Non Government Organizations Use Social Media

We’ve been hearing a lot about NGO’s in our society. Various NGO’s have different goals. They work independently from the government. NGO stands for Non Government Organization and are organized on local, national and international levels to purposely serve the society. It may be on educational level or for political purpose.

NGO funds come from various sources to fund projects, to operate, and to provide for salaries and other expenses. An NGO budget can go to as high as millions of ddollarsin order to exist and be successful and thus continuous fund raising projects and recruitment is essential. NGO funds can also come from donations from people and or businesses.

With these today’s technology, NGOs take advantage of social media. They are actively participating in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few in order to widen their reach. Some NGOs also make use of social media marketing to promote projects. Some opt to buy retweets to establish some kind of good profile or post appearance to entice new membership and to keep running projects active.

Popular NGO projects

Some known NGO projects include housing, education, small business loans, and others. These projects are mostly given to members as priorities. They can extend projects and funding to non-members following some certain conditions.

Three of the Top NGO organizations in the United States as outlined by Funds for NGOs

Give Directly

“The concept behind Give Directly is beautifully simple: 1) Donate through their webpage 2) Give Directly locates poor households in Kenya and Uganda 3) The NGO transfers your donation to the recipient electronically via their phone 4) The beneficiary uses the contribution to pursue his or her goals however they wish.”


APOPO stands for Anti-Persoonsmijnen Ontmijnende Product Ontwikkeling, or Anti-Personnel Landmines Detection Product Development, a societal organization that studies, grows and implements detection rat technological innovation for humanitarian reasons.


Based in Kenya. A mix of health care and girls education and learning NGO that is attempting to supporting women in their youth to be in school and achieve their potential.