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The importance of ESE – European Society Ecology to the world –¬†Sustainability identifies the wellbeing of the economic systems and is the talk of the hour. Sustainability refers to global concerns like global warming and oil depletion as a result of climatic changes. In brief, sustainability is about sustaining oneself without making compromises.

The analysis of relations between the organisms lifestyle, the environment and their environment feature to Ecology. Ecological disasters have cropped up because of environmental conditions which pose a danger to species’ survival. A rise in temperature, predation rainfall all can lead to changes crisis situations like global warming or extinction. Global warming is taking a toll on our lives. People don’t understand that the impacts of this crisis can be non-curable and devastating. It has become compulsory to take spread awareness and initiatives.

Various environmental societies from the European continent have joined hands and formed the European Ecological Foundation (EEF). Members of the member societies that are various and agents form EEF’s council. This organization’s objective is to foster the science of ecology. The EEF brings together all scientists to discuss matters of interest. The discussion on ecology is shared through meetings and publications. Cooperation is promoted by the EEF on topics which interact with having a circumstance and lends support to international organizations.

Meetings are conducted by the European Ecological Societies all over the year to go over the issues. The scientists/research students present papers and posters on several topics that are related. Research is supported by the European Ecological Societies and take steps to release the findings. Bulletins and many journals are published greenhouse gases, which deal with experiments on species issues.