Importance of Data Integrity in our Society Today

As we develop into a more technologically inclined society, we are also exposed to the many risks that come with it. This includes identity theft, phishing, scam, and others. In this regard, we are going to discuss how to protect our information as we continue to grow in the world of internet and advancing technology. Many businesses have embraced data integrity as part of their information security. But as an individual, there is also the need to protect our own personal information to avoid being abused by other users of the internet.

The internet is specifically one of the most widespread forms of technology, being used by virtually billions of people across the globe. While the internet proves to be a helpful source of information, entertainment, and communication, it also proves to be among the main sources of thieving. Therefore, it is important to follow a few precautionary measures to protect your business and even your personal information while using the computers publicly.

What measures can be done to protect your information online

  1. Opt to use a paid email services versus free services. Free email services such as gmail and yahoo can be subject to easy access of personal information. While these services are protected in some ways, many hackers have somehow find a way to get through the security process. Good news is that Google and even Yahoo are doing all the means possible to keep their users protected.
  2. Opt to protect your data through encryption. This is a method used to protect data by converting sensitive information into a code. While this method had been used solely by those with enough knowledge in coding, there are now many encryption services that can make the job easier for anyone looking to protect their data to the highest degree possible.
  3. Opt to secure your browsing more seriously. Use tools to help you protect your browsing data. Free tools are available such as Tor browser. If you prefer to use Google in your browsing, make sure to use an add-on to protect your data while browsing.
  4. Opt to store files on an external drive versus the cloud. Using the cloud to store files takes away the hassles of inconvenience. Nonetheless, using the cloud can be risky and still open to many thieves in the internet.

How important is data integrity?

There are more ways to protect yourself while using the internet. However, the best solution is to avoid entering any sensitive information while using this technology.