67 Conservatives You Should Meet Before You Die

There is probably no group of Americans who are as vilified as conservatives. They have been called everything from fascists to racists to Astroturf traitors, and not just by the left-wing rabble who hide under rocks, but by high-ranking members of the federal government and influential members of the national media.

If the same insults were leveled at any other group of Americans, it would result in social ostracism, not to mention political suicide.

But everyone from Barack Obama to Joe Biden, from Nancy Pelosi to Maxine Waters, from Chris Matthews to Bill Maher, feel free to label tens of millions of their fellow citizens as stupid, evil, ignorant bigots.

If this book does nothing more than prove them to be vicious liars, it was worth writing and is well worth reading.

If you read their stories and still conclude that people like Paul Ryan, Pat Robertson, Gary Sinise, Phyllis Schlafly, Charles Krauthammer, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Ralph Peters, Mike Gallagher, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Lee Greenwood, Michael Medved, Pat Sajak, Joseph Wambaugh, Hugh Hewitt, John Bolton and Bernard Goldberg, are as rotten as rumored, I'm afraid that in order to see a real bigot, you need look no further than your bathroom mirror.

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Barack Obama, You’re Fired! (And Don’t Bother Asking for a Letter of Recommendation)

In Barack Obama, You’re Fired! (And Don’t Bother Asking for a Letter of Recommendation), our Burt, the author of Conservatives Are from Mars, Liberals Are from San Francisco and Liberals: America’s Termites, once again skewers the Left for laughs.

In his own humorously deft way, in chapters titled “Obaminations,” “Naming Names,” “Liberals, Progressives and Socialists” and “What 80 Years of FDR, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama Have Wrought,” Prelutsky roasts the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes and Bill Maher.

As Prelutsky says, “In the Saul Alinsky playbook, which passes for a bible on the Left, he stated that ridicule was a powerful weapon against the enemy. It’s the one time he and I agreed.”

Liberals: America’s Termites (It’s A Shame that Liberals, Unlike Hamsters, Never Eat Their Young)

Liberals: America’s Termites
Liberals: America’s Termites (It’s A Shame that Liberals, Unlike Hamsters, Never Eat Their Young) is witty political commentary (with a foreword by Bernard Goldberg) in which liberals in general, and their leaders in particular are hoisted on their own arrogant petards.

In 13 chapters including: “Islam is a Peaceful Religion, and If You Don't Believe It, They'll Cut Off Your Head,” “Why 80% of Jews Vote Like 90% of Blacks,” “Why 90% of Blacks Vote Like 80% of Jews,” “Sex, Sex and More Sex” and “Hollywood Would Rather Make Trouble Than Movies,” Prelutsky, like a modern-day Zorro, slashes away at the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Rangel, Olbermann, Matthews, Emanuel, Axelrod, George Clooney, Sean Penn, Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, and all the rest of the left-wing termites who have infested Washington and the world of entertainment.

Portraits of Success (Candid Conversations With 60 Over-Achievers)

Burt asks the questions you want answered from Michele Bachmann, Pat Boone, Andrew Breitbart, Newt Gingrich, Caroline Glick, Bruce Hershenson, Charles Krauthammer, Karl Malden, Rick Perry, Carl Reiner, Paul Ryan, Curt Schilling, Gary Sinise, John Stossel, James Woods, Joseph Wambaugh, and 44 more over-achievers. (Only a few copies left!)

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