffing the magic dragon. In today’s world, villainy isn’t punished, it’s more often rewarded. Those thugs won’t even lose their welfare checks.

During the riots, we kept hearing that the Crips and the Bloods had put their turf differences aside and agreed to a truce so that they could concentrate their efforts on putting cops in the hospital or the cemetery. My question is: how is it that those criminal enterprises are still in business?

After all, it was 45 years ago that the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act was passed. Over the decades, it has been used against organized crime to put any number of Mafia kingpins behind bars because it allows prosecutors to go after the guys who actually give the orders, not just the goombahs who carry them out.

But when do we ever hear that the government has gone after black and Hispanic gangs? Apparently, if you want to cause mischief and get away with it, the best way to go about it these days is to join a street gang, sneak across our border or convert to Islam.

Furthermore, when I hear Obama or Mrs. Clinton explain away the Baltimore riots, I know that I am going to hear a call for more tax dollars to be tossed into the black community. When you consider how many trillions of our dollars have already been squandered on programs to assist people who show, by their contempt for education and their soaring rate of illegitimate births, that they have no real desire to break the shackles placed on them by Democrats, the notion of wasting even a single additional dollar makes me queasy.

A great many people, I among them, was delighted to see the black woman whacking her teenage son upside his head when she spotted him huddling with the Baltimore troublemakers. But before anyone elects Toya Graham “Mother of the Year,” we need to know if she’s single as a result of divorce or widowhood. Otherwise, she’s just another unmarried woman with six kids at home, which would mean she is part of the problem, not the solution.

Still, she is far more deserving of our respect than all the other adults, including Baltimore’s mayor and city council members, who essentially stood by and made excuses for the young hooligans.

But it does serve to remind me of all the people in America, mainly strangers, who do so much to make our lives slightly more bearable, in spite of the best efforts by politicians to make them far worse.

Those unsung heroes I have in mind are the fathers and mothers who do their best, in spite of impossible odds, to raise decent children; telephone employees who keep lines of communication open during natural disasters; the people who brave the elements to clear the roads while the snow and ice are still coming down; the life-savers who never seem more than a few minutes away when someone has a heart attack, finds himself involved in a highway collision or trapped in a burning building; and even plumbers, however much they charge, who manage to show up on Thanksgiving or Christmas, like Mighty Mouse, ready to save the day.

So if you happen to be any of these people, I know I speak for everyone else when I say: “Take a bow. You’ve earned it.”

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Game Called On Account of Blackness

In Baltimore, an Orioles game was cancelled because black thugs were running wild, not only with impunity, but with the blessing of the black mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D), who said “We will give those who seek to destroy a safe place to do that.” This came the day after the crowd at the Sunday night baseball game had been kept on site for some time because the same creeps had been busy turning an American city into a jungle, as they invariably do, when the authorities fail to do what they’re paid to do.

I even understand their reluctance. It’s because those who depend on black unrest to move their leftwing agenda insist on pretending that these riots are civil rights demonstrations. After all, the flashpoint is invariably some black thug who gets shot for resisting arrest. Whether it’s Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown or Eric Garner, all that was required was that they submit to a legal order.

I admit that the case of Freddie Gray, who somehow got his spine severed while in police custody, smells a little different from the others. Still, the riot in Baltimore had nothing to do with his death, except as an excuse to get away with burning and looting. After all, in the 1960s, black people had a far better reason to be angry than they have today, but all the violence was committed by schmucks like Bull Connor and other southern white bullies.

But because the pictures of white cops turning dogs and fire hoses on those heroic black Americans are imbedded in our national consciousness even 50 years later, cops and mayors are scared to death of being seen treating urban scum the way they deserve to be treated.

And when you have people like Mayor Rawlings-Blake claim that she never spoke the words we all heard her speak and that, as with all politicians, her words were either misheard or taken out of context, you are reminded why people hold politicians in even greater contempt than they do looters and vandals.

But she wasn’t the only cowardly public official. The governor of Maryland put the National Guard on standby, and so they stood by while the local creeps put 15 cops in the hospital and burned cars and buildings, breaking up the predictable monotony of lives lived by those who never got an education or a job.

I know that people like Obama and his fellow Democrats, those who are most responsible for turning our cities into urban cesspools, blame it all on poverty. But the poverty, such as it is, only exists because most of these people never even complete high school. And they never complete high school, not because the teachers are bad or the schools are decrepit, but because they are being raised by single women who aren’t big enough, smart enough or motivated enough, to whip their butts for flushing their lives down the toilet.

