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Nigeria secret and modern society: The dark side and the effects – In other areas of the world and Nigeria there are actions of individuals which constitute a nuisance and a strain in their relationship with men and women.

Societies had served to police the people but activities depict barbarism and breach of people’s basic human rights, now. There are several devilish activities which are related to secret societies, which have left the public to shout because of abolishment and its ban in an institution or each community.

Individuals who’ve been members of societies inform of what they had been made to pass through starting from the time of initiation, the tales. Aside from being expensive devilish and discriminatory societies are known to generate conflicts. A member that was freed confessed that he was made to carry out ceremonial and propitiatory rites that involved practices which are diabolical in nature, ritual murder, and human sacrifice. There were stories of those who provided their parents, wives, friends, relations for some material benefits that are expected. Others are suspected of having brought death on road users by mysterious or magical ways.

The society members that transform themselves have often transmitted to prey on the innocent members of their society bats, rats birds or butterflies. There are enormous amounts of money involved in devoting members of a society’s issues. Social programmes and their burial rights translate into billions and millions of cash which occasionally the family members are left to starve or suffer consequences.

Every member to adopt a way of life or keep their status quo even is compelled by the oath of allegiance that the members of societies take. Because of this, secret societies cause alienation; non-members, who dread any sort of relationship look at with spite and suspicion them. Aside from these societies negate the brotherhood of humankind and the basic tenets of human interaction. Society suffers when themselves are excluded by a group of individuals. Nobody progresses at the country or a society where evil principles or thrives across the nation’s government. We are answerable to God and belong, so let’s behave. Let’s join hands to construct a society where there’s danger or not any distress to live.