How to Subscribe

Fig. 1
Subscribing to Burt’s web site is convenient and easy. Once you do so, you will receive every article in your email the same morning we publish it, and you won’t miss a single article.

The subscription box is found immediately to the left of this sentence. It looks like Fig. 1.

Type your email address into the box. Do not worry if you think your email address will not fit into the space. It will.

Double-check to be sure you've typed your email address correctly. Once you’re satisfied that your email address is correct, click the Subscribe button.

You will now see something which looks like Fig. 2 open up in a mini-window.

It will be necessary for you to type those distorted letters into the box, then click Complete Subscription Request. If you’ve typed the distorted letters correctly, you will get a confirmation.

Fig. 2
Please do the best you can. If you type them incorrectly, you will get a different set, try again. Don’t get too upset if you don't complete this the first time. Sometimes it will take the webmaster three times to get it right. Some combinations will be more difficult to read than others.

[This step is absolutely necessary to prevent robots – rogue computer programs – from fraudulently subscribing on your behalf. Fraudsters will set up web sites with noxious content and then use subscriptions to send legitimate looking emails to you. These can look quite innocent and legit, even though the intent is to infect your computer with viruses or other things which will damage your computer and infect the computers belonging to your email contacts.

We realize that some of you might have trouble with this, but it’s necessary, so please try again. We cannot disable this feature because Feedburner, the service which sends out our subscription emails, makes this a mandatory step in the process. If you have trouble with this step, please skip to the end.*]

In a few minutes, you will receive a verification email with the Subject line: Activate your Email Subscription to: from

If you do not receive the verification email after ten minutes, look inside your Bulk Email folder (aka “spam”) to see if it’s there.

That verification email will contain the following instructions:

We can’t wait to send the updates you want via email, so please click the following link to activate your subscription immediately:

After you click that link, it will open a web page saying you have been successful. (Be sure to click the link. Do not reply to the verification email.)

[Some email systems will make that link inactive. If you click that link and nothing happens, the email gives these instructions:

(If the link above does not appear clickable or does not open a browser window when you click it, copy it and paste it into your web browser's Location bar.)

The easiest way to do this is to place the cursor of your mouse before http:/. click and hold the mouse button and move the mouse to the very end of the link (which will look like alphabet soup). The text should be highlighted. Release the mouse button. The text should remain highlighted. (If it isn't go back and try again.)

Then move your mouse to the very top edge of your monitor. click on Edit to reveal the drop-down menu. Click Copy.

Now move your mouse to the spot where you would normally type Click inside that space. If there is any text inside there, highlight that text and delete.

Click on Edit again, and click on Paste. You should now see the text of the link inside that space. If you don’t, just click inside that space and repeat the last step. Now click Enter.  This should take you to the web page which completes the verification.]

Once you've seen that web page which says Email Subscription Confirmed, you’ll receive each new article the same morning it is published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you do not find an article in your Inbox on the first scheduled day, look inside your Bulk Email folder.

*If you have tried a few times and are still unsuccessful, click here. Most of you can complete this process successfully if you don’t simply give up after the first attempt.

Burt knows you can do this because he’s tested this process himself and he’s confident you can do it too! You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t let technology get the best of you. Besides, once you learn how to do this, you can then subscribe to other web sites as well.

One final note: If you wish to comment to Burt, please do not reply to the subscription articles. Burt will not see your comments. Please write, which is the address you will find everywhere on this site and at least twice on each article.