After all, while the kids may never know the names of their biological fathers, what they do know is that welfare, which is provided by those very same white people they despise, will keep them in shelter, clothing and food, while anything they make through theft and drug dealing will provide those little extras they can’t live without, such as $125 sneakers, cell phones and cable TV.

In the meantime, the main concern of liberals is that the cops look too much like members of an occupation force. But when punks are raining bricks, bottles and Molotov cocktails, down on their heads, are the cops supposed to forego their helmets, shields and armored vehicles?

At least in Baltimore, which boasts a black mayor and a police force that has a majority of black police officers, the race hustlers won’t be able to ignore the facts, as they did in Ferguson, by suggesting that the riots were the natural result of the town being policed by too many white cops.

The tragedy of America is that for too many of us, race is such a touchy issue that most people, both those in politics and the rest of us, refuse to tell the truth. Even the notion that it’s only the black underclass that’s to blame is a lie. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are not poor black men, but that hasn’t prevented them from supplying the troublemakers with matches and gasoline.

The black celebrities at a music award show who gave Johnnie Cochran a standing ovation and chanted “Free O.J. Free O.J.” were not poverty-stricken. The professional athletes who ran on the football field and the basketball court with their arms raised, promoting the false narrative of Ferguson, were all rich and influential, as were the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who lined the steps of Congress with their hands over their heads.

Even on Fox News, I was hearing too many commentators referring to the hoodlums as demonstrators. It seems to me that when you’re on TV showing people how to use some miracle product that allegedly removes dents from your fenders or wrinkles from your neck, you’re a demonstrator. However, when you’re burning down an SVS or looting a liquor store, you’re a felon.

And mark my words, in six months, when nobody is dumb enough to open a market, a gas station or a drugstore, in Baltimore’s black neighborhoods, the blame won’t be laid on the arsonists, but on white merchants who hate blacks so much they won’t even deign to turn a profit by selling them carrots, gas or aspirin.

As I wrote on an earlier, similar, occasion, when you toss the tea into the bay, you just might be a patriot. When you steal a color TV, you’re nothing better than a thief. And not only the cops, but the folks who own the store, should be free to shoot you in your tracks.

White people, as well as black, love to quote Martin Luther King’s memorable quote about judging people not by their skin color, but by their character. But every chance they have, they reverse his words.

In other news, we have the despicable Clintons. Leopards are quicker to change their spots than Bill and Hillary are to change theirs. For decades, starting way back in Arkansas, these two sleaze balls have gone through life, acting as if the rules applied only to the seven billion people on earth who weren’t them. And as is often the way with brats, they can always rely on bottom feeding sycophants like James Carville, Dick Morris and Lanny Davis, to defend them.

But I am really getting annoyed with pundits who go on insisting how charming Bill Clinton is, which they do whenever they want to let us know why he can handle scandals so much better than Hillary. What they never seem to mention is that he is evil, and that what evildoers possess isn’t charm, it’s cunning.

Just like every other sociopath -- and what else would you call a man who spent decades sexually assaulting women? – Clinton is capable of mimicking sincerity. But, please, let us not pretend it’s a virtue his wife lacks.

One side effect of Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State that seems to have flown under the radar is that all future Secretaries will also expect to make $40 or $50 million a year.

Dennis Binz of Fort Smith, AR, won the April drawing. A copy of "Liberals: America's Termites" is on its way.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Scooby Doo Needs An Overhaul

When Hillary Clinton decided to give her campaign vehicle a cutesy pie name, I can only imagine that she and Bill preferred that the media would say that they were throwing people under the Scooby Doo rather than under the bus.

After all, it is impossible for a Democrat to run for president without leaving a wake of people with tire tracks on their carcass. In 2008, let us remember, Obama tossed his friend and religious mentor, Jeremiah Wright, under the wheels once we all began to hear the vile remarks that Rev. Wright had spewed for 20 years while the Obamas sat savoring every reprehensible word in a front row pew.

That same year, when former V.P. candidate Geraldine Ferraro, at the time serving as a major advisor to Mrs. Clinton, said what everyone was thinking -- namely, that Obama would not have been running for the presidency if he hadn’t been black -- Hillary didn’t even wait for the bus to slow down before giving her the old heave-ho.

In the meantime, the Clinton scandals keep piling up at a rate that makes Obama look like an underachiever. It now appears that not only did the Clintons clean up during her term as Secretary of State, but they went so far as to allow the Russians to wind up owning about a third of our uranium output, thus providing Iran with as much as they need to build not only a nuclear bomb, but a nuclear arsenal.

The idea that Mrs. Clinton might actually succeed Obama in the White House makes my blood run cold. It would say something, something really awful, about America’s voters if they saw fit to replace Obama’s empty suit with Hillary’s equally empty pantsuit.

The question that leaps to mind about the Clintons is whether there is anything at all they won’t do for money. When you see how low these two older people have stooped in their pursuit of dollars, euros, pesos and rubles, you have to wonder if they have ever heard that you can’t take it with you. Or is it just possible that they, along with such elderly creeps as George Soros and Warren Buffet, have discovered a loophole?

Speaking of Russia, every time I hear Barack Obama, John Kerry or Josh Earnest, refer to those working on the nuclear deal with Iran as our negotiating partners, I feel the bile rising through my esophagus. In what universe, would America ever regard the likes of Russia and China as honest brokers? Would anyone with a brain in his head ever enter into a partnership with individuals who carried even the tiniest percentage of baggage those two nations cart around?

But, then, who else but someone with the anti-American mindset of Obama would ever pretend Iran will abide by an agreement that required the Ayatollah Khamenei to change his evil aspirations even slightly?

Nothing Obama does that proves harmful to America’s best interests surprises me. That is why, with a straight face, the schmuck can refer to the U.N. as a community of nations. How many times do we have to be reminded that the a collection of well-dressed thugs representing the worst despots the world has to offer? If this is a community, it’s one in which no rational person would ever choose to live.

Some Republican presidential contenders are being derided about not being specific enough about what they’d do if elected. To which I say, whoever is elected in 2016 won’t be taking office for another 21 months. A lot can happen between now and then. I can assure you that in May, 1999, George W. Bush had no idea that he’d wind up being a wartime president.

Also, the next president, assuming it’s a Republican, will have his or her hands full just trying to undo the damage Obama and Holder have wreaked on the economy, on race relations and on America’s relationships with friends and foes around the world.

Like a cleanup crew that shows up after a natural disaster, the first order of business will be clearing out the rubble. Only then can architects, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, interior decorators and gardeners, get to work with reconstruction plans.

On the other hand, Republicans can only be trusted so far and no farther. For instance, what is the point of having a Senate controlled by the GOP if ten of the louts break ranks in order to confirm Loretta Lynch, who should have been voted down if only because she was Eric Holder’s hand-picked successor? But if that wasn’t enough, the fact that during her confirmation hearings, she announced that Barack Obama’s amnesty edict was based on solid constitutional grounds should have spelled her doom.

In case you missed hearing the names of the 10 ignoramuses, they were, in alphabetical order: Kelly Ayotte (NH), Thad Cochran (MS), Susan Collins (ME), Jeff Flake (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC), Orrin Hatch (UT), Ron Johnson (WI), Mark Kirk (IL), Mitch McConnell (KY) and Rob Portman (OH). Re-elect these oafs at your own and America’s peril.

When it comes to the Republican contenders, I am still mystified that Dr. Ben Carson continues to hover near the top in the polls. But, then, I don’t know why anyone thinks that having a medical background is good preparation for politics. Ron Paul was a doctor, after all, and I’m convinced he’d have done more good if he’d made house calls instead of House votes. And I would prefer that his son re-hang his own shingle or at least stay put in the Senate and not get within a country mile of the Oval Office.

Judging by some of Carson’s statements about gun ownership, homosexuality and Jesse Jackson, I’m not sure he could even pass a conservative litmus test. It doesn’t help that he wasn’t even a registered Republican until 2014. He only joined then because he was considering making a run for the White House, and regarded it strictly, he admitted, as “a pragmatic move.”

If Maryland resident Dr. Carson is looking to dip his toe into politics, why not run to replace retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)? That is an election he could probably win.

After mentioning in a recent piece that I liked Carly Fiorina, some people reminded me that it was her ill-fated decision to merge Hewlett Packard with Compaq, which didn’t pan out, and was the reason that the H-P board of directors removed her as CEO.

It so happens that I don’t expect a candidate for president to be omniscient. Mrs. Fiorina made a business decision and it wound up costing her. That’s life in the business world. She didn’t whine about it. She didn’t insist they only fired her because she’s a woman. She behaved like a grown-up, accepted her severance check and moved on.

Just imagine how much better life would be for all of us if our politicians had to pay for their mistakes and not simply utter the four most meaningless words in the English language: “I take full responsibility.”

Wouldn’t it be heavenly if politicians had to pay a price for ObamaCare; for pulling all our troops out of Iraq, thus rolling out the bloody red carpet for ISIS; for sending the national debt soaring to 18 trillion dollars; for turning the IRS dogs loose on Tea Party patriots; and for allowing four Americans to be massacred in Benghazi and then lying about it?

Carly Fiorina made one lousy business decision and paid for it with her job. When politicians make their endless number of mistakes, we’re the poor saps who pay for it.

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